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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.

Ask Clyde Anything About Leap Day

Below are questions and answers about Leap Year Day. But first,
here is where we set the story straight!


Leap Year Day is February 29. Every four (4) years February has 29 days.

Some call February 29 Bachelor Day or even Sadie Hawkins Day. That is
NOT what Leap Day is. February 29 is Leap Year Day, or Leap Day.

Why February? Because February used to be the last month of the year.
February 29 was added for one reason with its own name, Leap Day.

Anyone can be born IN a Leap Year. That is not as rare as being born ON
Leap DAY, February 29.

People born on February 29 are called Leap Year Day Babies, or simply
Leap Day Babies. Like New Year's Babies and Christmas Babies... without
the competition.

Some people say we were born "on leap year". The whole year is a Leap
Year. We were born ON Leap Day IN a Leap Year.

Let's celebrate Leap Year Day Awareness... Why not? It's only once every
four years.

It's everyone's extra day. Do something good with it!

See below for some Questions and Answers about Leap Year Day!


With it being a Leap year, many questions have come up in my house about the 29th of February. My children and I
were wondering what date you have on your license?


Dear C. and Family,

That's a pretty serious subject to me and I am very happy to help you all understand the answer. It is very likely that
everyone there was right, even if you all guessed something different.
Many Leap Year Day Babies have Feb 28 or Mar 1 on their license instead of Feb 29. Many of us have February 29.
I insisted on February 29 because 1) that's my birth date, and 2) it is for my I.D. and any other date would be illegal.
It is amazing to me how many Leapies have a birth certificate that says February 29 and a drivers license that says
Feb 28 or Mar 1. Some have dates that don't even exist! It's true! One of our members had a license that expired on
February 29, 1986. That date never existed because 1986 was not a Leap Year.
Did you read the Altered Drivers License Page? If not, just go to www.leapyearday.com and click on the LEAPzine
link. From there click on the Altered Drivers License link. There are some good stories there. Another good page to
check out is the Altered Birth Certificates Page.

Thanks for wondering, and if any of you wonder about anything else regarding Leap Year and/or Leap Day, just let
me know!

Leapfully, The CLYDE


I was talking with some coworkers and the February 29th birthday topic came up. We have a question.....If you were
born on Feb. 29 how old are you? When your birthday doesn't actually come, do you still technically have a birthday?

Thanks for your help,

Dear Christy,

Yes, we still have a birthday. We celebrate in off years, it's just that it's not on February 29. It is on February 28 or
March 1, or both!

I hope that helps. Please keep asking until you completely understand. We are more than happy to help
people understand this quadrennial balancing act.

Leapfully, The CLYDE     


Is Sadie Hawkins Day February 29th?

K. in PA

Dear K.,

Thanks for asking. Some people think it is. Some people celebrate it in February. But the only thing Leap Year
and Sadie Hawkins have in common is that women are allowed to ask men to dance or marry them.

Legend has it that in 1288 it was made legal in Scotland for a woman to propose to a man on Leap Year Day, or
any day of a Leap Year. It depends on which version of the legend you read.

Sadie Hawkins Day first debuted in a comic strip by Al Capp on November 15, 1937. Sadie Hawkins Day started
as a foot race in the comic strip but quickly turned into Sadie Hawkins Dances at schools, in November, when
girls invite the boys. Plus, Sadie Hawkins Day is every year, and, as you know, February 29 is only ever four years. 

Leapfully, The CLYDE     


Am I supposed to call February 29 Leap Year Day or Leap Day? I just want to know what to call it. Does it
matter? Some of my friends say it does and others say it doesn't. I just want to know.


Dear Dino,

Thanks for your question. It is not official to the point that it is in dictionaries with capital letters like New Year's
Day, or on the calendar as Leap Year Day or Leap Day. We are working on that too though. We think it deserves
to be in the dictionary as Leap Year Day and printed on calendars too!

I am finding that there are just about as many votes for either one. I have a feeling both will be used for a long
time. And I think that's OK.

Leapfully, The CLYDE     


Is a person born on Leap Year (Day) younger than a person born on February 28th or March 1st? Please explain.


Dear Jeff,

Maybe this explanation will help. People born on February 29, Leap Year Day, are no older or younger than
anyone else born near that date in the same year. However, Leap Year Day Babies have the distinction of
having less birthdays celebrated ON their birthday. For example: Raenell's nephew, John Mitchell, will be
15 years old this year.
He celebrates his birthday every year ON his birth date. She can say she is younger than John Mitchell
because she has only had 10 birthdays ON her birth date. Technically, she is much older than her nephew.
She was born in 1960 and he was born in 1988. But, by counting birthdays, we can say he is older.

This is not something a Leap Year Day Baby can get away with legally. However, many Leap Year Day
Babies have taken advantage of the age issue. In some cases it has worked. The establishment played
along. Raenell had success with that just this last Leap Year. She asked the manager of the movie theater
if she could get her ticket for the price of someone 12 and under. She explained to the manager that she had
just celebrated her 11th birthday and they thought it was so cool they let Raenell and all her guests in free!

Leapfully, The CLYDE     


Has there ever been more than one Leap Year Day Baby in one family?

Just curious

Dear Just Curious,

Yes, there are many families with more than one Leap Year Day Baby. You can find a Related Leapies link at
The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies
on the MEMBERS page. There are Twins, Triplets, Parent & Child,
all sorts of them!

Some even have more than two in the family! And some are Husband and Wife! Check it out. 

Leapfully, The CLYDE     


Are there any Leap Year related products to buy, like T-shirts or mugs or anything? I can never find anything that
has Leap Year on it.

Leapless in Seattle ;)

Dear Leapless in Seattle (cute by the way),

As a matter of fact there are. We have the LEAP THIS shop at www.cafepress.com/leapthis with some fun designs.

There's also a book - The Leap Year Book by Barbara Sutton-Smith (a Non-Leapy), and the Leap Year Day Baby
Doll hand made by Leap Day Baby Gail Bond-Stokes. You can find a link to Gail at www.leapyearday.com .

Leapfully, The CLYDE    


Have you heard of any scholarships available to Leap Day Babies? I'm considering grad school and need all the
financial help I can get. I was hoping that there might be some scholarships or grants out there somewhere for
those of us Leapers!! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Susan in Las Vegas, NV

Dear Susan in Las Vegas, NV,

We get this question several times a year, and unfortunately we have not heard of a Leap Year Day Scholarship...
yet. If you hear of one please let us know.

Leapfully, The CLYDE    


Have any celebrities been born on a Leap Day?


Dear Curious,

Yes! Lots! You can see a list of them on our web site. Just go to www.leapyearday.com and click on the link
for Famous Leapies. There's a variety of celebrities listed. If you know of someone who is not on the list please
let us know.

Leapfully, The CLYDE    


Do you know of any scholarships offered to Leap Day teens? I'm searching for my daughter...Thanks.

Chris in Pennsylvania

Dear Chris in Pennsylvania

Thanks for your inquiry. We are asked that question about 6 times a year, and unfortunately we have not yet
heard of a Leap Year Day Scholarship. If you hear of one please let us know.

Leapfully, The CLYDE   


When I tell people I am 3 years old they don't believe me, and that makes me mad. How do I make them believe me?


Dear Perplexed,

We understand how that might anger you. But it will help if you word it differently. Instead of saying you are 3 years
old, tell them you are 3 Leap Years old. Or say, simply, I am 3. It is misleading to say you are 3 years old because
obviously you have been alive longer than 3 years. It is technically correct to say you are 3 Leap Years old or that
you've had 3 birthdays. So try saying it like that and see what kind of response you get.

Leapfully, The CLYDE    


We have a friend who was born on Leap Day and I want to throw her a birthday party that would include Leapies
and Non-Leapies. Is it OK for the 2 groups to mix or should such a celebration be reserved strictly for Leapies? 

Just Wondering

Dear Wondering,

Of course it is OK - we encourage Leap Year Day enthusiasm among Non-Leapies. We Leap Day Babies are
such a minority that we need the support of Non-Leapies if our mission of Leap Year Day Awareness is to be
fully realized. Throw her a party and have fun doing it!

Leapfully, The CLYDE     


My daughter was born February 29. In off years we celebrate on February 28 in one year, and on March 1st
the next because we figured if it was a Leap Year that's where her birthday would have landed. When is it
best to celebrate during a non-Leap Year?


Dear Emily,

We have come in contact with hundreds of Leap Year Day Babies, and have noticed that it is about a 70-30
split. Most want to celebrate on the 28th because we were born in February. The others want to celebrate on
March 1 because we were born the day after the 28th. It's really your - or your Leaplings' - decision. The
important thing is that you celebrate it and make your daughter understand that she's not missing out on a
thing, and that her birthday is something that makes her unique. Learn more about it and it will be easier to
help her understand it.

Leapfully, The CLYDE     

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