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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.


Born 1980 at 9:00 am
"Well, all our births are based on God's plans and delivered to this world through our parents. So I thank God and my parents for bringing me to this world on the most famous day on earth! There cannot be any other famous day because this is nature's day! For each of you born on this day, you brought popularity to your family and yourself the moment you were born. On every birthday, there are more than 300 people wishing me from all over the world. Oh, can you believe that to this day, I have not met another Leap Year Day baby in person. I have been a lesson to a lot of growing kids... they learnt about leap year and were fascinated to share stories at school about their leap year baby cousin. Some of them even say they are older than me (though they are about 15 years younger than me). This day is truly very special and I hope every one of you feel that way!"
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