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If the year is divisible by 100 then it is a Leap Year if it is also divisible by 400.


Born 1988 at 7:00 pm
I'm a Leap Year Baby. Joining this group on February 28, 2013 (that's today in the Philippines). I celebrate my birthday on both days of Feb 28 and March 1. I have just thought: Maybe I could celebrate it on 12:00 of Feb 28 and 11:59 of Mar 1. LOL I later understood about my birthday skipping every year in school when I learned how to read a calendar. In my late primary school to early college, I told my parents to never greet me or gift me presents on years when there was no Feb 29. I think I was getting depressed with a leaping birthday. But, ironically, I would get sad when friends didn't greet me a happy birthday. It felt like I never existed at all. Every year and the same people keep asking when I would celebrate my birthday (until now). And every time February 29 appears, family would give me a MEGA birthday celebration. But on my 4th (16th), I dared them not to give me a party. On my 5th (20th), they still gave me a party 10days later (bcos 29th was a school day), a "debut". But on the 29th, there was a concert and I was able to take a picture with the singer because it was my birthday. But last year 2013, 6th (24th), it was my bestest birthday ever. I didn't have a party, but my sweetest friends surprised me with a birthday cake. They were the sweetest. At dinner, my family only went for pizza. February 29, 2013 hasn't ended yet. Only so few people have greeted me so far. I am not telling people nor posting birthday stuff on Facebook. I prefer people who greets to be real friends because true special friends remember birthdays. Sadly, even some special friends forget my birthday when I remember theirs and always greet them. I am glad to be a leap year. Though I'm 25 now. I'm still 6.25. Though I'm physically aging, I'm still emotionally young. (Physically developed but emotionally underdeveloped...it's a fact. I still need people to watch over me.) I'm a self-diagnosed Aspie, doctor-diagnosed PDs. Like my birthday, I'm mostly on the borderline of many things including my intelligence and creativity. Oh well. One thing to be proud for: I'm young, sweet, energetic, and have an innocent smile.
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