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Leaptionary: The Leaper Lexicon

T H E   L E A P T I O N A R Y

Is this a Leaptionary of Leapese? or just a Leapossery?

Listed here are some words the Oxford English Dictionary missed. If it's in the New York Times, it must be a word!

New York Times 24/Feb/00 headline proclaims: Sites Help Leaplings Bridge Birthday Gap.

The story also features usage of Leaptionary and Leapest.

  1. Leap Central - www.leapyearday.com
  2. Leap On! - It's like saying Right On!
  3. LeapGram - The Grand Mother of a Leap Day Baby
  4. LeapGramp - The Grand Father of a Leap Day Baby
  5. Leap-Couple - Two Leapies married to each other
  6. Leap-Twins - Twins born on Leap Day
  7. Leaparium - A chat room for Leapeans
  8. Leapathon - a way of looking for Leapies; like having a Leapathon on the radio or TVannouncing the search for people born on February 29. Encourage your city to have a Leapathon!
  9. Leapcentric - One who collects Leap Year themed items and products.
  10. Leapdom - www.leapyearday.com
  11. Leapeans - People born on Leap Day
  12. Leapenvy - Jealousy from not being born on February 29
  13. Leaper - A person born on Leap Day
  14. Leapery - This could be where a Leap Day Baby hangs out, or lives. It could also be where Leap Day Babies are born. "Leaplings are born in the Leapery."
  15. Leapest Regards - Deeper than Deepest Regards
  16. Leapette - Female Leapean
  17. Leapfully - As in Respectfully
  18. Leapicide - People who celebrate on Feb 28 and Mar 1 as well as Feb 29!
  19. Leapicious - Something that is good
  20. Leapier -  Something done by a Leapy is Leapier than that same something done by a non-Leapy.
  21. Leapification - what happens to those born on Leap Day
  22. Leapify - To make Leap Day oriented
  23. Leapination - What in Leapination is that?
  24. Leapingly - As in Sincerely
  25. Leapio! - Like Ciao or Aloha or Goodbye, See Ya, Leapio!
  26. LeapistSomeone really into their Leapness
  27. Leapitude - The attitude of a Leap Day Baby about their Leapness
  28. Leapless - Anyone not born on February 29.
  29. Leapling - A newborn Leap Day Baby
  30. Leapness - Regarding the essence of our birthday
  31. Leapophilia - A fondness for collecting things related to Leap Year
  32. Leapophile - One who collects Leap Year related items.
  33. Leapometer - How to tell if something is Leapy enough. Leapometer says this website is highly Leapified.
  34. Leapover - A sleepover birthday party for a Leap Day Baby.
  35. LeapPeep - A friend who is born on Leap Day
  36. Leaprechaun - An Irish Leaper
  37. Leapship - A friendship or relationship between 2 Leapies.
  38. Leapster - Male Leapean
  39. Leaptacular - As in spectacular
  40. Leaptastic - An amazing Leap Year related thing.
  41. Leaptwin - Someone born the same year and as close to the same time as possible
  42. Leapy - Another word for a Leap Day Baby
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