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Five million Leapers on the planet -- many are members of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

Sherry R. Bowser Austin

Born 1948 at 9:25 pm
Born Sherry R. Bowser, the eighth of nine children of Urbana, Ohio, I have a unique story as most of us do. My father lovingly told the story that my mother went into the hospital on a Wednesday afternoon to have me. She was determined to have a baby born on leap year. He said I took my good old time coming. He said I almost didn't come then as it was 9:25 PM on Sunday night. I celebrate my birthday on March 1st as I feel celebrating Feb 28 is a day early. The almanac does instruct us to celebrate on Feb 28 to keep the celebration in February. Last year I was renewing my auto tag and initiated a conversation with a gentleman doing the same thing. I said your birthday must be soon, when is your birthday? He said it's an unusual day. I said like February 29? He said, how did you know? I replied, it's the same as mine. So I met Dr. Calvin McClarin, a heart surgeon born the same day, the same year.
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