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Leap Year Day happens because the earth takes just a little more than 365 days to go around the sun.

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Honor Society Members

Heather of South Carolina, United States
born 1988 at 11:59 am
Ginger Starr Dunbar of Michigan, United States
born 1980 at 8:05 am
Leap Day is the most powerful day on the calendar. It comes and goes.
Emanuela of Venezia, Italy
born 1972 at 9:15 am
Laura Macias of Texas, United States
born 1996
im a leap year baby
Michael J Smith of Massachusetts, United States
born 1976 at 12:00 pm
I met only one other person that I knew. I went to school with and played football. He was a grade ahead of me. He lost his life in a tragic car...
Kayla Shea of Maryland, United States
born 2000 at 3:49 pm
No I haven't met another person with the same birthday
Dinga Patricia of Arad, Romania
born 1992 at 1:55 pm
Olga Mustach of Washington, United States
born 1972 at 2:00 am
"In my home town in Kazakhstan, there were 4 of us born the same night, three girls and a boy. The 2 girls were my classmates for 10 years. But...
Allyson Kelman of Ontario, Canada
born 2008 at 8:21 am
Robert Taylor Gordon of United Kingdom
born 1956
I have identical twins friends (male) leap day babys
Jon Feuchter of Ohio, United States
born 1992 at 12:34 am
Marie of Georgia, United States
born 1996 at 8:31 am
Mark Johnson of Wiltshire, United Kingdom
born 1980 at 8:00 am
I'm only 7 in leap years so only young, 29 in real years. i've met a couple of leap day babies,there was one in my year at school
Diane Ruth Harrison of Virginia, United States
born 1956 at 11:00 am
"I have only met two other persons that were Leap Year babies! I think it is the neatest birthday EVER! When I was a child no one believed me...
Michael L. Martin of Alabama, United States
born 1940
My brother's wife Terri Martin was also born on Leap Day.
Sarah of Missouri, United States
born 1988 at 12:01 am
Janey of Michigan, United States
born 1992 at 7:30 pm
I ment this boy name robert he had the same birthday. So we started calling each other twins. lol
Verity Goodyear of United Kingdom
born 1992 at 7:00 am
I've never met another leap day baby but when I was born my picture was in the paper along with a lot of the other leap day babies. Being a leap...
M. De'Lucci of Louisiana, United States
born 1980
February 29, 1980....Proud to be a Leap Year baby... my daughter was born 21 days (Feb 8th 2004) from being born on the same day as me... we're...
Adrienne Byrd of Georgia, United States
born 1976
I have never met another person with my same birthday. When I was young my cousins would pick on me because of my birthday and I would cry and feel...
Kevin Leflore of Florida, United States
born 1980 at 10:00 am
I was born in Cleveland, OH where there was only one other person born on the same day I was in the whole City.
Kirsty Louise Sharp of United Kingdom
born 1984 at 6:45 am
i will love my next real birthday i will be turning 7 and so will my little boy a few days later joint party i reckon loads of jelly and ice cream.
Tonya Henderson of New York, United States
born 1960 at 5:15 am
I was told that and I believe a Leap Day baby in your family is a good luck charm to the family.
Lakshman Paladugu of Andhra Pradesh, India
born 1988 at 8:00 pm
I feel proud 2 b a leap baby
Sonia Aspinall of New York, United States
born 1960 at 6:55 pm
People are always surprised when I tell them my birthday. This is also strange: my two daughters are born on Leap Day... out of three children.
Gina of Texas, United States
born 1996 at 3:15 am
My Godmother is a Leap Year Day baby just like me.
Raghuttam of Maharashtra, India
born 1988 at 3:00 am
Jennifer Kennedy of New Jersey, United States
born 1980
Brennan Thomas of Wisconsin, United States
born 2008 at 4:20 am
Gabriel Mahu of Brașov, Romania
born 1984 at 3:00 pm
I entered a bank one day, in Brasov, Romania, to ask some information about a product they had. One of the employees there offered to make me a demo...
Chris W.C. Tseng of Taiwan
born 1980 at 8:50 pm
As I know, I'm the youngest one came to earth at that day(1980-02-29). XD
Adam Bailey of New South Wales, Australia
born 1968 at 8:00 am
I have always wondered whether there was a club for us February 29ers. Now I have found one - it is good to see the names and stories from the other...
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