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Five million Leapers on the planet -- many are members of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

Lea Fiedler Steffens

Born 1968 at 10:14 am
"I actually have met 7 other Leap Day babies. 2 (TWO!) of them work with my husband at his office and are the ONLY other employees at the business. Both are good friends. Another is a colleague and friend -- we are both professional clarinetists. My sister has a sister-in-law born on Leap Day. I once played co-ed softball for a couple of years with a gal born on Leap Day. I received a generous scholarship in grad school from a very nice lady who was born on Leap Day. The seventh was a girl I met as a kid, but I never kept in touch with her. Interestingly, on Leap Day 2004 I was on a national tour with a company performing Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. (For those of you who don't know the story, the main character Frederic was born on Leap Day, and he can't be released from the pirate band until his 21st birthday. Well, of course, there is a probem with that--he's only 5 1/4!) The company threw a Leap Day Birthday party for Frederic and me. It's definitely special having a Leap Day Birthday, no one forgets! And my husband has no problem remembering birthdays for the three women in his life on a daily basis! His wife and his two employees! The funny thing about knowing all these Leap Day babies though, is that none of them were born the same year as me. I have yet to meet another 1968 Leapling! Also, I don't know any men who share my birthday. Well, today I celebrate my first double-digit birthday! Happy Birthday all Leap Day Babies out there. Have a great time! Lea 2/29/2008"
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