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Pope Gregory XIII, changed the calendar in 1582, among the things he did, was to make February 29th Leap Year Day.

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Honor Society Members

Deborah Warner Bieganousky of New York, United States
born 1952 at 4:08 am
I have not met many people born on Leap Year, however, when my family moved from NY to NJ, in my 4th grade class, there were 2 Deborah's both of...
Lynn Petersen of Kentucky, United States
born 1960 at 11:04 am
"I love my birthday!! I celebrate on 02/28 on the off years -- I WAS born in February. I've never contacted any sort of Leap Year society...
Brenda Howard of Illinois, United States
born 1956
the first i met someone i was blown away, it was a blast.
Deon Walcott of Barbados
born 1984 at 4:30 pm
Having a birthday on this day makes me feel special and different than all the every year birthday person. I have met no one else born on this day...
Destiny Victoria Michelle Bowling of Kentucky, United States
born 2008 at 12:49 pm
my grandaughter destiny was our leap year baby born in corbin ky.feb.29,2008 she is our lil frog as we call her and very special she leaped right out...
Isabel of United Kingdom
born 1972 at 6:20 pm
I love real birthdays! My (now) husband proposed when I turned 6! Have met a few fellow leap year babies but only one from the same year (at school...
Kyra Stroz of New Jersey, United States
born 2000 at 9:11 pm
Marta of Poland
born 1984 at 6:45 am
Born in Dublin Ireland
Robert Castle of Texas, United States
born 1964
I am a LEAP YEAR twin. We were given up for adoption at 2. We were adopted at 4. I Located our Birthmother & 3 half siblings 2 years ago....
Caitlin Liker of Michigan, United States
born 1992 at 4:47 am
Colin Marchant of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
born 1948 at 2:00 am
yes I know two other leap year babies one is 4 years older the other is 8 years younger
Radulescu Cornelia of Prahova, Romania
born 1964
Obie Aaron Carter of Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
born 2008 at 10:25 pm
Marky of United Kingdom
born 1968
Stephanie of Texas, United States
born 1988 at 8:00 am
So far I have only ever met one other leap baby, so i always thought it would be cool to connect with others who really share a truely special day of...
Ronald Mayle Sr of West Virginia, United States
born 1948 at 10:10 am
I have a twin brother named Donald.
P.S. Swaminathan of Maharashtra, India
born 1964 at 12:00 am
Jordan of Pennsylvania, United States
born 1996 at 5:39 pm
Katherine of New York, United States
born 1992 at 12:47 am
hey i used to be embarrassed and ashamed about being born on a leap year I was made fun of constantly on put on the stop in front of everyone but now...
Aakansha Jain of Virginia, United States
born 1996 at 12:40 am
Hey everyone, I'm a leap day baby and I am currently 3 and 1/2 years ole(leap counting) Ive never met anyone else with the same birthday and it...
Dean Walsmith of California, United States
born 1968 at 12:18 pm
First leap-year baby born in a Placer County hospital.
Tom McIntyre of Kent, United Kingdom
born 1968 at 8:45 pm
I celebrate on 28/02, 29/02 & 01/03 just to make sure !!!! 28/02 in non leap years. Now aged 10.5, I'm looking forward to my 11th birthday...
Danilo C. Navarro of Philippines
born 1972 at 2:14 am
Brian Elmore of Colorado, United States
born 1972 at 10:32 am
Robyn Lynn Murray Buckheit of Maryland, United States
born 1972 at 1:30 pm
When my son was 8 years old, I was 8 years old in Leap years. Now my daughter and I will experience the same thing...she is 9 and I am 9 in Leap...
Justin of Kentucky, United States
born 1988
James F Nicholls of Leicestershire, United Kingdom
born 1948
I have never met another person born on leap year day.Finding this web site and reading about so many people just like me, is great.Hello everyone.
Joey of Florida, United States
born 1948
If you dont grow up you won't grow old
Rachel Vogler of Virginia, United States
born 1996 at 1:04 am
I was expected to be born on Valentines day, but I guess I was late! :)
Morena of Oregon, United States
born 1976
Scott L. Starck of Colorado, United States
born 1964 at 6:25 am
My son's think it's great that they are older than me.
Prisha Khan of South Africa
born 1980
Coincidently, my neighbour & I share this special day(he's in his 60's though), and even though he doesn't really associate with...
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