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At one time it was customary to give Forget-Me-Nots to anyone starting a journey on February 29. Leter they...

Raenell's Bio

R A E N E L L :   A   B I O   I N   L E A P   Y E A R S
Leap Year 1960 It's Leap Year Day in east L.A., Raenell Dawn born today.
Leap Year 1964 [email protected]  -  Aw, my 1st Birthday! I don't know it yet, but by the fourth year of my life I am
only 1 in Leap Years!
Leap Year 1968 [email protected]  -  It's my 2nd Birthday! The concept of birthdays become clear to my young self, as my
family celebrates the birthdays of 2 of my three younger sisters; Cindy February 25,
and Debbie February 6, annually, in February. Our Mom put our names on the calendar
in the box that coincided with the day we were born. On the 25th was written "Cindy"
and on the 6th, "Debbie". In off years my name was in an empty box after the box with
a 28 in it. I jokingly explain to people that I suffer from EBS; Empty Box Syndrome.
Think about it, come one! ;o)  It's confusing. :o)
Leap Year 1972 [email protected]  -  It's my 3rd Birthday! Fascination in space and astronomy answer some of my questions, like; "Why have I only had 3 Birthdays when I've been on the planet 12 years?" O.K., I get it...I think... My parents would tell me that sometimes I acted my "real" age.
Leap Year 1976 [email protected]  -  It's my 4th Birthday! Sweet 16 turns 4!!!! I was on the city bus at age 16/4, when an old man sat next to me and asked, out of the blue, when my birthday was. "February 29th,
Leap Year Day" I told him. He looked me straight in the eyes, deep, and told me I
was very special. What a trip. I have learned through meeting other Leap Day Babies,
that they have been told the same thing. Now I am not saying we are the only special
people on the planet. It's just nice to run into those who see it that way rather than the
usual majority who say "Oh you poor thing! You don't get a birthday?" Plus, there was
something about this old guy. Maybe he knew I'd be on a mission to get Leap Year Day
recognized for what it is and even made a holiday! We've yet to see.....
Leap Year 1980 [email protected]  -  It's my 5th Birthday! "Sun Up San Diego" morning TV program interview inspires me to search for other Leap Day Babies.
Leap Year 1984 [email protected]  -  It's my 6th Birthday! Friends in L.A. throw me a surprise birthday bash, but my 4-year
effort to locate other Leap Day Babies reveals only one: a paternal third cousin,
Christopher. That was really cool.
Leap Year 1988 [email protected]  -  It's my 7th Birthday! Determined to share Leap Year Day with other Leap Day Babies,
I expanded my search to mass media. I lived in Los Angeles, and four top radio
interviews gave me names and numbers to 21 Leap Day Babies, four of which attend
my party, two boys and two girls. Progress is being made and I am excited. I started
my own Birthday Club - Leap Year Babies Limited.

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Leap Year 1992 [email protected]  -  It's my 8th Birthday! I live in the Pacific Northwest now. Mass media was so successful, I tried it again in the Northwest. KUBE radio and the Space Needle, both in Seattle, WA, threw a birthday party for Leap Day Babies and their families, at the Space Needle. I was
set up at a special table to sign up all the Leap Day Babies. There were 30 Leapies that
attended that day. Several of us were interviewed on KUBE radio and 3 TV news stations.
It was a blast! If any of you reading this are from that party and/or you have group pictures,
please contact me. I'd love to hear from you again and I'd love to have a copy of that group
photo to post here on the site. Thanks! Email me here.

Raenell holding the yellow 29, with fellow Leap Day Babies. February 29, 1992 at the Space Needle Birthday Party.
Part of the group shot
taken by KUBE radio.

Space Needle Sign Leap Year Day 1992
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Raenell being interviewed by a Seattle TV News station.
Being interviewed by one
of the news stations.

Leap Year 1996
[email protected]! It's my 9th Birthday! I live in Keizer, Oregon. I was on two local TV shows; "AM Northwest" in the morning, live, with several other Leap Day Babies, including an 84 year old gentleman who turned 21 in Leap Years! And a taped interview from my home with a few other Leap Day Babies, that aired that night on Portland's "Good Evening". Turning 9 this year, I spoke to a classroom of 9 year old 3rd graders at the school where I'm a Mentor to a little girl named Emily, who also turned 9 this year. We had fun being 9 together. I am online now, and
continue to spread Leap Day Awareness via the Internet.
Raenell On AM Northwest in Oregon with 9 other Leapies in 1996 Raenell explaining Leap Year to a 3rd Grade Class of 9 year olds Leap Day 1996, when she turned 9.
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Raenell in Front Of 35 1996 Calendars and not one of them have the words Leap Day on February 29.
Special Year... (In 1997 I met up with Leap Day Baby Peter Brouwer. He had 38 members in his club and
I had 74 members in mine. We merged to become The Honor Society of Leap Day Babies
with the website at feb29.leapyearday.com. We have thousands of members from all
over the world.)
Leap Year 2000 [email protected] ! I turned 10...again! Leap Year 2000 was great! The Honor Society of Leap Day Babies was mentioned in hundreds of newspapers worldwide. Peter and I conducted dozens of radio interviews all across the USA and Canada. There were Leap Day Baby Birthday Parties
all over the world.

THE LEAP YEAR BOOK hit the streets in January and The Honor Society is mentioned in it starting on page 60 (the year I was born) with a picture of me on page 61! I'm pretty excited about that one!

The first ever Leap Day Baby Dolls were available too. They are LeapAnne and LeapErick. They are SO cute you just have to see them.

The Ham Radio Special Event celebrated Leap Year Day by contacting Leap Day Babies who were also Ham Radio Operators. I am a LeapyHam: K7FEB, and I participated in the event.

There was a small party that evening in Salem where I, and 6 other Leap Day Babies
shared our birthday with family and friends. Leap Year 2000 was an exciting year.

Seven Leap Day Babies in Salem, Oregon Leap Day Birthday Party 2000
Click image to
view larger.
Leap Year 2004 [email protected] I had my 11th birthday party at the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Portland, OR. I took the 7 girls I Mentor and a friend from Gladstone was there too. My friend from Silverton took pictures for me. The Girls and I all built Leap Day Baby Bears. It was great fun. Even at our ages 11 - 16. Yes, I turned 11 this year so the ages were 11 to 16. We each gave our bears a Leapified
name; mine is Leapton Von Leap. The Build-A-Bear Workshop had special commemorative
birth certificates just for Leap Day. They are very cool.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop is international, but all their stores in the USA took part in the
special Leap Day cele-bear-ation they had. The whole weekend, the 28th and 29th, they
celebrated Leap Year Day. It was pretty cool. And I had a lot of fun sharing the experience
with The Girls that I Mentor, Emily, Sarah, Molly, Ashley, Tristina, Samantha, Brittany. We
all had a great time celebrating my 11th birthday, and Leap Day in general.

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view larger.
Leap Year 2008 [email protected] How cool!  I enjoyed a birthday party at home with family and friends. Now that the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies has grown into the thousands all over the world, the media are able to find lots of Leap Day babies to interview. It takes a lot of responsibility from Peter and me and we are thankful for that.
Leap Year 2012 [email protected] Social media has made it quite convenient for the media to find Leap Day babies in their own community to interview. We're rare, but we're out there. I conducted a few interviews for newspapers. Girlfriends had a birthday party for me at church and the kids in the Awana program had a very special way of saying Happy Birthday to me. It was a fun day.
Leap Year 2016 I will be [email protected]!   


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