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Leap Year Day happens because the earth takes just a little more than 365 days to go around the sun.

Kimberly Knox

Born 1976 at 2:44 am
My 1st birthday cake I can remember and that was very thoughtful was when I was 7 leap year birthday but 28 bday and friend but on my cake 4×7=28 what was special is 47 is the block I grew up on.only me and the person that made the cake for me got how thoughtful that cake was to me ,and even now share this he will never know how he made that birthday extra special .just thought and meaning behind it and it being my first cake ever made it that much special.everyone else just seen what it said but didn't know thought behind it.and I met my 1st leap year baby when I was 16 4 leap year she was my hair dresser for years funny story. Cause I thought I was strangest kid without birthday and thought there was not another human on earth that was born on this day.she was turning 8 I always celebrated my bday on 1st march and she celebrated on the 28 well we exchange stories and now she celebrated on 1st and I now celebrated on 28 and my mom and siblings still calls me on 1st march just keep confusion going lol..
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