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In 45 BC Roman emperor Julius Caesar stretches February 24th to 48 hours, once every four years.

Leticia Hernandez

Born 1952
I will be 15 this leap year Here in Laredo, Texas young ladies that turn 15 celebrate what is called a "Quincianera Party". This is a very important tradition celebrated by Hispanics which is done signifying the "blooming" of a young lady. Since I did not have one of these parties when I turned 15 years, I am planning on having one this coming leap year day. The lady picks 14 young lady friends or young men friends and they accompany her to church for a mass and then to a party where they are presented to the party goers. Then they perform a dance and continue to party for a couple hours. So, wish me luck for my Quincianera Party!!! By the way, I've never met another Leap Day baby.
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