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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.

Denise L'Estrange-Corbet

Born 1960
About 17 years ago, (1997) my husband and I were to meet a well known Contemporary New Zealand artist that he went to University with called Julian Dashper, with regards to some art. At the last minute, my husband could not make it,but suggested I went along with our young daughter. I had never met Julian before, so we met at a local cafe. We got on very well, and were very similar in our likes and dislikes. I was wearing a scarf with carp printed on it, and Julian commented on how nice it was. My daughter piped up with "Daddy bought that for Mummy because she is a Pisces and it has fish on it". "Are you a Pisces too" Julian asked, "so am I". He asked what month I was born and I said "February" and he said "me too". I had been living in England since I was 3 after my mother emigrated from NZ, and returned to NZ in 1987. Julian asked what date I was born, and said "We might be born on the same day!" I said I doubted that very much, as I was born on 29th February. He looked astonished and said "so was I!" He then asked what year i was born, and I said "1960". He then said "But you were born in the UK", and I replied, "No, I was born at National Womens Hospital in Auckland". He was speechless, as his mother had told them there were only two Leap Year babies born at National Women's that day, himself and a little dark haired girl, to the mother in the bed next to her. He just could not believe it, so I faxed him a copy of my Birth Certificate! He talked to his mother, who remembered my mother, and it was such a bizarre coincidence, as had I not been wearing the carp scarf, the conversation probably would not have taken place. We remained friends until his sad death from cancer in 2009.
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New Zealand
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