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One, born on Feb 29, 1904, with the worlds longest name, 746 letters in all.

The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies, is a free membership birthday club for people born on February 29th.  Over 10,000 people from all over the world have joined since the website was launched in 1997.  Members are listed on the members page, where you can search by age and location for people born on February 29th.  

Many members link the "contact me" button to their profile -- email addresses are protected, but the "contact me" service is suspended due to near constant harrassment by spammers and scammers. If you want to engage with other people born on Leap Day, that's easy to do on our facebook page.

We also support a birth family search service -- if you know somebody born on February 29th, but are not sure of their name, you can list facts about them here.


One of the main goals of the Honor Society is to promote Leap Day awareness... so we are interested in connecting journalists with Leapers.  Many members have given us permission to send their email address to media representatives.

If you are a Leaper interested in being featured in a story, check the list below of journalists looking for subjects for Leap Day related stories.  If you are a journalist, looking for subjects, contact us, and tell us what you're looking for -- we'll get it posted on this page.

We aim to have the largest collection of Leap Day knowledge on the internet here on the leapyearday.com website.  Please don't hesitate to contribute anything Leap related.  Use the Contact Us form to send us a message, you can use the form to attach a file.  You can also drop stuff in the mail.

What we're looking for:

  • Stories: any story related to a Leap Day experience, or something that happened to you because you are a Leaper.
  • Stuff: any piece of Leap Day memorabilia... cards, signs, objects, anything... send a photo.
  • Help: Feel  like volunteering to a great cause? The Honor Society is looking for art, design and web page editors. We are always recruiting!