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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.

Contribute to the Honor Society

We aim to have the largest collection of Leap Day knowledge on the internet here on the leapyearday.com website.  Please don't hesitate to contribute anything Leap related.  Use the Contact Us form to send us a message, you can use the form to attach a file.  You can also drop stuff in the mail.

What we're looking for:

  • Stories: any story related to a Leap Day experience, or something that happened to you because you are a Leaper.
  • Stuff: any piece of Leap Day memorabilia... cards, signs, objects, anything... send a photo.
  • Help: Feel  like volunteering to a great cause? The Honor Society is looking for art, design and web page editors. We are always recruiting!
Our Postal Address:
4405 Panther CT NE
Keizer, OR 97303-2424

Premium Membership has it's benefits

The Honor Society is a volunteer effort... please consider supporting us to defray the cost of web hosting, domain names, office supplies, and web design. 

Subscribing Membership

Every little bit helps! Subscribe for just $2.29 per year, includes a forwarding email address.  To subscribe, use the Contact Us form and we'll get it set up.

Sponsor Membership

Become a sponsor for $50. This covers our cost of operating the site for a few months. It includes a forwarding email address and a warm and fuzzy feeling that will last for hours, at least!   To become a sponsor, use the Contact Us form and we'll put your name under the bright lights.


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