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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.

2 years 12 weeks ago

Honor Society Members

Chad of Oklahoma, United States
born 1976
Hello =) I have never meet another Leap Year Kiddoo. It's nice to meet you all!
Terra Smith of Michigan, United States
born 1980
Francisco Carrasquilla of Malaga, Spain
born 1960
I'm very pleased to join you! (I am a member of the club in Spain)
Kevin Kennelly of United States
born 1956
Only dead fish swim with the stream.
Kerry Love of United Kingdom
born 1972 at 7:30 am
Chloe Davis of New South Wales, Australia
born 2000 at 6:30 am
Kim of Florida, United States
born 1956
Laura Elena Macías of Jalisco, Mexico
born 1968 at 2:30 am
Hi!!!, IS good to know about You!!!!, I'm not alone!!!!
Susan Larsen of New York, United States
born 1960 at 9:15 pm
I love being a Leap Day Baby!!
Jenn of Arizona, United States
born 1996 at 8:16 am
People always have the habit of asking "so are you like 4?" Or "what's your actual age?"
Frans of Limpopo, South Africa
born 1996
Marissa Baker of United States
born 1996 at 10:20 pm
Where are all the 1996 leapers??! I've only met one leap day baby before, and I think he was my same age, but I don't remember!
Destiny Page of United States
born 2000
Hi, I am Destiny Page from Kansas. I am 14 (3 & 1/2), almost 15 (3 & 3/4). I have started a mission to find someone near me that I can talk...
Madin Villarreal of Panama
born 1996 at 8:35 pm
In 366 days, I was born in the best.
Safiyyah Quraishi of Andhra Pradesh, India
born 1992 at 1:30 pm
Lesley Proctor of Tasmania, Australia
born 1944
I didn't celebrate my 70th birthday in 2014. I'm looking forward to a celebration when I reach my 18th Leap Year.
Kevin Fitzmartin of New York, United States
born 1988
Eleisha Barnett of Iowa, United States
born 1960 at 6:30 pm
I found this page during a discussion of famous Leap Year Birthdays WooHoo! Archaeologist, mom, and perpetual student…Thanks for having me here!
Catharina Möller of Uppsala, Sweden
born 1964 at 7:15 am
Hi My fathers oldest brother was born the 29th, and my sister in laws sister is also born the 29th. As I work at a pharmacy I have met people older...
Paul Butler of United Kingdom
born 1972 at 5:40 pm
Eddie Young Jr of United States
born 1972 at 4:53 pm
Tara of Michigan, United States
born 1972 at 11:55 pm
Alexis Giampetroni of Wisconsin, United States
born 1996 at 3:12 pm
Kate Knoll of Virginia, United States
born 2000 at 2:08 am
Hi! I love this birthday!! And it's fun because everyone always remembers it!
Meredith Jameson of Iowa, United States
born 1988 at 11:53 pm
My current boss is a leaping!! First one iv ever met.
Jonathan Kok of Washington, United States
born 1996 at 8:55 pm
I have a Vlog on Facebook that counts down to Leap Day. The Vlog captures some of my sweetest memories, wonderful friends and amazing transformation...
Nicola Hooper of Kent, United Kingdom
born 1972
Quentisa Tackett of Florida, United States
born 1992 at 7:00 pm
I've met only three other leap year babies. Morgan Perkins and Marissa(?). We all were born in Bartow Regional. On the same day close to the...
Patricia Trevino of Texas, United States
born 1988 at 2:31 am
It took forever getting my driver's license at 16 because the computer kept saying my age was 4 years old. I had to wait until midnight of...
Rebecca Miller of Maryland, United States
born 1984
I really enjoy being born on Feb. 29.
Caroline Grace of Connecticut, United States
born 2012 at 11:12 pm
Hi there I was born at 11:12pm at Yale New Haven Hospital. I was supposed to be born on March 5th but my Mom always new I would be arriving on the...
Rachel Garrett of Illinois, United States
born 1984
Not only was I born on Leap Day, but my cousin was as well! She was just a few years earlier. When I worked at a bookstore in college, I...
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