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Pope Gregory XIII, changed the calendar in 1582, among the things he did, was to make February 29th Leap Year Day.

Helen Chezem

Born 1948
I remember my second birthday when my friend, who was also born on February 29th, and I had our pictures in the Glen Ridge town newspaper. There was another picture of another person who was celebrating her 7th birthday. I vividly remember how we both thought how old she was and how it would be many years before we would be 7. When there was a February 29th, my birthday party was always huge. People would say how awful it must be on the off years. I actually had extra parties on the off years...one weekend with one part of the family, a party with my classmates, another party with other relatives who could not make the first one...the list goes on! A few years ago it was an off year with no 29th. We were very busy at the end of February/beginning of March. Since I didn't actually have a day, we celebrated my birthday in May! When we told the waitress we were celebrating my birthday, she said that day was also someone else's in the restaurant. I told her I really didn't have a birthday this year, and she said, "Oh, honey. When we get older we all like to forget them." I explained that I was 13 and 1/4 and I had no birthday. She looked at me strangely and walked away. I'm not sure she ever understood. This year will be my sweet 16. I am a teacher and this will be my last party at school since I plan to retire before my next birthday. I teach a lesson on why there is a 29th and how fortunate I was to have been born in the 20th century. I was able to celebrate a birthday in 2000. In 1900 I would have had to wait 8 years for another birthday…it would have been tough! I know that when I am 17, I will look back on the many years of school parties that have occurred in my life.
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