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One, born on Feb 29, 1904, with the worlds longest name, 746 letters in all.

Jennifer Carlton Smith

Born 1972 at 4:50 am
"My dad was in the army stationed in Darmstadt, Germany. I was not due until March 7th, but my mom went into labor and barely got to the hospital in Frankfurt. It was not until hours later that my mom realized what day I had been born on. If I had been born in the USA at the same time, it would have been the 28th. <br>My best birthday was my 2nd(8th). I got a Little Person doll from nearby Cleveland, GA that looked like me. The local paper came to my house and did an article on me. They put a huge color picture of me and my doll on the front page. Everyone in town sent us a copy of that picture. I have a framed one hanging in my house even now. Since then, they haven't been as great. I have had people tell me that my birthday could not be on that day. Now, I am a teacher and the principal always announces staff birthdays from the computer printout calendar. This is the first year mine showed up on the calendar and got called out. It's something little that means a lot to me, even as an adult.<br> I have always celebrated on Feb. 28th because I love February and my birthstone being the amethyst because my favorite color is purple. In ""un-birthday"" years, however, I try to celebrate all week. I had friends growing up who were born on the 25th and 26th, so we usually did stuff together. This is great though. Please e-mail me. I can't wait to hear from other Leap Day babies!!"
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