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If the year is divisible by 100 then it is a Leap Year if it is also divisible by 400.

Altered Driver Licenses and IDs

Below are stories of altered drivers licenses from member of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.
EN = Editors Notes Some of the situations below are illegal.
If you, or someone you know, has an altered drivers license or identification card, please, email us!

Wayne Robertson of Ohio, USA born 1952 at 5:45pm I went to get my driver’s license and of course it said Feb 29th. So since there was no
Feb 29th last year they weren't going to renew, so they switched it to Feb 28th so they could renew my license. How dumb is that?

Steve Herman of Ohio, USA born 1948 at 7:00am Mom couldn't make it out the door. Born on the living room couch. Grew up in a small
farm town with a population less than 3,000. Although we were a small town we had three leap year births, each 4 years apart. The local|
paper would interview us every leap day. Much to my family's chagrin I was stubborn and refused to celebrate my birthday any year except
leap year. I still feel the same. I do enjoy packing four years worth of birthdays into one. When I came of legal age I often had trouble
convincing people the date on my I.D. was legitimate. Since leaving my small town at age 18 I only met one other leap year "baby".

Franklin Corbin of Oregon, USA born 1952 at AM I have only met a handful of leap year babies -- it would be wonderful to have a
connection with others to share a very special day with. I guess the craziest thing that ever happened as a leap year baby was when
I turned 21 -- it was a non leap year -- the clerk asked for my ID and said I wasn't 21 and there was no 29th day so he refused to sell
me my beer. The manager was so confused by me being a leap year baby that he didn't know what to do -- and yes, they refused to
give me my birthday beer.

Catherine Briseno of Michigan, USA born 1952 at AM? Hi Everyone. well I was born and adopted at birth in Wyandotte Michigan. I looked
up the day which fell on a Friday. Time, don't know. Just met my birth mother 2 years ago and touchy for me to ask questions. My adopted
parents are both deceased but do remember mom telling me she thinks I was an early morning girl. I have only met 2 people in past years
with our birthday. My parents always made a big thing out of my birthday. Placed an article in the local paper on my "first" legal birthday.
I do kmow that when I went for my drivers permit they were not going to honor my birth date, they said there isn't any 29th and suggested
I change it to either the 28th or March 1. I declined it all. This is such a big thing in my life to be "special" . In all ways, being chosen
(adopted) then born on Leap Year. I am wishing you all a Happy Birthday. I plan to go to Anthony,Texas this year to really have a good
birthday party. Will be my 14th!!!! Happy Birthday to you all again. Sincerely, Cathy

John Durrant of British Columbia, Canada born 1956 at 5:00am I don't know if anyone has a brother/sister story but my younger brother
was born on leap year one leap year after me. He has a story about being pulled over by a cop and when the officer punched his drivers
licence into the computer he was cited for having an invalid drivers license. The computer system did'nt recognize Leap Year!!!

No amount of explaining would get him out of the ticket!! My other brother and my sister were born on September 11th, exactly four
years apart! My folks had a good sense of timing!

Diane Tollefson of California, USA born 1952 at 9:55 pm Couple of stories.. When I turned 21, I went clubbing with friends. We went out
on February 28 when I normally celebrate my birthday. At each place I went I had to get approval to be able to enter since there was not
a February 29th that year. When I was in high school, I dated a fellow Leap Day baby.

Teresa French of Texas, USA born 1956 at 7:15 AM I got out of a traffic ticket once due to my birth date. In March of 1986 (not a Leap
Year), I was issued a ticket for driving with an expired driver's license. When I went to court, I pleaded NOT GUILTY. The judge asked what
I based this on, since clearly my driver's license had expired. I held up my driver's license, and pointed to the box that displayed
BIRTHDATE: 02 29 56. Then I pointed to the box that displayed EXPIRES ON BIRTHDATE: 1986. (Note, the "Expires on Birthdate"
section just displayed the YEAR). I then stated to the judge, "your honor, there was no February 29th in 1986". Well, the judge was not
amused (she was lacking in the sense of humor department), however, once she GOT IT, she said, "not guilty; now get the hell out of my
court-room". So there, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. By the way, the Texas Department of Public Safety has since changed the
format of the driver's license to just show EXPIRES, then display the actual date. When my expiration date is not in a Leap Year, it
shows as expiring on February 28th. Teresa

Penny Butler of Staffordshire, England, UK born 1956 at 2350 My most amusing memory so far must be when I was a serving member
of the armed forces. During an exercise I was refused entry onto the airfield because of my date of birth, the sentry wouldn't believe my
id was authentic and so I returned to barracks and went back to bed, while everyone else was playing at war in the snow I was safely
tucked up.

Leap Back Up!

Ken Hurst of Ohio, USA born 1956 The only occasion I had an issue with my birthday was when I was around 18 years old and had to
sign up for unemployment benefits. The clerk argued with me something terrible that my birthday couldn't be Febuary 29th, as there
is not 29 days in Febuary. Hopefully she learned a lesson that day.

Ian Strachan of British Columbia, Canada born 1956 It's amazing how many people don't know about Feb. 29. Most years there is no
29th on the calender and that's what they point to and show you and say, see there is no 29th.

Paul Green of Iowa, USA born 1932 at 2:00AM One Mar. 1 I noticed my drivers license showed it expiring on Feb. 29 in a non-leap year.
I went to the Renewal office and the officer ruled that inasmuch as there was no Feb. 29 that year Mar. 1 was my date, and processed
my renewal. To this day my license shows my DOB as Feb. 29, and my expiration date as Mar. 1.

Shirley Knox Stueven of Kansas, USA born 1948 at 10:00 AM While in grade school, there were three of us in my class. It made for
lots of fun - not being the only one. My major frustration hit when I turned 18 and the state drivers license department decided to
change my birthday to March 1st because we could only get a license for 2 years at the time.

Linda of Florida, USA born 1948 at 1409 I have only met one other person, but have friends who know of another. I had a great deal
of trouble renewing my drivers license one year when the computer system had been "updated"

Ed Norlander of West Virginia, USA born 1952 at 8:03am  I think that people here in WV should protest. I found out that if you are born
on Feb 29th, the state makes you put Feb 28th or Mar 1st on the birth certificate. I was born in Chicago, IL, and my birth certificate says
Feb 29th, even my military ID says Feb 29th. I have found that some things won't accept the 29th as a legal date though. Thats no fun.
I think its great to have a "special" day.
EN: It’s SO much better now though. There have been many advancements
since we started back in 1988 and since Peter and I started in 1997.

Karlynn Fissinger of Illinois, USA born 1952 at 12:12p.m. I had a bouncer in a bar tell me my ID Drivers license was an obvious fake
because there are only 28 days in February. It took a few minutes for me to get him to realize that he was wrong. I ended up reciting
the old 30 days have september etc poem we were taught in school before he agreed to let me inside. I also baby sat for a family
whose oldest daughter was a leapyear baby and I went to grammer school with a boy that shared the same birthday.

Leap Back Up!

Christy DiCesare One year I received my new license. I immediately realized an error. My expiration date was listed February 29, 1999.
The DMV said there was no reason to change it, it would just expire on the 28th. However, multiple times it caused me trouble. Many
stores would swipe your license if you wrote a check. Often times the computer would reject it saying invalid. I would tell them to enter
it manually using the 28th. This resulted in calling a manager to approve because they were changing the date. The first few times
were funny, but then it got annoying. Until I received my next renewal license made it a point of using cash. Thankfully the DMV got
the next one right.

Dan Morgan 1960 In about 1977 the state of Oregon changed their issuance of drivers’ licenses. They went from a two year renewal
without a picture to a four year renewal with a picture, and that expired on your birthday. My current license expired in 1978, but since
it wasn’t a leap year, they couldn’t make my new four year license renewable on my birthday.

I got an official letter from the state of Oregon: “Dear Leap Year Person…”  They explained that due to their new policy, I would need
to renew my license in the old style, and at the old price, for two more years, then when my birthday rolled around in 1980, I would be
able to get one of the new licenses which would expire on my next birthday, just like everyone else. So from 1978 to 1980 the only
drivers in the state of Oregon without state issued photo ID were Leap Day birthday people. 
I’m sorry I didn’t keep the letter.  It was
cleverly written in “legalese” with enough tongue-in-cheek to make it fun. Clearly someone at the capitol enjoyed drafting that letter.

Michael in Idaho, USA I believe it was back in about 1993 when I had the discussion with the drivers licensing office.  I remember that
I discussed with them that anyone else that year could come in on their birthday and renew their license and not have to take the
drivers test accompanied by an officer but if I came in on March 1, I would have too. I remember quite clearly saying that I recognized
that February 29 didn't come on the calendar that year, however since my birthday wasn't February 28 but the day after February 28, I
should be able to renew the license on March 1 since it followed February 28. Of course this didn't seem to amuse the lady in that
office and I was told that if I waited until March 1 to renew my license I would have to take all the test as if I had never had a license
before. So I renewed on the 28th with my license expiring on my real birthday in 2000, however I paid the same for my renewal as
anyone but only got 7 years for my money while anyone not born on the 29th got 8 years. So I will always have been shorted one year
on my drivers license. Since my current license was issued 2-23-2000 and for 8 years, it is now time to renew. My present license has
my correct date of birth of 2-29-1956 and actually has the expiration date shown as 2-29-2008 so as long as I renew it on or before my
birthday and the state continues to issue licenses for 8 years at a time, I shouldn't have to be concerned with the issue.

Rita, USA - My driver’s license has my correct birthday – but has an expiration date of 2/29/2010 and when I tried to rent a car the
agent said that she couldn’t do it because the expiration date wasn’t legitimate. So she put in 2/28/2010 and of course, it worked. 
EN: Putting an invalid date on government documents must stop. This is not acceptable.

Landen Nicolas of Alberta, Canada Our son Landen of Alberta, Canada came into the world at 9:41pm not only as a leap year baby,
but as a millennium baby. It was funny the nurse came into the room with a piece of paper and a pen and asked what day we'd like on
the certificate Feb 28th or March 1st? I was pretty confused thinking we get to pick the day our baby was born? I asked her what day
it was and she said the 29th. So I looked at her with a confused look on my face and said "well the 29th" not even thinking it was leap
year. I'm not sure what she was thinking but his birth certificate does say February 29th.

Connie Rodgers of Georgia, USA Because I didn't get my license renewed in a Leap Year while everyone else's expire on their
birthdays mine expires on March 1 because they expire in 4 years.

Karlynn Fissinger of Illinois, USA I had a bouncer in a bar tell me my Drivers license was an obvious fake because there are only
28 days in February. It took a few minutes for me to get him to realize that he was wrong. I ended up reciting the old 30 Days hath
September poem we were taught in school before he agreed to let me inside.
EN: Good Call!

John B. Durrant of British Columbia, Canada I don't know if anyone has a brother/sister story but my younger brother was born on Leap
Year Day, one Leap Year after me. He has a story about being pulled over by a cop. When the officer punched his drivers license into
the computer he was cited for having an invalid drivers license. The computer system didn't recognize Leap Year!!! No amount of
explaining would get him out of the ticket!!
EN: That's just not right. We are in such great need of Leap Year Day Awareness.

Sherri Riddle When I was 17 and went for my learning permit, in our state you had to be 17 before you could do this. I had passed the
written test with flying colors and proceeded to take off of school on my birthday to obtain my permit. My boyfriend (at the time, he's
now my husband) took me to the DMV, when we got there, the clerk had the nerve to tell me I wasn't 17 yet! She said because it wasn't
a leap year, I didn't have a birthday and I couldn't "claim" the 28th as my birthday since it clearly was not. Well, I don't know about
anybody else, but I was so excited about getting my permit, I was bound and determined I was not leaving without it! Feb 28th was a
Friday that year, which meant I'd have to wait another week..... WRONG! lol I argued and argued with the clerk until I made her get
her supervisor. I explained to him that legally you ARE the next year older the day BEFORE your birthdate b/c of the way the calendar
falls. (Feb 28 on a Friday this yr, then on a sat the next! year) these poor people didn't know what to do with me lol, so they let me
have it ;) Don't ever give up and don't ever let someone try to argue with you when it comes to having a leap year birthday. They just
won't ever win b/c we leapers know our leapness!!

Becky Turner, Texas In 1991 my apartment was burglarized. About a week later, my bank contacted me concerning some checks that
had come through with a suspicious signature. I immediately checked where I kept my extra checks hidden and sure enough, a box of
checks were gone. This was during the time when it was popular to have your drivers’ license on your checks for identification purposes.
Needless to say, my driver’s license number made it into the TeleCheck system and I was unable to write a check anywhere. After about
10 months of a never ending nightmare, the police recommended that I go to the Dept. of Public Safety and request a new driver’s
license number.

After completing all the paperwork and providing the necessary documentation, I arrived at the counter where I would be issued my
new license.  As the clerk was entering my information, the computer kept rejecting my birth date. I explained to her that my birthday
was February 29 and the computer was probably rejecting it because the license would expire in a year that did not have a 29th.

The clerk became more exasperated as she kept trying to get the computer to accept my information. Finally she looked at m e and
said, “You will need to pick another day for your birthday. This isn’t working.” I explained to her that the driver’s license was a legal
document to verify birth date, so I could not just “pick another date”. By this time she was really agitated and asked me to step aside
so she could help the next person in line

Luckily, the trooper that had helped me with the documentation happened to come by. I got his attention, explained the situation
and asked for his help. He was able to do an override and I finally got my new license. I can laugh about it now, but it was far from
funny then.
EN: These government must be updated nationwide. This can not keep happening.

Michael Branam of Colorado, USA I was driving home on my 20th (5th) birthday and was pulled over by a policeman for speeding.
I believe I was going 45 in a 35, so nothing outrageous. Anyway, as the officer took a look at my license he kind of smirked and said,
"I've never given a ticket to a 5 year old, and I am not going to start today". He sent me on my way and told me to be careful. I
thanked the good man and went on my way...35 mph of course. 
EN: Well at least this officer recognized the date!

Shirley Knox Stueven of Kansas, USA While in grade school, there were three of us in my class. It made for lots of fun - not being
the only one. My major frustration hit when I turned 18 and the state drivers license department decided to change my birthday to
March 1st because we could only get a license for 2 years at the time. 
EN: This is not right. We've got to educate the government!

Chip in Mississippi, USA After an upgrade in the early 90's, the Mississippi Highway Patrol's database will not except the 29th as a
valid day. The officer that gave me my license manually typed the 29th on my license application that was sent to the capital.
(EN: Isn't that illegal?) When I got the license back in the mail, you could tell that the "29" was not in the same typeface as the rest
of the license. I got harassed several times by the police because it looked like it had been faked and their database had me listed
as the 28th. (EN: INCREDIBLE!) I had a lot of explaining to do. Then the last time I renewed my license they had upgraded their
equipment to where it creates your license on site. So now my license is not correct, it has my birth date as 2/28/76, because they
couldn't change it. But, at least I don't have to go around explaining why their database is wrong now. EN: Yes, well, don't you have
to explain why you have to different birth dates? This should never have to be. PLEASE do not allow your city/county to alter your
drivers license or birth certificate. That is just WRONG. I hope you'll get that fixed and let us know if you do.

Lori Harkins of Nevada, USA I have never met another Leap Day baby in my 36 years, But I do remember going to get my first
Drivers License. It came back with an expiration date of 1992 (16 years later than when I got it). I sure wish you could still get one
that would last that long :)
EN: At least they didn't change the birth date! Good for them for keeping that intact.

Dawn Turnbeaugh of Illinois, USA I never knew you could have your "Leap Day" on your drivers license. The doctor told my
mother to pick Feb. 28 or March 1. She went with the 1'st.
EN: This is something that needs to change. Altering a birth certificate or drivers license is illegal.

Teresa French of Texas, USA I got out of a traffic ticket once due to my birth date. In March of 1986 (not a Leap Year), I was issued
a ticket for driving with an expired driver's license. When I went to court, I pleaded NOT GUILTY. The judge asked what I based this
on, since clearly my driver's license had expired. I held up my driver's license, and pointed to the box that displayed BIRTHDATE:
02 29 56. Then I pointed to the box that displayed EXPIRES ON BIRTHDATE: 1986. (Note, the "Expires on Birthdate" section just
displayed the YEAR). I then stated to the judge, "your honor, there was no February 29th in 1986". Well, the judge was not amused
(she was lacking in the sense of humor department), however, once she GOT IT, she said, "not guilty; now get the hell out of my
court-room". So there, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. By the way, the Texas Department of Public Safety has since changed
the format of the driver's license to just show EXPIRES, then display the actual date. When my expiration date is not in a Leap Year,
it shows as expiring on February 28th.
EN: And that is how it should be. At least they got it right in Texas. Now let's get the other states in line!

Teddy D. Lapina Jr. of Batangas City, Philippines My first driving ticket in California was for driving with an expired license. My
understanding of what is written "Expires on your birtday" is exactly what is written. That year was not a leap year, I explained
this to the trooper, he gave me a warning,

Raenell Dawn of Oregon, USA I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to update my drivers license when I moved to Oregon,
in 1993. I was told by the clerk at the counter, of this government institution, that there is no February 29. I was told she would
have to put the 28th. I explained that the 28th is not when I was born and that I will not accept that because it would be incorrect.
Clearly a perplexing situation for her, I suggested she get her supervisor. The supervisor eventually came up with a solution. She
allowed my license to be good until February 29, 2000. Apparently their system jumped ahead the normal four years from 1993.
But 1997 wasn't a Leap Year so they didn't know what to do. The supervisor finally figured she'd just allow my license to be a 7
year license instead of a 4 year. 

Peter Brouwer of California, USA: My drivers license expired February 29, 1999!
EN: All I can do is shake my head.

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