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Patricia Imbu

Born 1952
"I can recall the time while in my 6th grade class my teacher called me up to the front of the class to tell a story... he asked us to state our name and birthday... and what we thought was so special about ourselves, or a topic of our most favorite events in our life... I told the class that I was born on leap year... and that I was only 3 years old, the youngest child in the class, and the youngest one in the whole school. The teacher asked ""Have you ever seen such a big three year old? and in the 6th grade!"" The whole class laughed... and i became ashamed... Not so excited about being a leap year baby again... especially, when my parents will tell me time and time again that... well, you have no birthday this year... and I was not acknowledged by their excuse to not celebrate my birthday. When the 4th year came I looked forward to have a big leap year celebraton... to make up for the lost 3 years... still today I make attempts to remind family... and friends. But to those that know about leap year... appear to be dissappointed because of the extra day of the month... and have to wait another day for the month of march... so now I celebrate both februart 28th and march 1st if leap year does not come that year! Will somebody celebrate leap year with me? I am always forgotten (I AM VERY SERIOUS)"
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