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If the year is divisible by 100 then it is a Leap Year if it is also divisible by 400.

Leapified Tattoos



If you have a tattoo that represents your Leapness send us a picture and tell us where it is on your body along with any other info you think would be interesting to know.


Telea Maddox

The frog is on my thigh and the other is on my arm near wrist

Click on pics below to enlarge.

Bobby Jo

Dawn LaBrecque - I got the back piece first... and then added the frog as a symbol of my Leap Year birthday. I am working on getting a whole floral/bird/frog thing on my back... When my back is totally completed, I will add the "2-29" by the frog.
Crystal H.


The information provided by the man under the tattoo has been lost.  I do not know what happened to it. If you know this man, or are this man, please provide us with the info again.

If I remember correctly, he wanted a tattoo and his wife suggested he get one that meant something to him.  So he celebrates his Leapness with this tattoo.

Jami's Tattoo
DanKubleyFeb29th1980tattoo2a.jpg (80500 bytes)
Dan Kubley calls his tattoo  MY TRIBUTE TO LEAP YEAR
In the center is the symbol for the astrological sign of Pisces, combined with a real "leaper" frog. Then he had a tribal design added to each side to fill out the rest of his upper back. Underneath, he put the birth date so the average person can understand the meaning of the tattoo.


Jennifer's Tattoo


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