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Five million Leapers on the planet -- many are members of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

Arrow A. Litster

Born 1972 at 3:51 pm
I heard about this site on the news. Awesome that it's here. I have no other L.D. babies in my family. However, my mom missed it by one day (B.3/1/52) and my first daughter was fairly close (B.2/25/92). I have met three other L.D. babies. A young man that was not only 1 birthday behind me, but born at the same military base. Amazing. I met a little girl who is 5 birthdays behind me and a elderly gentleman that was 18 birthdays ahead of me. I turned 36/9 this year and still get the kid card from my dad for the L.D. and a regular applicable card for the 36. He does that every L.Y. My youngest thinks it is just a hoot that at 10 she is finally older than I am. When we were both turning 8, we managed to get free dinner at our favorite place, the manager was truly impressed with the entire concept of Leap Year and the birthday situation. As most do, I celebrate on the 28th. Except for when I turned 21, (the legal 'drinking' age in the U.S.), the pub manager refused to serve me, even with valid I.D., so a pal flew me to New Orleans where you only had to be 18 at the time. Ha ha ha. Fortunately it was also Mardi Gras and my b-day happened to fall on Fat Tuesday that year. What more could ya ask for..except maybe a cake...
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