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One, born on Feb 29, 1904, with the worlds longest name, 746 letters in all.

Leapzeum: Greeting Cards

Here are some Leap Year related cards from Hallmark.
Leap Year Birthday Card by Hallmark Hallmark Leap Year Birthday Card Leap Year Card by Hallmark

Maxine Leap Year Card

Time For A Flyin' Leap card

Time For A Flying Leap Hallmark Card

Born In Leap Year Card

Leap Year card Hallmark

You may purchase Leap Year, Leap Year Day, and Leap Day Birthday cards designed
by a Leap Day baby and an artist who is a LeapGram (She has a Granddaughter born
on Leap Day) at the LEAP THIS shop. There's a link back on the HOME PAGE.

If you would like to include your collection of Leap Year items in the Leap Year Museum just email me, Raenell.


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