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Zoe Sanders

Born 2004 at 11:13 am
"My daughter, Zoe, was born on February 29, 2004, which ironically was also my due date. At first I did NOT want a Leap Day baby, how confusing would that be--when would you celebrate her birthday, how old would she really be, etc?!? Then after searching the internet and visiting this site I thought ""You know what, how COOL would that be to have a Leap Day Baby?!?!"" and so it was. I've been told that only 10% of babies are born on their due dates and only .06% of babies are born on leap year, so add those two up to see how unique my baby is! When she was born, the hospital was entering her information into their computer system to begin processing her birth certificate, but they were having problems entering ""February 29th"". They had to call in a technician from somewhere to ""fix"" the problem. So it's all right now. It was odd this past year though, people would ask me ""When does your daughter turn 1?"" and I'd reply ""Well, we're going to celebrate it on February 28th, but she doesn't turn 1 until the 29th and since there is no 29th this year--I don't know, somewhere between 11:59pm on the 28th and 12:00 on the 1st I guess."" This confused people, so I think next year I'll just say ""The 29th"" and let them ask further if they want. Yay for Leap Day babies!!"
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