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Pope Gregory XIII, changed the calendar in 1582, among the things he did, was to make February 29th Leap Year Day.

Ray McNab

Born 1944 at 6:38 am
I go all out on February 29th, even taking a day off from work! I also try to gather as much information as I can from newspapers, magazines, etc. on February 29th. Now that I have a computer to search on, the fun is increased many time more. No, I have never met another person born on 2/29. There are however, three famous personalities born on my birthday, which include an actor from Chicago, a former NFL football player and a former Major League Baseball player. And the funny thing is, most sports fans know the ex-players and the actor from Chicago but don't know that they are all leap year babies!!! Happy Birthday to you all from another leaper!!!
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New Jersey
United States
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