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In 45 BC Roman emperor Julius Caesar stretches February 24th to 48 hours, once every four years.
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Honor Society Members

Jason Chan of Washington, United States
born 1984 at 12:00 am
Jesse Salisbury of Oregon, United States
born 1980
Hello from Oregon. I have only met one person (a classmate from high school) that shares this Birthday. I get two birthdays most years, what about...
Shubhadeep Sen of West Bengal, India
born 1964 at 2:50 am
Glenn Gustafson of Queensland, Australia
born 1948 at 10:30 pm
I think those of us who where born on Feb.29 have a special connection.
Susan O`Dell of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
born 1956 at 11:50 am
I have only ever met one other Leap Day baby and that was in a different country to my own!
Joshua of Utah, United States
born 1976 at 12:00 pm
"My wife really hates my approach toward birthdays and the like. But she so didn't have to share birthdays with her older brother in those...
Arlene of Mississippi, United States
born 1960
When I met my current/only husband his best friend was also a Lleaper 4 years older. We also share a sibling with same date birth dates.
Carlos of Barcelona, Spain
born 1964
Robert Lee Doss III of West Virginia, United States
born 1988 at 3:25 am
Cheryl Ann Mahon Viveiros of Massachusetts, United States
born 1956 at 5:00 pm
Happy Birthday to all of us.
Umar of United Kingdom
born 1996 at 11:20 am
I have not met another Leap Day person, which is very unusual
Zukiswa Jonas of South Africa
born 1984 at 11:00 am
Being born on a Leap Year Day is an honour!! We are special and unique and don't need anyone to tell us otherwise. God chose this special day...
Nick Pollard of Kent, United Kingdom
born 1972 at 11:13 am
Wow look at all the Leap Year Day babies! I'm not alone at last!
Libby Marshall of Manchester, United Kingdom
born 1980 at 7:25 pm
From the UK, I'm the only Leap Day baby I know! Good to meet others!
Julian Strathearn of South Africa
born 1960 at 5:15 pm
I think all Leap Day Babies, judging by the few I have met, have a good sense of humour and are generally leaps ahead.
Tahir of Punjab, Pakistan
born 1988 at 8:00 pm
I have never met a Leaper yet. But I want to make a Leaper friend.
Neil Jennings of United Kingdom
born 1984
Met someone last year who was born on exactly the same day, which was very exciting. Also made the local paper when I was born!
Echo Collins-Egan of United Kingdom
born 1988 at 6:00 am
Happy birthday for 2008 everyone! We waited long enough!
Rex of Ohio, United States
born 1968 at 1:45 am
Jill Galipeau of Pennsylvania, United States
born 1968 at 6:14 am
This is the day that I get several emails from co-workers with lots of questions. My children are very excited about my birthday.
Michelle Morrison of Michigan, United States
born 1968 at 7:17 am
I had a high school classmate that shared my birthday, which made the day even more special. The GREAT thing about having Leap Day as your birthday...
Juan Carlos Herrero of Spain
born 1976 at 8:00 am
I've never met another Leap Day baby.
Kim Wanden of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
born 1988 at 4:30 pm
I only know one other Leap Day Baby, and she was in my class at school! I feel special to know that I'm of of few in this large world who has a...
Zahida Khan of Pennsylvania, United States
born 1972 at 11:41 am
I'm a Leap Day baby from 1972, and actually in high school there were TWO of us in the same class! Funny story: I have lived in 3 different...
Mixona James of Virginia, United States
born 1964
I have only met one other person born on this day. I turned 11 years old today. To God be the glory!!!
Ken Guthrie of Georgia, United States
born 1960 at 1:58 am
I was at my daughters swim and dive honoring them for a great season and ran into a family whose father was a Leap Day baby who had just passed away...
Lynsey of Waterford, Ireland
born 1984 at 6:42 am
Hi All, Well I am very honoured to be a Leap Year Day baby and feel very special... I want to wish all you fellow Leap Year Day baby's a very...
Ethan Moon of Texas, United States
born 2000 at 3:30 am
Today is my second Leap Day birthday... we are having a huge party and we arong to have lots of fun and games.... we even have karaoke and a balloon...
Lucas Riley Rhodes of Lancashire, United Kingdom
born 2008 at 5:10 am
My little nephew Lucas Riley was born this morning at 5.10 weighing in at 7lb 5. My special little leap year baby.
Camden Maracle of Ontario, Canada
born 1996 at 8:00 pm
Sue Hobbs of United Kingdom
born 1960 at 2:40 pm
Happy Birthday fellow Leap Year Day Babies!! I was born by Caeserian section, which was only usually done on a Monday in the hospital I was born in...
Gijs Wijdeven of Noord Brabant, Netherlands
born 2000 at 3:45 am
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