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Kids Leap Day Birthday Party Planner

How to throw Leap Day Birthday Party
(and for that Invisible Birthday in the "off years")

Here's an idea for an invitation sent in by a Mom who says to please feel free to use it if you can. Make it fit your child's name and info:

It happens once every four years
An extra February day appears.
To celebrate this rare ole day,
Chase invites you to come and play.

We planned a party at Chase's request.
And invite you to his leap day fest
At "Pump It Up". This place is great.
We'll bounce around, then eat some cake!

The address is 5765
On the street _________ Drive.
We hope you'll join Chase's Leap Day fun
While we decide if he's 4, or 1!

So let's give him his birthday cheers.
His next birthday's not for 4 more years!
We'll do it again when he turns 8!
|Or is it 2? (We can't keep it straight!)

Let us know if you use it, or if you have ideas to share too! Send it to Raenell Dawn at [email protected]

(Submitted by her Mom, Rhonda)

I want to share my daughter's past birthday party invitation. I ordered it from alloccasioncards.net and she did a great job personalizing it for Allison. 


We had a "leap" party at a local gymnastics center. It was great fun and the kids "leaped" till their hearts content!


If you're going to have a sleepover, remember it's a sLEAPover!

Shana, the Mom of a Leap Day baby with a great idea, wrote in to share with you what kind of party she is throwing for her Leap Day baby who will be 12/3. They are having a Game Show and Birthday sLEAPover. The party goes from February 28th to February 29th.

The following game ideas came from American Girl Magazine, May/June 2001 [but boys may play too!] we fixed them to fit our needs and decided what prizes to give out.
              Celebrity Squares
              The Newlyfriends Game
              The Grocery Game
              Higher or Lower
              Who Wants to be a Smarty Pants?
We added:
              Wheel of Fortune
              Let's Make a Deal
              and when the Leap Day baby opens their presents on the 29th we will be playing the (Your child's name here) Trivia Game.

Some of the prizes include Ring Pops, candy necklaces, hot wheels as the "brand new cars", and other things along the lines of game show prizes. The prizes can be chosen depending on gender and age.

The Game Show/sLEAPover is for a few of Lara's friends. When the family comes over on 2/29 at 2:29 pm, they will be leaping for joy with our frog theme. We found some paper goods with frogs on them, otherwise Lara chose a shade of green for plates, etc.  Oriental Trading has some frog items good for party favors.

They also have a felt frog hat which Lara will be wearing. My husband will be baking the cake and shaping it into a lily pad. I'm always searching for another frog item to add to the party.

Hope this is helpful to someone.



With Lara turning Sweet 16, Lara and I have planned a dance party at a local place. She has invited 60 of her nearest and dearest friends (how things change...I think there were twelve girls at her last Leap Day Party).

What's nice is we've kept the theme simple "Pretty in Pink". Lara loves the 80s movies and we try to support the breast cancer funds since my sister passed away from breast cancer.

Everyone is required to wear something pink to get in to the party and Lara has asked for no gifts, but rather for donations to be made to Susan G. Komen.

We ordered pink silicone bracelets with her name and the date of the party; bags of pink cotton candy; and I stocked up on pink m & ms in October. The place we're having it will do all of the decorations in pink. Lara is completely excited.

So, just thought I'd say hi and share what we're doing. Shana Miller


Fiona runs a Rainbow Unit of 5-7 year old girls before they move on to Brownies. There was a little Rainbow girl in their unit who was born on February 29. Being that birthdays were a big deal, she inevitably had to explain hers.

The Rainbow Leap Day baby has moved on to Brownies. But her old Rainbow Unit is inviting her back, as a 'Special Guest' and making her a birthday card with as many interesting facts about this special day as possible.

They will be using the Jump-Rope Rhyme for the card and will highlight some famous Leapies. They are even planning on a 'froggy' birthday cake. Everyone will have fun and learn something about this special day.

Any new ideas for 5-7 year olds would be great. Do you have any other ideas? If so, please email Raenell so she can post it on this page.

Happy leaping, gribbit, gribbit,
Fiona, 10th Roundhay Rainbows


The party is at our home in California and will have all her and our family friends.

My parents are flying in from Atlanta. The photo, below, is what we are using for Saylor's 1st party invite and for the cake. I wrote the poem for the invitation. You may use it if you like.  Heather Schmidt

Leap on over and have some fun,
Saylor's turning 4 but really just one,

There will be pony rides, a jumpy, cotton candy too,
There's a hoppin' good time just waiting for you.


Brady will be 2/8 this year!! The plans are in the works. We are going to use  some of the same ideas we used for his First Leap Day Birthday Party. The theme was Leap Day Festival. Feel free to use any of our ideas...it made for such a fun party!

The invitation had some Leap Year trivia on it, I would share it but it was about Leap Year's ending in 0, such as 2000, but not 2004. Other Leap Year trivia you find (on this site) might be fun on the invitation.

We had several "festival booths" that stayed open. So we did not play 1 game at a time, the kids wandered around to each booth as they pleased, just like a festival!

Kids really like tickets, so I had a roll, and each booth required tickets, but of course the tickets were free!

I had a vinyl pennant made saying, "Brady's First Leap Day Birthday 2000" I had permanent markers for each guest to sign it...after they signed, they got a bunch of tickets. (For the pennant, look in the yellow pages under "banners" and they should be able to make one for you. It's a nice keepsake for the Leaper.

For each game, they got a prize, win or not (I don't believe in games where kids lose at this tender age). They had lunch bags to put their prizes in...have them put their names on the bags or do it for them. They could decorate the bags, too.

We had a bounce house, which we called a Leap House, 1 ticket please.

We had a snack bar with popcorn, cotton candy, soda & pizza ~ 1 ticket per item please.

We had a teenaged girl paint faces.

We had a blind-fold candy tasting game (there were a few types of candy to taste and guess the kinds).

We had a frog fishing game. Use light weight plastic frogs. Our pond was a Hoola Hoop. I made fishing poles out of dowels with string, with masking tape on the end so the tape was the hook to catch the frogs, it was fun for 4 year olds. This year, we may try to take it up a notch somehow.

We made Leap Day Commemorative Plates. Each child got to make & keep a plate. The design is up to each child. We wrote the special date around the edge. The plate kits are available through http://makit.com It is something they do with markers, then you send them to the company to be made into plates, so you have to deliver them to each guest at a later date. But they are wonderful & last forever and are dishwasher safe. The web site has other items to choose from as well.

I bought inexpensive packages of white T-shirts and printed iron-on transfers with my PC. Each guest got a shirt that said, "Where were you Leap Day 2000? I was at Brady's Leap Day Festival!" The guest of honor's shirt was red, his favorite color.

Some booths could only be done once, such as the plate making booth, others can be done over & over, even if you run out of prizes, they can still play the games.

After they did booths for about an hour and a half, we had cake (decorated with toy frogs the birthday boy got to keep) and opened presents. If time is left, there's always the Leap House & games to return to!

Saylor, whose party plans are above, is our little friend! She was born during Brady's First Leap Day Festival! We were going to have a joint party for them this year but decided it would be way too big with all of their combined friends & family. So we are having Brady's in the morning then Saylor's in the afternoon ... some guests will attend both parties!

It will be a GREAT Leap Day!


We are also having a sLEAP over party, for our daughter Bridgette who will be 8/2 (due to our schedule we are having it on the 27th - 28th)!

Being a "Leapling" she loves frogs - especially Kermit the Frog, so that is kind of our theme... everything we got for party favors are green and/or froggy. I downloaded a Kermit picture and made the invitations. We are having a friend of ours make a Kermit cake!

Plus there will be lots of fun kid friendly food & snacks for the night - ending with a chocolate chip pancakebreakfast.

Some of the activities the girls will be doing are:

  • painting each other's nails (green of course)
  • each girl is getting a pillow case and decorating it with fabric paint 
    with each one writing their name on our daughter's case for her to
    remember this special day.
  • dancing
  • watching the movie Freaky Friday (the new one)
  • playing Twister
  • having a "Mummy Wrap" race where they pair up in teams of two -
    one is the wrapper the other is the "mummy" they have to use crepe
    paper streamers (again green! ) and whichever team can wrap their
    mummy first without breaking the streamer paper wins.
  • in the invitation's I'm asking the girls parents to let me know one unique
    fact about their daughter - so that I can make up a matching game where
     girls have to try to guess which fact belongs to which girl.
  • we also made up silly names for each girl - that will be put on a sticky
    name tag to wear all night - the girls will have to call each other by their
    silly names for the entire party!

Then on the 29th our family (9 adults and 3 kids - includes grandparents, an aunt & uncle and 2 cousins) will be going to a local seafood restaurant for dinner where they give you $10 off on your birthday (she loves scallops) and she can open her presents there!

Hope these ideas can be helpful to others still wondering how to celebrate!

Leapingly, The Rhodes
Brian, Melissa & Bridgette


Raenell here, Emma, in Australia, will be turning 24, on her 6th Birthday. Her guests will participate in age-appropriate snacks and games I thought you should know about. She explains below...

"I will be making Fairy bread and playing "Pass-the-parcel"

Fairy Bread is simply white bread, covered in sprinkles - a regular at 6th birthday parties in Australia.

"Pass-the-parcel" is a game where a small gift is wrapped up in many sheets of wrapping paper. Everyone sits in a circle, with someone controlling the music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the gift, has to unwrap one layer of paper before the music comes back on. Once the music is back on, it is passed around the circle once again, until the music stops. Whoever opens the last bit of wrapping paper is the winner, and keeps the gift."

Now that sounds like a lot of fun. The music that would go great with this game is the Leap Year Waltz.

It's an instrumental of happy, pleasant music. It's by Ivor Novello and it sells on ebay and other places on the Internet. I think I'll play this at my party! (I have one of the Ivor Novello CDs with the Leap Year Waltz on it). Thanks for sharing Emma!


Macy Diane Williams of Oklahoma, USA was born in 2000

I'm looking forward to my daughter's first birthday in just a few weeks! I enjoyed the ideas about how to celebrate on your parent's site, and thought I'd share an idea of my own. We are going to put Macy's current picture in our local newspaper with the caption "Happy first birthday to our Leap Day Baby!"

We will probably continue the tradition each Leap Year. I have another daughter who will turn one in March, and I also plan to send picture post cards to friends and relatives with the girls' pictures on it and the caption, "We celebrated two first birthdays this year!" As she gets older, I plan to
make each Leap Day super special, and hopefully will think of even more ideas.


Hey everybody, its time to cheer,
Its 2004 and it’s a LEAP YEAR!
It’s my birthday and I’m here to say,
I’ve waited four years to celebrate this very day!
Its 2004 ~ yep, it’s my LEAP DAY
And I’d like you to celebrate with me in a very special way!
I’m planning on taking you to the Build-a-Bear store, woo-hoo,
Because I’m turning eight, but technically just two!
You see, Leap Day comes but only so often,
And usually my birthday isn’t on a calendar, how rotten!
It’s my LEAP DAY birthday on February 29th,
No other way I’d like to spend it, than with friends of mine-th!!!
So, come one, come all,
We’re sure to have a ball!

Please come to my house on 2-29, 3549 Royal Stewart Court (Legendary Run)
Arrive at 11:45 to depart promptly at 12:00 to build our bears
We will be busy there from 12:30 to 2:30 having lots of fun
We’ll each make our own bear and choose a t-shirt for it to wear!
We will return to my place for yummies a plenty around 3:00 or so
But when the clock strikes 4:00-4:30, I’m afraid it will be time to go.

See you then,

Your friend, Carsen


My son Davin will be turning 4 (1) this year. We are doing everything in green leap frogs!

We have a frog piñata and leap frog potato sacks for "leap frog" games. Gummy frogs for a snacks and the list continues. I love this web-site for ideas. Hallmark and other party stores really need to do more for LEAP DAY! I did find a lot of great frog stuff on line at Oriental Trading Company.

Melanie (Davin's Mom)


We had such a good time at the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Washington Square. And for those of you who were expecting us at the Clackamas Town Center location, I apologize, but we had to change locations.

The 7 girls I Mentor and I each built an animal. Emily built a dog, Tristina, Samantha and Molly each built monkeys, and Sarah, Ashley, Brittany and I all built bears. Of course, I was the Birthday Girl so I got to wear the special sticker. Everything was about, and for, me, Thankyouverymuch.  ;)

We dressed each of our animals in outfits of our choice. There are so many to choose from it's amazing. We were really impressed with the quality of everything. The store itself is bright, colorful and festive. The Party Hostess was great and always cheery, she guided us through the whole process.

Building the bear was very cool. And the best part was when our animal got a heart. That was really quite cool and very special. My bear is that much more special because of the heart procedure. I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to find out yourself. And for those of you who already know, you know what I mean. I'm sure you can understand why my Leap Day Bear is so special to me now.

Each animal has a commemorative birth certificate showing the Leap Day date of birth. My bears' name is Leapton Von Leap. He's a boy.

Looking for gifts for your little Leaplings' birthday? Check the LEAP THIS shop!

If you have some Leap Day Baby Birthday Party 2012 stories, and pictures, to share, please do. They will help others for next Leap Year. Please email Raenell with your submissions.

If you used any of the artwork or poetry from our site, please send us a copy for our archives.
You may send them to Raenell.

Thank you!


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