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At one time it was customary to give Forget-Me-Nots to anyone starting a journey on February 29. Leter they...

It's About Time

It's About Time And it's time we recognize that!

Leap Years happen EVERY four years
                                                    like it or not.
  (considering the exception to the rule )

The way humans have kept track of time
                                 has been through many changes.

February 29, Leap Year Day,
                                  is everyone's extra day.

Everyone using the Gregorian Calendar
                                           will have
 a Leap Year Day.

Our goal is for February 29 to receive the recognition it deserves on the calendar by proclaiming
February 29
 as Leap Year Day. February 29 represents balance and harmony between the the
earth and our calculation of time.

What better way, in this day and age, to celebrate balance and harmony than with a special day
to promote it...at least every 4 years with an extra day to do it.

February 29 is probably THE most important day on the calendar because of the position it holds
and the duty it performs. If we did not have an extra day every four years we would not be able to
predict, with such precision, what seasons holidays will land in.

This extra day has one purpose, one reason for being. It is there to maintain balance between the
calendar and the spinning earth. Let's Celebrate the Spin and recognize Leap Year Day!

When is Leap Year Day?

If calendar publishers put the words LEAP DAY on February 29, more people would remember it, and
maybe even celebrate it. An extra day to live! An extra day to have fun! An extra day to love! An extra
day to do something good for someone else.

If February 2nd can have " Ground Hog Day", in ink, February 29 is surely more deserving of the words
LEAP YEAR DAY - or - LEAP DAY. If it were not for this extra day, we Americans wouldn't know when
to expect that groundhog so precisely.

But alas, this Leap Year, again, a very small percentage (maybe a 1/2 of a percentage) of calendars
have those words on them. I received a bank calendar from a fellow Leap Day baby that has they words
LEAP DAY on February 29. I have not seen or heard of any others.

And those List of Special Days that are available in the size and shape of a business card do not have
LEAP DAY on them. It's probably the original Special Day. And it is a celebration of the calendar too!
So we need to help those who make calendars understand why it is important for them to include this
day in writing, and on the lists, every four years.

What To Do With This Extra Day

For everyone who uses the Gregorian Calendar, Leap Year Day can be a World Holiday. It can be listed
every Leap Year on every calendar that recognizes its existence.

We suggest using this one day every fourth year for doing something for someone else. Volunteer where
you know help is needed. Give a hand to someone you know could use it. Go through an organization, or
just mow the lawn of a neighbor in need. But do something for someone else.

We suggest the different Awareness groups throw Leap Year Balls to raise money for their cause. Just
throw a divinely elegant Ball with dancing to the Leap Year Waltz (a delightful piece of music) and maybe
even a proposal or two.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s Leap Year Balls provided women the opportunity to propose to her man.
They were elegant and lovely parties.

Throw a casual Leap Year Party with the same theme. Still raising money for your cause.

Leap Year Balls and Leap Year Parties may happen any time throughout the Leap Year. For the entire
year is a Leap Year. Therefore plenty of dates to choose from on the calendar throughout the Leap Year.

Please be sure to capitalize the words Leap Year and
Leap Year Day and Leap Day. You will be one of many
around the world Leaping into action for Leap Year Day
February 29, and we appreciate your help.

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