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One, born on Feb 29, 1904, with the worlds longest name, 746 letters in all.


Born 1960
My family have always made my real birthday special for me. But in my case I cherish each and every one. You see my fathers birthday was March 1st and my parents anniversary is also March 1st. So unlike most Leap Year babies I always celebrated mine with my parents on March 1st versus the typical February 28th. As a child of course it didn't mean as much as it did when I got older. We were in the local paper a couple of times on the the 29th because of the way we celebrated together on the off years. I have since lost both parents but I know that for all of those years my birthdays were extra special because of what I got to share with them. Please don't get me wrong, they are the ones that were in the background because they made every year special for me. So when people wish me happy birthday on the 28th on the off years I just smile and say " Thanks but I celebrate on the 1st with my parents".
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