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Pope Gregory XIII, changed the calendar in 1582, among the things he did, was to make February 29th Leap Year Day.

2 years 12 weeks ago

Honor Society Members

Anne Cocking of Queensland, Australia
born 1964
I have always said I was special. Did have 2 others at high school born the same yr. I do know quiet a few others now born on a leap year. I also...
Harleigh-Olivia Fowler of United Kingdom
born 2012 at 5:23 am
Lina Lorenzo Ruiz of Klaipeda, Lithuania
born 1976 at 7:40 am
Hi Leapers, I would like to find some friends who will also not have their birthday this year:((
Jazmyne Lyons of Arizona, United States
born 1968 at 11:11 am
I would love to work out a conference where all of us can get toget her and celebrate our real birthdays! I think it would be very interesting to see...
Katie Stelzer of Germany
born 1992 at 5:05 am
Janet Cronin of California, United States
born 1960 at 8:13 am
We're ALL special! But maybe those born on Leap Day are a little more "special" than everybody else! We get to celebrate TWO...
Andrea Burke of Ontario, Canada
born 1972
Mariely Bermudez of North Carolina, United States
born 1976 at 4:30 am
I've only met one other person in my life who shared my birthday. I do enjoy telling people that I'm a leap year baby!
Lizz Bishop of Missouri, United States
born 1996
Lorraine Marie (Boyle) Goodwin of Pennsylvania, United States
born 1932
This is in memory of my Mother, and I have never met another leap year baby.
Casey K. Burd of United States
born 1992 at 6:18 am
Napsalot of New Jersey, United States
born 1956
Missie Fischbach of Pennsylvania, United States
born 1968 at 2:55 am
Jaims B. of British Columbia, Canada
born 1984
Gabriel II. of Slovakia
born 1972 at 2:30 am
Brian Lee of Singapore
born 1992 at 11:06 pm
Hi guys haven't met another Leap Day baby before! Till now.
Haycelle of Surigao del Sur, Philippines
born 1992 at 12:05 pm
One more year ! Advance happy birthday to us ~~!!
Erik Alberto Quiroz of United States
born 1992 at 1:09 am
Hey fellow Leapers! I usually meet another fellow leapers every leap day celebrating and I always buy them a drink and give them one giant hug! Love...
Stephanie Johnson of Tennessee, United States
born 1980 at 11:48 pm
I have never met another leap year person although every body I have talked to knows one so I know there are others. I recently renewed my drivers...
Robert Brown of Virginia, United States
born 1980
Lily of Florida, United States
born 1956 at 11:30 pm
When i tuened 4 (16 in chronological years), my Mom took me to the Dept of Motor Vehicles to test for my drivers' license. The man at the...
João César of Portalegre, Portugal
born 1980 at 9:15 am
Yes! My young daugther she's a Leap Day Baby. And she is a figther!! She was born with 29 weeks of gestation. Very premature with only 1 kg. We...
Candice Franzel of Florida, United States
born 1984
I am very proud to be a leap year "baby" and I have not met anyone in person who shares my birthday, but I know I am in good company,...
Lizzie229 of California, United States
born 1980 at 6:00 am
Dhiren Navalbhai Gohil of Gujarat, India
born 1992 at 1:00 pm
I feel glad when my birthday comes after four year....Here is my contact number....I want to make a whats app group so please send me a message on...
Ali Collins of Swansea, United Kingdom
born 1972 at 1:10 pm
Courtney Nealis Sconza of California, United States
born 1980 at 8:02 am
in years without a 29, i celebrate for the week surrounding the "29" but also make sure to celebrate at 11:59pm on the 28 every year - for...
Tamara of Serbia
born 1988 at 10:45 am
I was scheduled for March 14. That tells a lot :)
Tolulope of Ogun, Nigeria
born 1992
Am a special and unique being!!!
Paul Sheehan of Pennsylvania, United States
born 1928
Thinking about my dad this week. He would have been 86 this year, but of course not in birthdays. Miss him. Thought he would have found it fun to see...
Gwendolyn G Gordon of Florida, United States
born 1956
My mother said I should celebrate Feb.28th my father said March 1st. They both had a point so I have two days when there is no 29th I get really...
Chris Angel Garcia of California, United States
born 2008 at 7:29 pm
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