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Five million Leapers on the planet -- many are members of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

Sarah Duna

Born 1988 at 3:42 am
Hello fellow Leapers!! This is so exciting and actually I'm kinda bummed that I joined today and couldn't have seen this BEFORE today, our birthday! However, my excitement totally overrides that! I'd like to share a story and see how many other people from here also participated in this. Four years ago, [email protected] :), I went to the Goodtimes Blimp hangar, in Akron, OH, with my family. They had a whole day and activities just for and because of Leap Day babies! It was super sweet because this was the first time I had ever encountered so many other Leapers at once! I even got a free blimp ride out of it! If you were there too it would be awesome to know!
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