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Leap Day Parties & Events Worldwide


If you would like to add a Leap Year Day event to this list send the info to

Raenell Dawn - [email protected] I will add events after I review them.


FEBRUARY 27- MARCH 2, 2020

Are you, or someone you know, a Leap Year Day Baby? (Not just a person born in a Leap Year- but born on February 29th?) Because we are


Come celebrate our next Leap Year Day Birthday with us on a cruise to the Bahamas!  Maybe… just maybe, we can create a World Record for the MOST Leap Year Day Babies in one location at the same time, on an actual Leap Year Day Birthday!

That would be pretty Exciting!

4 Nights departs Ft Lauderdale, FL USA

27 Feb 2020

DETAILS for the CARNIVAL- Sunrise
(Formerly Triumph) to the Bahamas

We sure hope  you can join us!

The details of the cruise are below.

2 people per room minimum. 3rd and 4th passenger rates are available. $25 down payment per person. Final payment is due Dec 2019. Weather expected to be 76-86 Degrees F. Passport required or Enhanced Driver’s License with a Certified copy of your Birth Certificate

Looking to see if there is any sponsorship interest out there from anyone!

Documentary crew lined up. Company owned by a Leapling (Leapling Films out of UK)

Family friendly- I'm bringing my 2 kids!

Private Social Birthday Event onboard for all our Private cruise attendees.

1 overnight stay back on shore at port at a hotel and with a farewell gathering (Ft Lauderdale)

ONE Special Leapling* will WIN a reimbursement of their PAID Cruise! (*Will be determined on the cruise). 



·         1 Feb 27, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, United States 4:00 pm

·         2 Feb 28, 2020 At Sea -- --

·         3 Feb 29, 2020 Princess Cays, Bahamas 8:00 am -5:00 pm

·         4 Mar 1, 2020 Nassau, Bahamas 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

·         5 Mar 2, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, United States 8:00 am –

·         5 Mar 2, 2020 (Optional) Overnight hotel in Ft Lauderdale with Celebration. TBD



·         40 Leap Year Day Babies Booked so far (current range from birth years-1952-2016)

·         130 people BOOKED (Total so far...)

·         Several hundred people are interested in the 2020 Leap Year Day Baby cruise on the Facebook event page

          and on the leapyearday dot com Events Page here.

·         127 shares of the Facebook event

·         Prices include Cruise only PER PERSON for the ENTIRE cruise (minimum double occupancy)

Prices are NOT guaranteed and are always subject to change by Carnival cruise lines at any time.  We will be collecting a list of single travelers that would prefer to room with someone else to save on their total cruise. 

Additional transportation to and from Ft Lauderdale, Florida USA will be required. With each new grouping of rooms we MUST book 8 rooms within a 30 day period to keep the large group of rooms open. 

Interior Cabins  $399.00 per person.  MINIMUM Double Occupancy: $798 total  Triple Occupancy: $ 993 total Quad Occupancy: $1188 total Quint Occupancy: $1432.00 total Ocean View Cabins $434.00 per person,  MINIMUM Double Occupancy: $868 total  Triple Occupancy: $1063 total Quad Occupancy: $1258 total Quint Occupancy: $1522.00 total Balcony Cabins  $539.00 per person MINIMUM Double Occupancy: $1078 total  Triple Occupancy: $1273 total Quad Occupancy: $1468 total Quint Occupancy: $1722 total

To Book within our Group Please contact Janice Connell at 618.222.9420 or email her at [email protected]

Something else that would be exciting is this:


British Film Producer and Leap Day baby Chris Lane is attending the Leap Year Day Cruise and will be making a documentary about Leap Year Day babies whilst onboard the cruise.

Chris, a Leapling himself, will produce the film but is currently keen to hear from other Leaplings around the world who would like to be involved. Ideally, he'd like to bring onboard a film crew that is entirely made up by people who were born on the 29th February! This will be a difficult feat, but you can help raise awareness of the project by sharing this post on social media and with your friends and family.

The priority at this early development stage is to recruit crew, investors and sponsors. If interested in getting involved, please contact Chris by email via [email protected].

Chris says, 'This project is very personal to me and I think it could make for a lovely film with plenty of anecdotes about being born on a day which only occurs every four years. I personally believe that a ten-minute short film would work best on this occasion, but it could potentially be expanded to a feature length project, depending on the interest and level of investment raised'.

Chris will be producing the film via his aptly named production company 'Leapling Films'. 'A Father's Day', the last short film that he produced, played at 140 film festivals including BAFTA and OSCAR eligible festivals, won 30 awards and was distributed via leading distributor Shorts International.



I am Karen Tinsley-Sroka and I was born on February 29, 1976. I currently live in Belleville, Illinois with my 2 girls, Madison and Molly, and my little Bichon, Bella. Being a Leap Year Day Baby for me has been AMAZING.  My parents always told me that my birthday was one way that I was different than everyone else.  And they were right!
Leap Day baby 1976, Karen Sroka

I had only ever met 2 other people in my life who shared the same birthday before I joined several Leap Year Day Baby Facebook groups in 2017. 

I always hoped ONE DAY I would be in a position to facilitate sharing a birthday celebration with other Leap Year Day Babies!

I totally want my next birthday to be EPIC! I want to meet (and hug if you’re a hugger) as MANY Leap Year Day Babies as I can!

When I finally came to grips with the idea that I could organize this cruise I started looking for any other types of events that were happening over the 29th of February 2020. 

A Leap Year Day Cruise sounded fantastic! There were several cruises to choose from- but making the cruise the most affordable for the most amount of people was my goal!  Which is how I chose Carnival Sunrise Cruise.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] for any questions, comments, offers to sponsor, etc!


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