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Five million Leapers on the planet -- many are members of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

Your Hosts

Raenell Dawn

Raenell has been a Leap Year Day Baby activist since the 1980's. She is the principal editor of leapyearday.com. Check out her Leap Year by Leap Year bio here.

Peter Brouwer

Peter is a Leap Year Day Baby who started a website celebrating his birthday in April 1997. Six months later, he combined efforts with Raenell and the Honor Society was born.

FAQ:  How are Raenell and Peter related? Answer: By leapification (check glossary here)!

Nancy Lucas

Nancy, inspired by the birth of her Leap Year Day baby grand daughter, Caroline, wrote "The Peacock's Promise." We are so pleased to feature her art on the Honor Society web site.


Our Postal Address

4405 Panther CT NE
Keizer, OR 97303-2424

The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies is brought to you by the collective effort of almost 10,000 members from around the world. Membership in the society is free but is restricted to people born on Leap Year Day. We think we are the worlds largest birthday club, and we hope it offers all people born on Leap Year Day even more pleasure in celebrating their birthday. 

The Honor Society members are also voices for Leap Consciousness. Modern day culture has lost the connection between humankind's keen interest in chronology,  the seasons, and Leap Day. In response, many of our members have reached out to journalists, trying to understand what makes us so special.  We all have a story to tell, and to share.

We switched our membership system to Facebook in 2016, but our legacy members can still be found on our members page you can find people born in your area, in a specific Leap Year, or even at a particular time. Contact may bbe arranged through our Contact Us page.  Other services we provide are a birth family search service for people that are searching for somebody born on Leap Day, and leapyearday.com which promotes Leap Day Awareness to the global internet.

Support Your Society

We have many contributors, cited where possible on these pages. If you have a Leap Day story to tell, or have some Leap Day Knowledge to add, or have a skill you wish to donate... please send us an email.

Other support options...

- get a premium membership  in the Honor Society.

- buy LeapGear in the LEAP THIS store.

- buy a Leap Day themed book and donate it to your local library.

Other Societies we've heard about

The mysterious Headlight-Sun Order of 29'ers. This is what we know.

The Society for the Preservation of Youth. Has anyone else heard of this? It entitled members, born on Leap Day, to officially celebrate their birthday between 9PM and 3AM on non-leap years. Maybe the society was local to the Philadelphia area. If you are familiar with this society please let us know.


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