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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.

Sharon Carlson

Born 1944
"I was born in Rockford, Illinois. The year 2000 I will be a 14 year old, 56 year old. Growing up being a Leap Year Baby was a different experience, special attention, celebrating on the 28th, though as all of you, not born yet & March 1st a day old. Had a couple newspaper articles when I was still in Illinois & last Leap Year (1996) in our local little Fort Bragg, CA Advocate News. There were 3 others in town. I shared my Leap Year birthdays with my brother-in-law, Duane Barker (2/29/32) of Illinois when I married Larry in 1963. We have 2 children, Cindy & Jeff & they always got a kick out of Mom's birthdate as does my Mom Lorrie. But here is the real kick in the pants.....Our daughter was expecting our 1st grandchild February 28, 1996, her husband Curt's was born on the 28th, ( missed being a Leap Year by a few hours). Anyway, as luck would have it our precious Granddaughter, Alyssa was born on my birthday in 1996 & she will be celebrating her very 1st (4th) birthday in the year 2000! What a Joy! I will see to it that she too has joined this wonderful Honor Society. Thank you both for the opportunity to share this skipped over date with so many other leapers. You have done a marvelous job. My little Granddaughter & I will love sharing birthdays and watching your web site over the years. Thanks again! "
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