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At one time it was customary to give Forget-Me-Nots to anyone starting a journey on February 29. Leter they...

Prof. J.N. Oleap Fernando

Born 1944 at 12:25 pm
"I was named "Oleap" by my parents in order to signify my Leap Year birthday, the additional `O' being common to the entire family!! I would venture to challenge any other person who has the same name, or at least with any semblance of "leap"' in his/her name. I would also like to know whether, according to information that appeared in a local newspaper, whether the year 2000 has a Feb. 30th as well. In other words, will there be anybody born who will never have a birthday unless that person lives for 1000 more years upto 3000! ... also, if we can extend the party!! Cheers to all Feb 29ers (and possible 30ers). As an aside, it is recorded history that there was an earthquake in Sri Lanka a couple of hours after my birth - this in a country where earthquakes are very few and far between!! "
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Sri Lanka
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