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One, born on Feb 29, 1904, with the worlds longest name, 746 letters in all.

Leapified Books

We've compiled a list of books that are either entirely Leap themed, or have somehow incorporated Leap Day into the story.  Some of these books you can buy at amazon.com, so consider buying from the amazon carousel below, or ask your local book store or do a search online. If you can, get an extra copy to give to a school or library. They really need these books!

Thank you for helping us spread Leap Year Day Awareness.

Leap Year Books for Children:

  • Leopold’s Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday by Dawn Desjardins
  • It’s My Birthday…Fianlly! by Michelle Whitaker-Winfrey
  • Leaps Day by Stephanie Bee Simmons
  • The Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Stop by Robert Cox
  • The Leap Year Book by Barbara Sutton-Smith 
  • The Pirates of Penzance, a musical by William S. Gilbert and Arthur S. Sullivan
  • The Pirates of Penzance, the film version with Kevin Kline, Rex Smith and Linda Ronstadt William S. Gilbert and Arthur S. Sullivan
  • It’s Not Leap Year This Year by Michelle Whitaker-Winfrey
  • Mommy, Where’s My Birthday! by Lakisha Cornel

Leap Year Young Adult Books:

  • Leap Day by Wendy Mass



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