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Leap Year Day happens because the earth takes just a little more than 365 days to go around the sun.


Born 1964 at 5:00 am
When my mom went to the obstetrician for an exam at about 3 month, he calculated that I was supposed to be born on February 29. Since I didn't want to disappoint her, that's when I came out. I always felt special because of this birthday, yet sometimes a bit sad. The interesting thing, when I was studying at university back home in Russia, I met a girl who was born on the same day, the same year, the same hospital - together with her twin sister, who's name was Olga! And they had a friend Olga, who was also born the same date at the same hospital - so there are at least 4 of us being born then, and 3 of us were named 'Olga' :-))
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