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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.

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The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies tries to keep on top of all Leap Day related news. If you are aware of news that should be on this page, please contact us and let us know.  

10K FOR FOSTER KIDS for My 10th Birthday - LEAP YEAR BABIES GIVE BACK - Voices for Children

As a "Leap Year baby," I've been fortunate enough to have an amazing, nearly 40-years of, "childhood."  In honor of my upcoming "10th" birthday on Leap Day February 29, 2016 (finally, double digits!), I hope to raise $10,000 for kids who are in real need of our support throughout their, actual, childhoods.

You can learn more about the amazing work Voices For Children does for foster children in San Diego County, Califonia, USA at speakupnow.org.

Know other Leap Year Day babies? I'm hoping others will join my efforts and help kids in their own communities. Visit facebook.com/leapyearbabiesgiveback for updated info.


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From the Honor Roll at the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies
Years 1928 to 2008


A T  B I R T H

Estelle Crawford of Washington, USA born 1944 at 11:55pm
I have only meet one other person born on the same day and year, that person was a twin, but I never met the twin. My mother wanted the doctors to change my birthdate to March 1, 1944, since she felt I was born closer to March 1 than February 28, 1944, she thought it would be better to change the date. Lucky for me the doctor refused. I love being a leapyear baby. Every year that doesn't have a leap year, my mother calls me on March 1st and wishes me a happy birthday and I of course, remind her, that she is late, since I was not born in March.

Mary Carolyn Brown of California, USA born 1948 at 1800
When I was born, the doctor asked my mother if she wanted to change my birthdate to Feb. 28 or March 1 but my mother said, "That's not her birthday. Its Feb. 29!" - Way to go Ma!

Larry Hollingsworth of Texas, USA born 1944 at 120AM
My mother tried to have the doctor change the time so I would not have a leap year birthday.

Alice Middleton of Indiana, USA born 1948 at 12:24 am
My mother did not want me to be born on Leap Day and asked the doctor to hurry me up or delay until March 1st. As you can see, I knew I was important. As the oldest of 11 children I was lucky to have an odd birthdate so it is easy for siblings to remember it.

Gerald McKenzie of Selkirk, Ontario, Canada born 1936 at p.m.
Mother didn't appreciate me being born on "leap" day, and wanted the Doctor to change it. Of course he couldn't and wouldn't. Its been a lot of fun and conversational over the years, especially getting married at 4 1/2 .

Melissa Smith of Mississippi, USA born 1952 at 6:00AM
The elderly doctor who delivered me in south Alabama considered it bad luck to be born on Leap Year and tried to falsify my birth certificate. I'm glad he didn't succeed!

Paula Robazek of Wisconsin, USA born 1952
My mother did not want me to be born on Leap Day and often apologized for me being born that day. I have always felt it was special to have February 29th as my birthday and am proud to be a Leap Year baby. This year I am officially a teenager - 13. In High School there was a boy with the same birthday as mine. He is the only other Leap Year baby I have ever known. To be a Leap Year baby means you are forever young!!!!

Pastor (Mrs.) Lydia Okon of Lagos, Nigeria born 1952 at 7.00am
My mum said she wished that I be born on the 28th February, to enable me celebrate my birthday yearly. Its fun, as this has made me a very Special child,in my family, town, country and the entire world. I met someone 4yrs older than me, one 8yrs younger and one who is 4yrs younger than me - here in Nigeria.

Theresa (Terry) Ritchal Wilson of Illinois, USA born 1952 at 2:30 P.M.
I was born in Wichita, Ks. There were 8 other people born on that day.5 of us were deliverd by Dr.Jay Kay Wisdom...He refused to sign our birth certificates until March 1....The reason he gave me was "I only get one day off every 4years..and you kids came on that day off..." Last member of 29'ers club Pittsburg Headlight Sun Pittsburg, Ks.

Noah Lowery of Tennessee, USA born 2004 at 3:03 pm
I was initially upset that my little one was born on Leap Day! However after reading all of the fun stuff on this website, I am getting excited that his birthday is on such a special day! Thanks for your help! Melinda and Noah Lowery

Keaton Matthew of Michigan, USA born 2004 at 6PM
My son was due on 2-29-04. The doctor asked me if I wanted to change the due date. I said no and that I thought it was a neat due date. I thought a Leap Day Baby would be really neat, but he was due then and what are the odds of coming on your due date? Well, contractions started the morning of February 29th. I thought well, it might happen after all. Keaton was born at 6PM, right on his due date, Leap Day!

Matthew John Cain of South Shields, England, UK born 2004 at 2323
Well as you can see I have still not had a real birthday yet! When my mom found out I was due around 29 Feb, she was determined I wasn't going to be born on that day - then my mom went into labour late on 28 Feb and she just knew I was going to be a leap year baby! We are really happy I have a leap year birthday now - it just makes me even more special - and I made it into the local paper when I was only hours old!!!

Audrie Winer of Maryland, USA born 1956 at 12:11 am
My mother cried (during labor) when the doctor said I was going to be born on the 29th instead of the 28th. Then she cried that day when the newspaper came out without my picture and a story.

Cathy Dougherty of Florida, USA born 1956 at 12:30am
Happy Birthday Leap Year Babies. My mother begged the doctor to turn my b-day into the 28th. He couldn't because it was too far past 12:00 a.m. I'm glad because I really feel special and get lots of attention on my leap year birthdays!

John Duprie of Michigan, USA born 1956 at 12:30am
I was born just after midnight. So they but 11:45pm as birth time. I think a lot of people have that done too.

Jan Canevari of California, USA born 1956 at 12:54 am
My parents did not want me to be born on Leap Day and I find that it has always been fun and unusual. I love it!

John Huffman of Ohio, USA born 1956 at 2:00 a.m.
Yeah I know one friend in particular who has a Leap Day b.d. and know of some other friends of friends. He said something like his mother's doctor said she had to choose either 2/28 or 3/1 for his birth certificate! What the hell is up w/that? *Idiot* doctor.

Leap Back Up!

Steve Horton of Michigan, USA born 1956 at 0200
I can't believe people think it's bad to be born on this day. A nurse friend told me justt last night that they had a mother come in on feb 27, she wanted to have her labor induced so that she was sure not to have a leap year baby. What a rip off!!!!

Leslie Ernest Hand of Florida, USA born 1956 at 12:30am
I met and worked with one other person, and he died in the last couple of years. when I worked with him in 1976, and he was 16 and I was 5 in leap years. The following story has been told leap year after leap year; When my mother was pregnant with me, my dad's brother's wife (my Aunt was also pregnant). My uncle wanted their baby to be born on Leap day, and my mom didn't, and as you can now see I was and she wasn't. My cousin Sherry was born 12 days later, and we are closest cousins in my two families.

Shayla Spires of California, USA born 2004 at 5:26 AM
I am registering my daughter who was born this year (2004) on Feb. 29th. At first I was not too thrilled about it, but now I realize it's just one more thing that makes her so special.

Steven Kent Silvia of Massachusetts, USA born 2004 at 6:32 AM
Hello, My name is Leslie Silvia and my son was born on Leap Day, my due date was March 20, 2004. My husband and I bought our first house on February 12, 2004 and we decided that we would wait until February 28, 2004 to move in. That would give us time to paint, clean and do whatever we needed to do to get the house ready. So February 28th comes and we move in. I was very tired so all I wanted was to make sure my bed was set up. So I went to bed around 9:00PM and at 3:00AM my water breaks. I hop in the shower only to realize I didn’t have anything to wash with or a towel to dry off with because they were all packed in boxes. My husband was rummaging through boxes to find me some soap and a towel. On my way out the door I realize it was Leap Day. At first I did not want my baby born on Leap Day, I thought of when his birthday would be. But then I realized that we would just have to have 2 Birthdays for him each year and when it is a Leap Year he will have one really Big Birthday. Well needless to say, my son Steven Kent Silvia was born February 29, 2004 @ 6:32AM.

Irene Louise Mursu of Minnesota, USA born 2004 at 7:29 AM
When my mom went to the hospital at 9:00 p.m. on February 28, she thought she would have things taken care of by midnight and avoid a Leap Day Baby. I showed her my independent spirit and decided to arrive at 7:30 Leap Day morning -- a testament to my strong will.

Alec Merchan of California, USA born 2004 at 8:54 a.m
My mom did not want to have me on the 29th, so she decided to get induced. Then she changed her mind...she thought "he will choose the best day" ... and I did, Feb. 29th, 2004!

Drago of California, USA born 2004 at 9:06 am
My Name is Lisa, my son Drago is a Leaper, this year will be his 1st/4th birthday. I have never met anyone else born on Leap day. When I found out I was pregnant with my son my original due date was Feb 29th, we thought it was funny but as I got further along they moved my due date back to Feb 16th and I was glad because I thought the whole leap thing would be weird and confusing. I think it must have been fate because my cute, quirky, lovable little guy ended up coming 2 weeks late and landed right on Leap Day where it seems he was meant to be. He is at the age now where I would like to teach him about Leap Day, his Bday is coming up and I'd like to do something fun for him and his preschool class that day and am looking for any suggestions. Thanks, Lisa

Harley of Hawaii, USA born 2004 at 9:33 AM
Aloha, I'm Jackie, I gave birth to my daughter on the leap year 2004. My due date wasn't until March 07, but I had a seizure and my pregnancy was induced. When I had found out that this year was a leap year and that my due date was near that day, I was a little worried that there was a possibility that it might land on that day. At first I didn't want my daughter to have a birthday that came only every 4 years, but then I realized after I gave birth that it's special, because of the chances of being born on that day are slim. And I am so proud that my daughter is one of the few, it only makes her evem more SPECIAL!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to all you other leapers!!! This confused people, so I think next year I'll just say "The 29th" and let them ask further if they want. Yay for Leap Day babies!!

Jaime Joslin of Wisconsin, USA born 2004 at 11:55am
My due date was leap day! I had received lots of comments on how weird that would be, and a few that thought that it would be great. I didn't think that I would have her on my due date, as everyone had told me that it doesn't happen often. I thought that it would be really neat. as the day came near, I was very nervous, Jaime is my first child. On the 28th, my husband and I took a mile walk around 10:00 pm. I really wanted to have her on leap day! We came home, watched a movie and went to bed. I sat straight up in bed with pains at 2:15am. I new that it was time. I went to the hospital at 6:00am and gave birth at 11:55am. the labor wasn't bad at all. I was pretty lucky to have had her on leap day. I think that it is really special. I hope she thinks the same when she's older.:)

Brookelynn Fleming of Michigan, USA born 2004 at 2pm
My daughter was not due for another 4 weeks when she decided it was leap day and no holding her back. She was the only baby born in St. Clair County Michigan. She was 4 weeks early weighing in at 8lbs 9 ozs. Her grandmother was telling me she WILL NOT be born today. As today she has a birthday every year on the 28 and is spoiled rotten.

Grace Annamaria Holden of Massachusetts, USA born 2004 at 2:15pm
I was due on April Fool's Day, but thought Leap Year Day would be more fun!!!!! Mommy was very sad at first, thinking I'd get cheated out of birthdays, but we soon found out I actually get more celebrations than anyone! I can't wait to turn 1 this year!!!!! We will be having a 'Frog Prince' themed party...because I love Princesses, so we had to work them in somehow!

Christopher Hale of Ohio, USA born 2004 at 3:26 p.m.
I would just like to say that Christopher is my son and I think this is so cool and unique that he was born on Leap Day! My other son was born on February 28th 2000 and he was almost a Leap Year baby, and I had a choice to have his birthday either on February 28th or February 29th. I chose the 28th of course, but if I knew that my second son was going to be born on Leap Day I would have had two Leap Year babies. So how neat that would have been.

Joan Gardner of South Carolina, USA born 1932 at ?
Yesterday I had a physical before having cataract surgery next week. The person administering the exam said I never met a Leap year person before. She then asked if she could tell her son who just that very morning heard about leap year babies and thought how terrible to have only one party in four years. I told him I get to celebrate two days every three years (the 28th and March 1st).

Nicole Hales of UK born 2004 at 6.59 am
I am registering my daughter, its nice to find a whole site dedicated to this as we were getting a little worried about how to explain it to her. We will celebrate on 1st March this year as in a 'normal' year she would have been born in March.

Leap Back Up!

Charlotte Dear Wolff of Indiana, USA born 1952 at 1800
I've only met three others who were born on leap year day..a set of twins, a cab driver in NYC and amazingly just found out that a coworker is a Leaper. Turns out her birth certificate was altered to March first and has always been celebrated then by family but she KNEW in her heart she was a leaper and held February 29 as her true day.

Cynthia of California, USA born 1948 at PM
My mother always told me that I was a month overdue and when she went to the hospital on February 29th she told the Nuns that there was no damn way she was having her baby on LEAPYEAR!!! I guess you shouldn't swear in a Catholic Hospital! I was indeed born on the 29th! It has always amazed me how many people notice that date on my ID. At the market, the DMV, almost anywhere I have to show my ID, someone always asks when I celebrate or how old am I really? I get a kick out of it!

Sharon Potts of Texas, USA born 1956 at 5:15 am
I was born on the 29th of February 1956, in Roswell NM. I was born in the hospital at Walker Air Force Base. My mom has told me she had to send back my birth certificate because they put the 28th on it. My boyfriend is alway telling me that I am the one that got away. It is kinda strange to be born not only on the 29th but to also be born in Roswell NM. I have never met anyone else born on the 29th but have met people who know someone born on that day.

Mary Klimchak Jelinek of Queens, New York, USA born 1920
I am entering this for my mother, Mary Klimchak Jelinek, who was born on Feb 29, 1920 in the small town of Jarembina, Slovakia. She came to the US at the age of two, and only recently discovered through a Slovak birth certificate that she was a leap year baby. Her "20th" birthday is being celebrated as I write this today, Feb. 29, 2000.

Jill of Virginia, USA born 1956 at 9:12 pm
As my mom was in the delivery room, she told me that she said over and over that she would not have a baby born on February 29th. Well, her wish almost came true as I was born at 9 pm. I am so glad that I didn't wait 3 more hours. As I get older, I find that it is more fun being a Leap Year Baby. This is an early "Happy Birthday" to all fellow Leapers. Have fun on your special day!!

Dawn Turnbeaugh of Illinois, USA born 1968 at 11:27 p.m.
I never knew you could have your "Leap Day" on your drivers liscence. The doctor told my mother to pick Feb. 28 or March 1. She went with the 1'st

Matthew Becker of Minnesota, USA born 1976 at 12:02am
I was born at two minutes past midnight on Fed. 29th, 1976. My mother begged the doctor to record the date of birth as the 28th--she wanted her first born child to have a normal birthday. The doctor refused and I am so pleased because I adore my birthday...it is by far the best day to have been born.

Tammy of Mississipps, USA born 1976 at 5:00pm
I was born Feb. 29, 1976 in a car (a plymouth duster) in front of keesler AIR FORCE BASE Hospital. How crazy was that. The doctors didn't know what to put on the birth certificate.

Deborah Lupi of Florida, USA born 1960 at PM
I love having a birthday on leap day. My mother's doctor tried to get her to change my birth certificate to February 28, but she refused. I'm glad she did. It is special and I'm always surprised that so many people remember it.

Dee Hill of North Carolina, USA born 1960 at 1:16 PM
I have the most amazing story of meeting a leap baby. I was celebrating my 28th birthday in a club, and noticed a man celebrating his birthday too. Come to find out, he was one of the babies born at the same hospital as me on the same day, on the same year. my mother told me that there were three other babies born on that day, and the Doctor gave her the opportunity to change my b-day to the 28th or the 1st. Of course she didn't, but she said two of the mothers did, and the other one didn't. We were both born in another town, but met in the town where I now live, about two and a half hours away. What are the odds of that?

Josie Ramos of California, USA born 1972 at 8:00PM
When I was born, my mom says the doctor offered to change my birth certificate so that I wouldn't have such an oddball birthday, but I actually enjoy it! I've had problems with computers at stores not accepting my birthday before, but otherwise, I like having such a unique birthday!

Olga Mustach of Washington, USA born 1972 at 2 AM
In my home town in Kazakhstan, there were 4 of us born the same night, three girls and a boy. The 2 girls were my classmates for 10 years. But I was the only one with the "funny" birthday. Parents of the other girls changed their birth date officially to 3.01. so that "the poor things wouldn't suffer".

Jane Finch of Victoria, Australia born 1968 at 8.00am
Umm - my leap year birthday is a bit unusual, I was actually a planned caesarian birth... The doctor my mum was using only did the procedure once a week, a week earlier was too early, and a week later would have been too late. Even though my parents asked if the birth day could be changed the doctor went ahead and performed the procedure on the 29th.

Jo Ann Milles of Missouri, USA born 1980 at 9:02 am
I absolutely love being a Leap Year Baby. I think it is a lot of fun. Just to think that it almost didn't happen like that is unimaginable. The docotor gave my parents the choice to schedule the c-section on Feb. 28, March 1, or March 2. My dad piped up and asked what was wrong with Feb. 29. The doctor asked him if he was serious! My dad was like, of course. I was born on Feb. 29. I have so much fun having a leap day birthday. I love the feeling I get on Leap Years! Honestly, it keeps me going for months. I find Leap Year Day to be an absolute blast. The only problem that I have with having my birthday is that some computers don't accept Feb. 29 as a real day. That gets a little frustrating...but other than that it is great. I am also glad to hear about the term "Februarian." I am a total Februarian. I have a hard time celebrating my birthday in March. March is just too late! It has to be February or nothing at all! (I tell you what, it better not be nothing at all!)

Candice of Florida, USA born 1984 at 11:33pm
The doctor told my mom that if she would only wait 27 minutes, then she wouldn't have to worry about Leap Year. Well as you can see, she didn't wait!

Bethany White of Utah, USA born 1984 at 11:59pm!
I was born one minute before March 1st. The doctor told my parents that they could put March 1 on my birth certificate, but they said no, so I am a leap day baby. I'm glad that they said no because I think that leap day babies rock!!!!!!!

Laura Woodford of Michigan, USA born 1984 at 11:31 PM
When I was born, the hospital put the wrong birthday on my birth certificate (March 1), so we had to have it changed.

Scotia Sharpe of Ontario, Canada born 2000 at 1:30 pm
I'm entering for my granddaughter, who was a scheduled C-section for February 29th, 2000. The doctor wouldn't change the date and so - I have my own little 'Leaper' and we're going to have fun with her.

Emma Elaine Donna Tremblay of Ontario, Canada born 2000 at 2:16p.m.
I am the proud mother of a Leap Day baby! From the time the doctor gave me my due date of Feb. 25,2000 I knew I would deliver on Leap Day. At first I was upset but then I thought about how cool it is to be born on this day. Sure enough I went into labour on Feb. 29 2000 and delivered a beautiful healthy little girl. I was thrilled! We have a LEAPER among us and we think it's very special.

Zoe Sanders of Florida, USA born 2004 at 11:13AM
My daughter, Zoe, was born on February 29, 2004, which ironically was also my due date. At first I did NOT want a Leap Day baby, how confusing would that be--when would you celebrate her birthday, how old would she really be, etc?!? Then after searching the internet and visiting this site I thought "You know what, how COOL would that be to have a Leap Day Baby?!?!" and so it was. I've been told that only 10% of babies are born on their due dates and only .06% of babies are born on leap year, so add those two up to see how unique my baby is! When she was born, the hospital was entering her information into their computer system to begin processing her birth certificate, but they were having problems entering "February 29th". They had to call in a technician from somewhere to "fix" the problem. So it's all right now. It was odd this past year though, people would ask me "When does your daughter turn 1?" and I'd reply "Well, we're going to celebrate it on February 28th, but she doesn't turn 1 until the 29th and since there is no 29th this year--I don't know, somewhere between 11:59pm on the 28th and 12:00 on the 1st I guess." This confused people, so I think next year I'll just say "The 29th" and let them ask further if they want. Yay for Leap Day babies!!

Keaton Matthew of Michigan, USA born 2004 at 6PM
My son was due on 2-29-04. The doctor asked me if I wanted to change the due date. I said no and that I thought it was a neat due date. I thought a Leap Day Baby would be really neat, but he was due then and what are the odds of coming on your due date? Well, contractions started the morning of February 29th. I thought well, it might happen after all. Keaton was born at 6PM, right on his due date, Leap Day!

Mary Katherine Dailey of Tennessee, USA born 2008 at 4:12pm
I was born in the middle of the day on Leap Day. However, when my mommy and daddy picked up my birth certificate when I left the hospital, it was dated the 28th of February. Because it was a weekend, they had to wait until Monday, but they made sure that it was changed so that I would always have the correct date on my birth certificate.

Leap Back Up!

T E A S E D  O R  D O N ' T  L I K E  B I R T H D A Y

David Goldberg of Connecticut, USA born 1952 at 1:40 AM
When I was a child, I was teased and made fun of by both other children and even adults about not having a birthday. In fact, when I was in grade school, one of my teachers would not let me bring in a cake, because she said I had no birthday that year. Throughout the years I never thought that I was either lucky or special to be born on Leap Day. But as I got older I realized how wrong I was. I love the fact that I am a Leaper. I am now proud of my birthday and like the fact that I will always be "younger" than any of my friends. Up until 2004, I had never met anyone else born on my birthday and then in a 2 week period I met two other people.

Louis Vona of New York, USA born 1944 at 2:45 am
Why was I cursed with having a birthday once every four years?

Lesley Susan Smith of England, UK born 1952 at 7am
When I was little I hated my date of birth because children used to tease me saying that I didn't really have a birthday. I like it now because I can divide my age and remain forever young.

Joan Sutton of Florida, USA born 1956 at 11:55 a.m.
In the second grade I was scolded by my teacher in front of the class for lying to her about my birthday. A classmate finally convinced her that I was telling the truth when I said February 29.

Gary Golden of New York, USA born 1956 at PM
I remember as a child being tortured by my friends about my birthday; always calling me a baby. So on my 8th birthday (or in reality, my 2nd) I cut school to avoid the embarassment. Imagine, cutting school at 8 yrs old! Fortunately, I soon learned to appreciate the uniqueness of my birthday and have appreciated it ever since. In fact, it got me free ice cream sundaes during non-leap years. There was an ice cream parlor that gave you a free sundae on your birthday. Well, on Feb. 28th I would go in saying that I was born on Leap Day but celebrated on the 28th in an off year and I got a free sundae. The next day (March 1st) I would go in again, this time to a diffrent station/waitress and tell them I celebrated on the 1st, again getting a free ice cream. This worked for years, that is until the store went out of business (and no, I don't believe it had anything to do with my extra sundae). The one issue I haven't been able to avoid all these years is the discussion as to which day (2/28 or 3/1) I should celebrate my birthday in an off year. EVERYONE has an opinion and some voice it quite strenuously. I wonder what the majority of my fellow leap day babies would say. I personally celebrate 2/28. Maybe we could conduct a poll? Anyway, a very happy birthday in advance to us all!

Bob Hansing of Oregon, USA born 1944 at 1:30am
As a child I was ridiculed about my birth day. now I am 14 as is my daughter and we get to be the same age for 8 more months. she is having fun with this at her school - that's special. I was feeling cheap when I arrived at the drag strip: adults $25 children 6-14 $10. With me being 14 3/4 I decided to try it. Told 'em I was born on leap year day and I'm only 14. But you're driving. Yup, cool huh? He let me in for the $10 this time. Next season I'll be 15 and I can't do it any more.

Mary Conrad of Wisconsin, USA born 1952 at 1052
I hated my leap year birthday when I was in grade school because I never got a "special day" in school like all the other kids on their birthdays. Now I KNOW I'm special.

Debbie Sage of Iowa, USA born 1952 at 11 a.m.
I just wanted to say that I hated this birthday as a kid. I had one kid on the school bus that would tease me the three years I didn't have a birthday and say I wouldn't get any presents. I still dislike that guy to this day. I now enjoy having this birthday. Loads of long lost friends always remember my birthday. I always tell everyone that the reason I act childish is because I am really young. This year I turn I turned 12 and my son will be 12 on March 20. He thinks its neat to tell his friends that his mom is only 12 years old.

Tom Nussmeier of California, USA born 1936 at Morning
Not much fun during childhood, but it gets better with time!

Marie F. Poyner of Virginia, USA born 1940 at don't know
Married to Michael H. Poyner Sept.6,1997. Deceased on Dec.7,2001. She was born in Richmond, Va. to Thomas and Rosebud Farmer. She had one brother, Thomas Farmer of Emporium, Pa. and two sons--Wayne and Greg Howell (from a previous marriage to Philip Howell). She served as Fin. Dir. of the S.E. Va. Chap. of Alzheimer's Assoc. Marie said she hated having a leap birthday when she was a child, but it was pretty comical when her sons would bring their friends to the door asking her to tell them they were older than she was.

Margaret (Margie) Solomon of New Jersey, USA born 1936
When my son was in the second grade (it was a leap year) he announced to his class that "Today is my mom's birthday and we are all older than her since she is only four years old today." When I went to pick him up after school all the kids were pointing to me and laughing. I could not figure out what the problem was. Then the teacher ran out of the building and explained the comment my son had made. I love being a leap year baby. I have a friend that lives up the road from me that was also born on leap year. It amazes me that there are so many people that just don't understand or get the meaning of leap year.

Elaine Lankford Arnold of Alabama, USA born 1944 at 2:00 AM
My friend once gave me a key chain for my birthday. It was not a leap year. She had it engraved 2-28. When I reminded her that I was born on 2-29, she said that it was too confusing. She thought I should just say my birthday was on the 28th. She even wanted to know what was printed on my drivers license.

John Perry Edson, Jr. of California, USA born 1944 at 7:00 am
My mother tried to explain the mathematics behind the formula that lead to my birthday being subtracted from the calender 3 out of 4 times. I never really understood and kind of gave up on birthdays.

Susan Rosen of New Jersey, USA born 1944 at 10:30 am
My picture was in the NY Daily News in 1948 when I turned 4. The only time I met anyone with my exact birthday was in my fifth grade class. My uncle was 14 when I was born, and he said to my mother "what a stupid baby to be born on feb 29th. As I've gotten older, I have felt a little deprived by not having my own special day every year.

James McHenry, Jr., Ph.D. of Kansas, USA born 1944 at 8:03 PM
Many in the general public seem to think that being a 29er is a disadvantage. I've never found it to be so, and I've tried hard over the years to disabuse them of that notion. When a real birthday finally rolls around, the celebrations just get bigger and better.

Warren W. Carlstedt of South Carolina, USA born 1944 at appx. 10:45 pm
The first chapter of my autobiography will be called, "Screwed from the Day I was Born" Many people told me of friends/relatives with leap-year birthdays, but I never met any. When I was a kid (probably when I was 12 (1956)a Jersey City newspaper (The Hudson Dispatch) had a party for us on leap-year day. I signed-up, but, for some reason, I never made it there. When I was drafted into the army(in 1966)I tried to tell them that I was too young for service (only had 5 REAL birthdays at the time), they didn't buy it, of course. Spent a real birthday (1968) in Vietnam

Leap Back Up!

Alice Donovan Peterson of USA born 1944
I have never met other person that was born on Leap year. I have always disliked being born on leap day and as a child thought I had been badly done to. As an adult it doesn't make a difference any more. So Happy Birthday to all you leapyear babies.

Marilyn Zangara of New York, USA born 1944
Sometimes I wish I never told people that I was born on Feb. 29.

Kathy Everingim of Wyoming, USA born 1952 at 12:34 PM
I felt a little lonely all my life. I have never met anyone with my birthday. I was really happy to find this website!

Carol Rebecca of Washington, DC, USA born 1948 at am
I definitely feel very special having not only my birthday on Leap Year, but my beautiful grand-daughter was born on Leap Year as well, and this year, 2004, she will be celebrating her 1st Leap Year Birthday. And now it may be possible that my niece's 1st child will be born on Leap Year. I also have a nephew who was born on March 1st, just after midnight. I by chance looked this site up and had no idea that this site was here and I am happy to see that there is something for us Leap Year Babies for as I was growing up and looking at the calender and discovered that the 29th was missing, it was very traumatic for me. Now, I have the best time being able to tell people my age, in Leap Years. Happy Birthday to all my fellow Leap Year Babies !

Rose Bunch of El Cajon - San Diego, California, USA born 1948
My favorite story was when I was a very small child I asked my Dad about me having a birthday party. My Dad thought a minute and then replied you don't have a birthday this year look at the calendar. If you find the 29th then you can have a party. Of course he made me cry but Mom saved me once again and reassured me I did have a birthday even if the 29th wasn't there. Regardless of what my Dad said I had a great party, but never forgot this story.

Fern of Illinois, USA born 1948
I've only met a couple of Leap Year Babies in my life time. First time was in college. I've often wondered how many of us are out there! I find it unbelievable that still in 2008, the majority of people do not understand "leap year" and really have no clue what it means or how often it comes. I try in my own way to educate them. I know that I have always felt very "special" knowing that I was born on the 29th of February.

Denise Marconi Leitch of Pennsylvania, USA born 1952 at 9:52 PM
As a child I disliked being born on Leap Year Day; I wanted to be like the other kids. Plus people were always debating about when I should celebrate it. I would hear...’but she was born the day after the 28th’ while others would say...’but she was born the day before March 1st’, most of the time they didn’t care how I felt about it. Even as a young child I thought their points were pointless... of course I was born on the day after the 28th and before the 1st, I was born on a day that only comes once every four years and it's sandwiched in-between the 28th and the 1st, so what was their point? I don’t think they really had a point to make, they just wanted to hear themselves talk! My mother always felt we should keep it in the same month and I felt the same way, so I’ve always celebrated it in February. However, now that I’m no longer a child I actually like having such an odd birthday, yes, people still debate which day I should celebrate on and some say I don’t have a birthday at all on non-leap years (they wish me a happy non-birthday) but I don’t care anymore. I've grown to appreciate it and I actually like that's it's so odd. Whenever people make fun of it I remind them of how many actual birthday’s I’ve had so they can see the 29th is keeping me eternally young!

Susan Lavender of Georgia, USA born 1956 at AM
I had my picture taken for the local newspaper in Charleston, SC when I was having my first leap year birthday (4years old). I actually remember the day the news reporters came in to take my picture! I still have the newspaper article. It was a great moment for me. I did, however, get left out of many birthday celebrations in school since the teachers did not recognize my birthday on off leap years. I cried a lot! Now that I am older, I don't mind so much.

Leap Back Up!

Deb Stanley of Virginia, USA born 1956 at 12:02 am
I really didn't appreciate having such a unique birthday as Leap Year, until I got older. I remember when I turned 16... that was simply awesome. My folks let me stay overnite with my girlfriends and we stayed up all nite... I thought that was the coolest, and getting my first car a 1968 Malibu Chevelle... I was a hot chick ... :) :) I have met 1 other Leap Year Baby here in Virginia, a sister of our flower girl in our wedding, so we enjoy our special day when we can celebrate together....

Patricia Imbu of California, USA born 1952
I can recall the time while in my 6th grade class my teacher called me up to the front of the class to tell a story... he asked us to state our name and birthday... and what we thought was so special about ourselves, or a topic of our most favorite events in our life... I told the class that I was born on leap year... and that I was only 3 years old, the youngest child in the class, and the youngest one in the whole school. The teacher asked "Have you ever seen such a big three year old? and in the 6th grade!" The whole class laughed... and i became ashamed... Not so excited about being a leap year baby again... especially, when my parents will tell me time and time again that... well, you have no birthday this year... and I was not acknowledged by their excuse to not celebrate my birthday. When the 4th year came I looked forward to have a big leap year celebraton... to make up for the lost 3 years... still today I make attempts to remind family... and friends. But to those that know about leap year... appear to be dissappointed because of the extra day of the month... and have to wait another day for the month of march... so now I celebrate both februart 28th and march 1st if leap year does not come that year! Will somebody celebrate leap year with me? I am always forgotten (I AM VERY SERIOUS)

Carmen Trankovsky of Florida, USA born 1956 at 9:00AM
Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It is very exciting for me to know so many of us are out there, as most of you know, it is difficult to convince people that, yes, we were born on February 29th! I always celebrate my non-Leap Year birthdays on February 28th as I consider myself a "February baby" and was always teased because it was birthday 4 1/4 or 4 1/2, etc. It is interesting to find out how other Leap babies celebrate their non-birthday years. P.S. A friend's granddaughter was born this year on Leap Day - Alexa Rose.

Diane Ruth Harrison of Virginia, USA born 1956 at 11:00am
I have only met two other persons that were Leap Year babies! I think it is the neatest birthday EVER! When I was a child no one believed me and now people are just confused as to when to celebrate...which I do celebrate it on March 1st. I just love being a "Leaper" and I do collect frogs for this very reason!!! Thanks! I was born on 02/29/1956 in Radford Virginia.

Lesley Ewing Nolan of Hawaii, USA born 1956 at 11:25 a.m.
I was the ONLY leap year kid in my school, ever. So I was always referred to as the "Leap Year Baby" by teachers, and classmates gawked and giggled. But they didn't have a clue what it meant. Just enjoyed seeing the teacher call someone a baby I guess! My brother can't understand WHY I get mad when he sends me a birthday card 2 weeks late every year...asks if I am still "HUNG UP on that Leap Year thing"! They will never get it, right?

Darlene of Pennsylvania, USA born 1952 at 11:21 PM
I have been refused a "FREE" birthday meal from a national restaurant chain because I didn't have one that year. Talk about rude!!! This year I took a "one" year old out to celebrate her first birthday and my 14th. We are very rare aren't we.

Sally Palmer Johnson of Georgia, USA born 1956 at 7:42 A.M.
People used to tease me when I first started school and I would go home and cry and actually get mad at my mother for having me on that day. Now, it is a wonderful conversation topic and I have to take the 29th off from work because so many people call me on this day. I love it now.

Alayna Rose of Illinois, USA born 2004 at 9:41pm
Currently, I am only 4 (or 1) and don't really appreciate this birthday yet. My brother's torture me telling me that I don't get to have a birthday (on non-leap years). But mom tells me that when I'm 40 I am really going to appreciate this birthdate. We will see.

Evelyn Gilmar of British Columbia, Canada born 1936
I have had a lot of enjoyment from being a Leap Year Baby but I married a man who said, "sorry dear no birthday this year so no present". (I am no longer married to him). One cool thing - On Feb. 22, 2004 my grandaughter had her 16th birthday - on Feb 29, 2004 I also had my 16th birthday. So until she turned 17 the next Feb. we were both the "same age". When I get too many of these Leap Years (1 birthday in 4 years) I am going to switch to Dog Years (1 in 7 years) ... Forever young!!!

Leap Back Up!

Kathy Samagalski of Manitoba, Canada born 1956 at 1215
When people would hear when my birthday was ...they would always say ..."oh, your special" and I wondered how could that be. I grew up in a small farming community and the local children where always at everyone's birthdays....I was quite upset that I attended everyone's birthday every year and brought them a present and that I only had a birthday once every four years and they only brought me ONE present....now how "special" is that??? As I grew older I realized how excited I get when I get a surprise present...could it be that I was deprived as a child?? lol, But I did learn to use my birthday as an advantage...I can remember how many a times I would be sitting at a table with people who were quite obviously younger (in years) than myself...and I would pipe up and say, "for a round of drinks I will bet anyone at this table that I have had less birthdays than anyone here".....surprisingly many jumped at that bet and we enjoyed many a free drinks....As I got even older I realized another thing...we are all special in our own little ways...but having a birthday date that is "special" is just another perk....

James Tolliver of California, USA born 1956 at 5:30 pm
When I was younger I wasn't too happy with a birthday just every four years so my mother offered to trade me her birthday...Mother though, was born on St. Patrick's Day and I just didn't relish the idea of birthday dinners of corned beef and cabbage and green beer for the rest of my life.

Pam Gieseler of Pennsylvania, USA born 1956 at 10:51pm
When I was little I hated being a Leap Baby. My older siblings would always tease me and tell me I wasn't having a birthday, wouldn't get any presents, not even a cake...get the picture!? I was the youngest so they teased me alot. We're ok now and I'm glad I'm a leap baby!

Ellen (berglund) Jones of Idaho, USA born 1956
Having been born on Leap Day allows for many questions when people inquire on my birthday. Alot of the general public do not understand how it works.

Char Larson of Illinois, USA born 1956 at 7:00a.m.
In kindergarten, we were each given a calendar of the month of our birthday and asked to circle our birthdays. I was devastated because mine was not there. (The teacher should have realized this).

Jan J. Terhune of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA born 1960 at 12:40pm
I was born the Monday before Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). The doctor who delivered me, Dr. Hindelang was a member of a Mardi Gras organization and was boarding the float when he was summoned to the hospital. My mother insisted that it was a big mistake and her baby could not be born on Leap Year. Wrong!!! In addition to my birth story, I went to grade school and high school with Raimee Marmillion, (whom I have not seen in years), and she was born on Leap Year as well.

Sandy Buren of Missouri, USA born 1964 at unknown
My mom begged the doctor to postpone her emergency c-section until the 1st, but I love being a Leap Year Baby!

Tammy Martin of North Carolina, USA born 1972 at 7:02am
My Dad offered the doctor $200 (in 1972) to put February 28 on my birth certificate! Of course, no deal was made and I was forever stuck with Feb. 29 and alot of explaining to do for the rest of my life.

Michael Stevens of Pennsylvania, USA born 1972 at 4:52am
My father was so disappointed that I was born on Feb 29th that he wanted the doctors to put me back in my mom for another day so I would have a b-day every year.

Kamila of Duval, Florida, USA born 1976 at 11:42 am
The doctor couldn't give my mother an exact birth date - she just said I'd be born sometime in February. My mother knew it was an upcoming leap year and told my grandmother she wouldn't go to the hospital if she went into labor on the 29th - she felt it wasn't fair for a person to not have a birthday every year. I suppose, while in retro, I decided to spite her and prove her wrong. I was born @ 11:42am on 2/29/76. Every year since if it's not a leap year she spoils me on the 28th and the first and I make everyone else do it too :)

Patrice Herbert of North Carolina, USA born 1980 at 9:56am
My mother asked the doctors to refrain from inducing her until the next day,(Mar. 1st), but they could not wait. I'm very happy to be a Leap Day Baby! 

Kenneth Koh of Singapore, Singapore born 1980 at 1730
Met 2 other Leap Year Babies in Uni..Born same day and about the same time as me. Back in the 80s, Singapore only had a few maternal hospitals. And guess what, we were all next to each other in "babies room", crying our hearts out. And we all had this special thing on our left palm...we had a Simian Fold (check it out, its this special line across your palms). My parents wanted to "delay" my delivery, but the doctor then was a CATHOLIC and didn't allow that to happen, ahhah....so here I come...

Sara Morrison of Virginia, USA born 1984 at 5:20 PM
I was supposed to be born on St. Patrick's Day, but instead I started coming on Leap Day. Mom grabbed the doctor when she got to the hospital and cried, "Can't you just leave her in for one more day?! I don't want my daughter to be a freak all her life!" I don't see it as being a freak, just being special. My friends call me the smartest person in school for being so "young" and going to high school. The kids I teach in Sunday School think it's hilarious how they are older than their teacher. I see my birthday as a blessing......and a great ice breaker at parties. :)

Mary Rukavina of Minnesota, USA born 2000 at 5:18 PM
During my mom's pregnancy her friends joked that she was going to have a Leap Day baby, she thought a baby born on Valentines Day would be much nicer! My mom was induced on February 28th because it was the only day the Doctor could do it. My grandma was not happy with the possibility of her grandchild being born on Leap Day, she was hoping I would arrive before midnight but that did not happen! I was the only baby to be born on 2-29-2000 at WCMH. Grandma is still a little sore at the Doctor.

Bridget Madison Porter of Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA born 2000 at 10:51 pm
I am enrolling my daughter Bridget born 2/29/00. My due date was 3/18/00. I was taken in to be induced on the 29th and my doctor assured me she would probably be here on the 1st of March. We actually tried to avoid the whole Leap Year thing. Bridget would have none of that. She came out via C-section in a big hurry. We would not have it any other way. She is so special. We celebrated on March 1st, she was still in my body on the 28th. We will party big in 2004. My sister wrote a lovely jingle for her Non-Leap Year festivities. Happy Birthday to all Leap Babies. You are Blessed and so special.

Leap Back Up!

C O M P U T E R   I S S U E S

Zoe Sanders of Florida, USA born 2004 at 11:13AM
My daughter, Zoe, was born on February 29, 2004, which ironically was also my due date. At first I did NOT want a Leap Day baby, how confusing would that be--when would you celebrate her birthday, how old would she really be, etc?!? Then after searching the internet and visiting this site I thought "You know what, how COOL would that be to have a Leap Day Baby?!?!" and so it was. I've been told that only 10% of babies are born on their due dates and only .06% of babies are born on leap year, so add those two up to see how unique my baby is! When she was born, the hospital was entering her information into their computer system to begin processing her birth certificate, but they were having problems entering "February 29th". They had to call in a technician from somewhere to "fix" the problem. So it's all right now. It was odd this past year though, people would ask me "When does your daughter turn 1?" and I'd reply "Well, we're going to celebrate it on February 28th, but she doesn't turn 1 until the 29th and since there is no 29th this year--I don't know, somewhere between 11:59pm on the 28th and 12:00 on the 1st I guess."

Andrew Boatswain of Somerset, UK born 1944 at 07am
Many computer programmes reject my birth date as non existent. Have you met this? Shouldn't we be doing something about it?

Jack Wallace of California, USA born 1928
In our computerized age I have many doctors offices, and others, whose computers did not recognize Feb. 29. I think the Y2K problem was overblown compared to our problem. I further predict that in the year 2100 most software programs will, in error, include Feb. 29.

Barbara Thorsten of Minnesota, USA born 1952
At the time computers first came out they didn't include Leap Year. When I went to renew my driver's license, they wouldn't renew mine because the computer said I did not exist.

Diane Smith of North Carolina, USA born 1944
When I went to open up a  bank account they would not use the 29th, said that their computers were not set up for that date, I told them they had exactly 2 minutes to correct the computer or I was going to another bank, guess what, they were back within 1 minute.

Thomas Stephenson of Teesside, England, UK born 1988 at ?
When i was 16 (4) I went into the bank to change my account from a kids to a student account, I gave them my birthdate an other details and they said the'd ring me when it was all sorted. After 2 weeks without any news I went back to the bank and found out that every time they tried to enter the 29th for my 18th birthday their computers kept crashing... hehe.

Derek J. Fullmer of Idaho, USA born 1972 at 4:55 A.M.
It has certainly been interesting and fun to have been born on Leap Day. Every 4 years we get to answer questions like, "How old are you REALLY?" and "So when do you GET a birthday?" Once when opening an account at a bank, they're computers didn't even recognize the 29th as an actual day. We are all certainly members of a unique and exclusive club.

Peggy Abrams of California, USA born 1960 at 10:00 am
I have only met one other Leap Day baby, born on the same day as me. Due to constant complications with his driver's license and other documents, his father legally changed his birthdate to the 28th of February. Some years ago, I had a terrible time making purchases with a credit card, due that my driver's license expiration date was not able to be verified in certain computer systems. I quit shopping in those stores!

Paul C. Gibbons of Maryland, USA born 1972
I know 3 other Leap Year babies. A woman who I work with and her daughter are both Leap Year babies. Got pulled over in Maryland and the police officer couldn't find my licence on his computer. I guess that the DMV people doing the data entry thought that my birthday was a type-o. No ticket but I had to go fix it as requested by my auto insurance later that year.

Misty Self of Texas, USA born 1976 at 2:45 AM
I used to love being a Leap Year Day baby when I was little because I used to get two birthdays because we would celebrate it on Feb 28th and March 1st, but I guess I grew out of that as I got older. And the worst thing that I can remember about being a Leap Year Day baby is spending 2 hours at DPS because of the lady trying to put the expiration date of my drivers license on Feb 29th in the computer with a year that it didn't fall in and I tried to explain it to her but she wouldn't listen. No I haven't ever met another Leap Year Day baby.

Ryan Anthony Gamache of Washington, USA born 1976 at 0730
I am here. Your computers at the DOL and many other places tell you that I was not born ... but believe me, you will find me registered as Feb. 28th and Match 1st in many places. =) I have learned the automatic "Ha Ha" in response to the clever joke of how old I "really" am.

Dana Mulhall of Illinois, USA born 1976 at 10:00 am
I am about to celebrate my 7th birthday (of course I am turning 28) and I have never been so excited before! I have had my share of hassles because of my birthdate (i.e. computer systems that can't figure it out), nevertheless I LOVE it! I hope all of my fellow leapers go all out in just a few days!

Kevin Moxey of Ontario, Canada born 1976 at 12:35 p.m.
--tried to register for hockey registration as a child and was told that there was no such birth date as February 29, the computer wouldn't recognize it! I was born in Alameda, California as my parents lived there during the hockey season.

Jennifer Doyle of Pierce, Washington, USA born 1980 at 7:05 am
When I was younger people would not believe that my birthday was on the 29th. We said that I did not know my birthday. Many things that I've tryed to sign up for on the computer or on credit cards they tell me my birthday is invalid.

Brandi Krupich of Georgia, USA born 1980 at 5:27pm
I went shopping one day and I decided to buy a pair of pants. I took them to the register to pay and the cashier ask for my birthday (to enter it into the register), the computer said, "date does not exist" I laughed and told her to use the 28th.

Rabecca Bleu Little of New Hampshire, USA born 1980 at 10:15pm
When I was about two my mother got a call from the WIC program, the lady said she needed to verify my birthday. She tried putting the date in, but the computer contiuned to reject it until my mother explained about leap year. It's a good thing computers have improved since then!

Callum Braddock of Manchester, England, UK born 2000 at 03.39
This is callum's mum. I didnt know a website like this existed, I think it's great. I think my son is special anyway but his birthday makes him extra special, he was the 1st millenium leap year baby born in St. Mary's Manchester. I was so proud, he hung on for a week to do this though, not the most pleasant thing I've ever done! Do any of you find it hard to register your date of birth, I've had people write back to me to say I've given an incorrect d.o.b because their computer can't read it!

Leap Back Up!

L I C E N S E   I S S U E S

Wayne Robertson of Ohio, USA born 1952 at 5:45pm
I went to get my driver’s license and of course it said Feb 29th. So since there was no Feb 29th last year they weren't going to renew, so they switched it to Feb 28th so they could renew my license. How dumb is that?

Steve Herman of Ohio, USA born 1948 at 7:00am
Mom couldn't make it out the door. Born on the living room couch. Grew up in a small farm town with a population less than 3,000. Although we were a small town we had three leap year births, each 4 years apart. The local paper would interview us every leap day. Much to my family's chagrin I was stubborn and refused to celebrate my birthday any year except leap year. I still feel the same. I do enjoy packing four years worth of birthdays into one. When I came of legal age I often had trouble convincing people the date on my I.D. was legitimate. Since leaving my small town at age 18 I only met one other leap year "baby".

Franklin Corbin of Oregon, USA born 1952 at AM
I have only met a handful of leap year babies -- it would be wonderful to have a connection with others to share a very special day with. I guess the craziest thing that ever happened as a leap year baby was when I turned 21 -- it was a non leap year -- the clerk asked for my ID and said I wasn't 21 and there was no 29th day so he refused to sell me my beer. The manager was so confused by me being a leap year baby that he didn't know what to do -- and yes, they refused to give me my birthday beer.

Catherine Briseno of Michigan, USA born 1952 at AM?
Hi Everyone. well I was born and adopted at birth in Wyandotte Michigan. I looked up the day which fell on a Friday. Time, don't know. Just met my birth mother 2 years ago and touchy for me to ask questions. My adopted parents are both deceased but do remember mom telling me she thinks I was an early morning girl. I have only met 2 people in past years with our birthday. My parents always made a big thing out of my birthday. Placed an article in the local paper on my "first" legal birthday. I do kmow that when I went for my drivers permit they were not going to honor my birth date, they said there isn't any 29th and suggested I change it to either the 28th or March 1. I declined it all. This is such a big thing in my life to be "special" . In all ways, being chosen (adopted) then born on Leap Year. I am wishing you all a Happy Birthday. I plan to go to Anthony,Texas this year to really have a good birthday party. Will be my 14th!!!! Happy Birthday to you all again. Sincerely, Cathy

John Durrant of British Columbia, Canada born 1956 at 5:00am
I don't know if anyone has a brother/sister story but my younger brother was born on leap year one leap year after me. He has a story about being pulled over by a cop and when the officer punched his drivers licence into the computer he was cited for having an invalid drivers license. The computer system did'nt recognize Leap Year!!! No amount of explaining would get him out of the ticket!! My other brother and my sister were born on September 11th, exactly four years apart! My folks had a good sense of timing!

Teresa French of Texas, USA born 1956 at 7:15 AM
I got out of a traffic ticket once due to my birth date. In March of 1986 (not a Leap Year), I was issued a ticket for driving with an expired driver's license. When I went to court, I pleaded NOT GUILTY. The judge asked what I based this on, since clearly my driver's license had expired. I held up my driver's license, and pointed to the box that displayed BIRTHDATE: 02 29 56. Then I pointed to the box that displayed EXPIRES ON BIRTHDATE: 1986. (Note, the "Expires on Birthdate" section just displayed the YEAR). I then stated to the judge, "your honor, there was no February 29th in 1986". Well, the judge was not amused (she was lacking in the sense of humor department), however, once she GOT IT, she said, "not guilty; now get the hell out of my court-room". So there, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. By the way, the Texas Department of Public Safety has since changed the format of the driver's license to just show EXPIRES, then display the actual date. When my expiration date is not in a Leap Year, it shows as expiring on February 28th. Teresa

Penny Butler of Staffordshire, England, UK born 1956 at 2350
My most amusing memory so far must be when I was a serving member of the armed forces. During an exercise I was refused entry onto the airfield because of my date of birth, the sentry wouldn't believe my id was authentic and so I returned to barracks and went back to bed, while everyone else was playing at war in the snow I was safely tucked up.

Leap Back Up!

Paul Green of Iowa, USA born 1932 at 2:00AM
One Mar. 1 I noticed my drivers license showed it expiring on Feb. 29 in a non-leap year. I went to the Renewal office and the officer ruled that inasmuch as there was no Feb. 29 that year Mar. 1 was my date, and processed my renewal. To this day my license shows my DOB as Feb. 29, and my expiration date as Mar. 1.

Shirley Knox Stueven of Kansas, USA born 1948 at 10:00 AM
While in grade school, there were three of us in my class. It made for lots of fun - not being the only one. My major frustration hit when I turned 18 and the state drivers license department decided to change my birthday to March 1st because we could only get a license for 2 years at the time.

Linda of Florida, USA born 1948 at 1409
I have only met one other person, but have friends who know of another. I had a great deal of trouble renewing my drivers license one year when the computer system had been "updated"

Ed Norlander of West Virginia, USA born 1952 at 8:03am
I think that people here in WV should protest. I found out that if you are born on Feb 29th, the state makes you put Feb 28th or Mar 1st on the birth certificate. I was born in Chicago, IL, and my birth certificate says Feb 29th, even my military ID says Feb 29th. I have found that some things won't accept the 29th as a legal date though. Thats no fun. I think its great to have a "special" day.

Karlynn Fissinger of Illinois, USA born 1952 at 12:12p.m.
I had a bouncer in a bar tell me my ID Drivers license was an obvious fake because there are only 28 days in February. It took a few minutes for me to get him to realize that he was wrong. I ended up reciting the old 30 days have september etc poem we were taught in school before he agreed to let me inside. I also baby sat for a family whose oldest daughter was a leapyear baby and I went to grammer school with a boy that shared the same birthday.

Marsha DeWolfe of Texas, USA born 1960 at 11:56 pm
I don't like that my drivers license does not expire on my birthday.

Peggy Abrams of California, USA born 1960 at 10:00 am
I have only met one other Leap Day baby, born on the same day as me. Due to constant complications with his driver's license and other documents, his father legally changed his birthdate to the 28th of February. Some years ago, I had a terrible time making purchases with a credit card, due that my driver's license expiration date was not able to be verified in certain computer systems. I quit shopping in those stores!

Veronica of Texas, USA born 1964 at 9:32 am
On my 21st birthday, I attended a concert and went into the bar to have a drink. The bouncer asked for my I.D. and when he saw that my birthday was on Feb 29th, he tore up my ID stating that it was fake because there was no 29th in February. The manager of the bar re-imbursed me for the drivers license and gave me a free drink for my birthday.

Nathan J. Neben Sr. of Nevada, USA born 1964 at 1600
Greetings to all the youngsters out there! I always had to chuckle when my first driver's license in CA said it expired on birthday in 1983 (3 year issue). Since I didn't have one that year I wanted to contest that it never expired! LOL!

Greg of Oklahoma, USA born 1960 at 6:30pm
I just renewed my driver's license and as always, my license expires not on February 29, 2012 but rather on February 28, 2012.

Barbara J. Sanders of Atlanta, Georgia, USA born 1960 at 18:48
My driver's license expires on March 1st. I have had 10 birthdays. I like not having a birthday, because at my age, who needs em??

Lori Harkins of Nevada, USA born 1964 at 10:37 pm
I have never met another Leap Day baby in my 36 years, But I do remember going to get my first Drivers License, It came back with an expiration date of 1992 (16 years later than when I got it). I sure wish you could still get one that would last that long :)

Annabella Gualdoni of Massachusetts, USA born 1968 at 11 a.m.
My mother wasn't supposed to get out of bed during the last month of pregnancy (I was due mid March) but a friend insisted that they go shoe shopping. Her water broke, and here I am, a leap baby. FYI, the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles computer is onto the fact that the year my license expires is not a leap year, so I get an extra day to renew.

Jennifer of Ohio, USA born 1972 at 3:26pm
When I got my driver's license the agent insisted that my birthday could not be Feb 29. She wouldn't put that on my license until another agent explained leap year to her.

Mary Ginty of California, USA born 1968 at 12:38 pm
I've grown to love having a Leap Year birthday! It makes us unique people. And it's a great conversation starter, for another thing. I am usually the only person other people know with a Leap Year birthday. I only wish my driver's license didn't say "Expires in 2003"!

Gail Pelton of Ontario, Canada born 1972 at N/A
I have never met another Leap Year baby! I always love when people argue with me about what day my birthday is on and try to tell me that there is no Feb 29. Other than a few computer programs not recognizing the 29th and that I have to pay more for my license to be re-issued every 8 years instead of 5 it's been a joy to have something different about me and it always make good party conversation. No one ever forgets my birthday and every four years I get better gifts and more celebration.

Traci Dasher-Sullivan of Georgia, USA born 1976 at 5:25 a.m.
I have never met another Leap Day baby, but I would very much like to. I doubt that there are very many leapers in my city (Savannah, GA). I love being born on the 29th. I don't have a good "Leap day story", either. My birthdays have been largely uneventful...except for when I went to get my drivers liscence on my sixteenth birthday, and they're computers would not recognize the 29th as an actual day! I consider myself to be a unique person, and my birthday just accentuates my uniqueness!

Tracey Rodgers of Michigan, USA born 1968 at 2:57 pm
I am a leap year baby who wants to celebrate my uniqueness. I get tired of not being recognized as having a "normal" birthday. Its so unfair that my license plates expire a day before they should or that I don't get free meals on my birthday every year at restaurants! Freedom to Leapers!!! I have never met another Leaper, but I think it would be great.

Gerry McGlinn of Pennsylvania, USA born 1984
Quick story: My driver's license reads "Under 21 until 2/29/2005." Needless to say this completely confused the bartender when we went to the bar at midnight for my 21st.

Dawn Schweighofer-Post of Colorado, USA born 1972 at 09:23
When I received my minor ID/driver's license, the expiration date was "20 days after your 21st birthday". I read it aloud to the processor at the Dept of Motor Vehicle and commented "Wow, I'll be 84 years old when this expires!" The processor, supervisor, and manager each explained to me what that meant. I explained to them what I meant, and how the wording was on the ID: that maybe it should have an actual date of expiration. They all didn't get it and just thought I was an idiot with a typo on my birth certificate. ;-D

Zahida Khan of Pennsylvania, USA born 1972 at 11:41 am
I'm a Leap Day baby from 1972, and actually in high school there were TWO of us in the same class! Funny story: I have lived in 3 different states, and in each one, my driver's license would expire on a different date (2-28, 2-29, 3-1).

Corinne Maloney of New Jersey, USA born 1988 at 10:30 AM
I was originally scheduled as a C-Section for March 4, 1988. My father joked that it would be funny if I was born on February 29th. Sure enough, my mother went into labor on the 29th and had to have an emergency C-Section! I am now quickly approaching my 21st "birthday" and I am unsure of how it will work. Since there's no 29th this year, I'm wondering how has the 21st "birthday" gone for others? My driver's license says "Under 21 until: Invalid date".

Rachael Carvelli of Pennsylvania, USA born 1988 at 1:16pm
I spent my last few min before I turned 21 waiting to go to the bar and purchase my first alcoholic drink (on march 1st)....little did i know the state changed my license when I got the new one and wrote I turned 21 on feb 28 my friends were not happy with me haha

Carol Wilson years ago when the govt changed the drivers licenses to expire every 3 years on your birthday, they did not take into effect leap years. My drivers license expiration date was screwed up for a while and I had to go into their office and obtain a special license until they then changed it to expire every 4 years. It sure was a hassel at the time.

Leap Back Up!

O T H E R   I S S U E S Like insurance and Social Security!

Cheri K. (Welfelt) Smith of Seattle, Washington, USA born 1948
My dad always claimed that all insurance policies were changed to read "21 years of age" rather than "21st birthday" after the insurance agent was told I would be 84 years old on my 21 st birthday!

Richard Little of Florida, USA born 1932 at 600 am
I went to sign up for early S.S., at age 62,The lady got on her computer, asked when I was born, I said Feb. 29th 1932, she said to me " my computer says theres no such thing", I replyed, I could not be the only person born on that date, we had to settle on Feb 28th in order for me to sign up for S.S.

Trey Tripp of North Carolina, USA born 2004 at 9:26pm
Have you ever called an automated voice system and been asked to type in your birthday? Lots of them tell you that 2/29 is invalid!

Paul Tom Imbayan of Sabah, Malaysia born 1952 at 10 am
my mom told me it took some ten difficult minutes before my delivery into the world and did not even realised my birth date was a leapday as she was a villahe woman having no education. It was only sometimes later at secondary school that I learnt of my special birth date. I also found a Sister, distantly related to me, having exactly the same birth date. Also a niece of mine was borned of the leapday.

Trudy Martin of South Australia, Australia born 1964 at 1:15am
The day I turned 16 and tried to obtain a birth certificate from the local Police station, I was told to go home and ask my mother what day I was born because there is no 29th of February. When I finally got my birth certificate, it had 29th March on it!!! I had it rightfully changed to February 29th.

Matthew Duffy of Rhode Island, USA born 1984 at 10 pm
WOOOO! Party it up in 2004! Don't let it pass without some fun! What are you gunna do? My cousin is also a leap baby. Hmmm... constantly asked for my license, and told plenty of times that my birthday does not exist. Oh well.

Bridgette Fitzsimmons of Washington, USA born 1972 at 6:45am
I have never met another Leap Year baby. Many people think I should change my birthday. No Way!

Ken Hurst of Ohio, USA born 1956
The only occasion I had an issue with my birthday was when I was around 18 years old and had to sign up for unemployment benefits. The clerk argued with me something terrible that my birthday couldn't be Febuary 29th, as there is not 29 days in Febuary. Hopefully she learned a lesson that day.

Ian Strachan of British Columbia, Canada born 1956
It's amazing how many people don't know about Feb. 29. Most years there is no 29th on the calender and that's what they point to and show you and say, see there is no 29th.


Leap Back Up! 



Leap Day Parties & Events


If you would like to add a Leap Year Day event to this list send the info to

Raenell Dawn - leapdaylady @ gmail.com. I will add events after I review them.




VAN & BONNIE: Leap Year Birthday Party

Are you one of those poor people that only have birthdays on February 29th, thus only having a birthday once every 4 years? What a jip…right?!?!
Van & Bonnie want to do something about that, but we need your help to spread the word! We are having a FREE Leap Year Birthday Party, with go-karts and birthday cake cupcakes from Hy-Vee for people born on February 29th! So bring your immediate family, and celebrate with other Leap Year babies at MB2 Raceway in Grimes!
If you’re a card carrying February 29th-er…you’re in! Let’s party with Van & Bonnie and Newsradio 1040 WHO!
1350 SE Gateway Dr #108
Grimes, IA 50111


For more info email:  [email protected]





Leap Back Up



All 72 Houlihan’s restaurants across the nation will gift all Leaplings – those with Leap Day birthday – who dine at any location on Monday, Feb. 29 a free entrée. Each will also receive 28 additional free entrées to redeem on a return visit at any Houlihan’s in the next month.
The full press release can be found at this link and is also attached: http://pitch.pe/1oBynh5

The Wild Honey Piehttps://www.facebook.com/thewildhoneypie/
Event: Leap Day Celebration with Lazyeyes, Corporal (ft. Michael Shannon), Goodman
Location: Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St, New York, New York 10002
DateFebruary 29, 2016
Time7pm - 10pm
Opener 1 - Goodman: https://www.facebook.com/musicofgoodman/


$5 advance / $8 day of show
Doors at 7pm / Music at 7:30pm / Happy Hour 'til 8pm / Followed by Arlene's Grocery Live Band Rock & Roll Karaoke at 10pm
Leap Day drink specials all night - If you’re a Leap Day Baby, please let us know!


Leap Day Birthday Celebration
at the Jacksonville Zoo!
It is 2/29/2016 from 10am - 1pm
Leap Year birthdays get FREE entry!

Since the frog is the leap year mascot, we are promoting amphibian conservation at the zoo with frog finger puppet crafts, the Jacksonville Giants Basketball Team will be there, Fun4FirstCoastKids.com will be there, the Jacksonville Sharks will be there, and it will be loads of fun!



Chiltern Railways
Leap Year babies travel free on their birthday!

  • The Business Zone is not included in this offer. 
  • No other form of ID will be accepted.
  • The offer is for travel on the 29 February only.
  • The offer is valid on any Chiltern Railways service for that day only.  

Celebrate Leap Year Day on Monday, February 29!

Color Wheel in McLean, Virginia will have a special gift for any customers showing ID who are at least 18 years of age and were born on February 29, only on February 29. Details are in the link above. We'll also release details and a coupon for all other shoppers to use on February 29, but that won't be public until February 22. That coupon will be added to the page above as well. Happy Leap Year!!!

Great American Cookies® to Offer One Free Individually Yours Cookie Cake to People Born on February 29

ATLANTAFeb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Having a Leap Year birthday can be pretty sweet! Great American Cookies®, the national gourmet cookie shop, is offering one free Individually Yours Cookie Cake to people with February 29 birthdays as part of the "A Sweet for Your Leap" promotion. With a valid identification card or document stating official date of birth, Leapers will receive a delicious 5 x 7 inch Cookie Cake with a "We Heart You" message in participating stores on Monday, February 29, 2016. * No purchase necessary.  

"Let the Leapers eat Cookie Cake! People born during a Leap Year only get to celebrate their actual birthday every four years so Great American Cookies wants them to really celebrate in 2016," said David KaiserBrand Vice President, Great American Cookies. "Our Individually Yours Cookie Cakes are a delicious treat and perfectly sized for one person which means Leap Day birthday celebrators don't even have to share. After all, February 29 is their big day!"

For more information and store locations, visit our website www.greatamericancookies.com, follow Great American Cookies national Twitter handle, @Gr8AmCookies, or become a fan of the brand on Facebook www.facebook.com/greatamericancookies.

*While supplies last. Limit one per customer during day of promotion. Counts vary by store. Valid only at participating U.S. stores. No purchase necessary. Must present valid identification proving February 29 date of birth. Great American Cookies is managed by GFG Management, LLC, a subsidiary of Global Franchise Group.


U N I T E D  K I N G D O M

February 29, 2016 at CLIC Sargent in Scotland in Glasgow

We’re buzzing about Leap Day – Monday 29th February! We are throwing out a huge Leap Day Challenge of getting 29 people to shave their heads in Scotland on the 29th! CLIC Sargent will be providing around 850 hours of support to young cancer patients on Leap Day and nearly all had no choice about losing their hair. Would you support us and them this way? If you don’t want to go the whole hairless hog, how about parting company with some long locks or a ponytail? A Leap Day only happens every 4 years, so let’s make it count. To register visit us by clicking here.

U N I T E D  S T A T E S


10K For Foster Kids For My 10th Leap Year Birthday

San Diego, California but for anyone internati0nally!

Calling all Leap Year Babies!
We've had super-extended childhoods, now let's help kids in need in our own communities!
Leap Year Day Babies Give Back!

In honor of my 10th birthday, I hope to raise $10,000 for Voices for Children (www.speakupnow.org) over the next year to support all of the amazing work the organization does on behalf of foster kids in San Diego.

I'm calling on all leap year babies to support efforts to help children in their own communities in the next year! Post information here! For all of the years we've skipped out on blowing out birthday candles and making wishes, maybe we can get together and make really important wishes come true for some kids in need!

Editors Note: I, Raenell Dawn, donated the amount of the LeapAge I'll be on February 29, 2016, 14, ($14.00). It all adds up. Small amounts count. 

Morgan Hill, California

Adult coloring books are topping the best sellers' lists. Why?  Coloring is a mindful, relaxing way to focus yourself and tap into your creativity!

We'll provide the coloring books, colored pencils, crayons and markers at this FREE event for the community.

We celebrate on LEAP YEAR DAY because what better way to spend this extra day?!

Monday, February 29, 2016, 10 am to noon

Location:  80 E. 2nd Street, downtown Morgan Hill, California

Contact:  Cinda or Brad, (408) 778-6467



Waltz or twirl the night away while benefitting Shawnee Town’s at the same time.
Doors open at 7pm, dancers from 627 Stomp will provide basic dance instruction
if you feel a bit rusty
, followed by 3 hours of music by the Grand Marquis.

There will be hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.

Reservations required, $15/single, $25/couple.

Friends of Shawnee Town, $10 single, $20 couple.

Call today to reserve your spot on the dancefloor, 913-248-2360.

Address: 11501 W 57th St, Shawnee, KS




Monday, February 29, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EST)
Fairmont Copley Plaza - 138 Saint James Avenue Boston, MA 02116


Leap Day Party Feb. 29
Children of all ages are invited to attend a Leap Day party
Monday, Feb. 29 at 1 OR 4 p.m. Call to confirm.
Ludington Library, 217 E. Ludington Ave. Ludington, Michigan

(231) 843-8465

This party has been four years in the making, and will feature special treats, crafts, games, and a little bit of time travel!
Children under age 6 must be accompanied by an adult. ALL Mason County District Library programs are free of charge.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

2016 is a “Leap Year” meaning that there is one extra day this February. With your help, we will raise $29k in 29 days To Save Lives and Bring Hope to Those Affected by Suicide. Suicide is preventable, and you will be helping AFSP save lives with your gift. Please donate $29 today! Use #29Kin29days and help us reach our goal.


Leap Year Virtual 2.29 Mile Race in Honor of Rare Disease Day

This year is Leap Year! So we're celebrating by running 2.29 miles to celebrate 2.29.2016! Did you know that February 29, Leap Day, is also Rare Disease Day? To help bring awareness we are devoting our Leap Year Race to the National Organization for Rare Diseases.

Contact: Angie Webb at [email protected]

Editors Note: I, Raenell Dawn. signed up to walk in Keizer, Oregon!


There are special Leap Day Geocaching events all over the world this Leap Day 2016. Do a search, in a search engine of your choice, of Geocaching and the location you desire and you may find one you like.

Leap Back Up



make custom gifts at Zazzle


Welcome to leapyearday.com.

2016 was a big Leap Year for us, for the first time, we had more people checking us out from mobile, and on our Facebook feed, than we had on the website. So we've made some changes to the website to make it easier to navigate on mobile, and we've shifted our membership to a Facebook group.

You will still find all the fun Leap Day stuff we've always had here, and we will continue to operate the website, and add new info when we see another Leap Day on the calendar. That will be in the year 2020.

We have lots of pages of fun information about Leap Year Day.  Scroll through the carousel links above to access all of our pages.

Enjoy the website... learn something new about Leap Day... and don't forget... Anyone can be born in a Leap Year. We were born on Leap Year Day!

The Leap Day Lady,

Raenell Dawn

You can scroll through the Knowledge Base carousel above to navigate through the site. We're pretty sure we have the internet's biggest collection of Leap Day facts and trivia.

These are some things we're concerned about:

  • Dictionaries still don't post Leap Year Day like they do New Year's Day. Leap Year and Leap Day are in all lower case letters. That needs changed.
  • Some websites still consider February 29 an invalid date!
  • Most calendar's still don't put LEAP DAY on February 29th. That needs changed.
  • We all have issues, but we leapers also face these... Leap Year Issues

Leap Day tends to be the calendar's forgotten day, and we will continue to try to help the world understand why these things are important, especially to people born on Leap Day. If you have a story to add, send it to us via the "contact us" link above.

Remember!  It's not just some people's birth day. Leap Day is everyone's extra day.

Enjoy the site!


Tell Your Story

One of the main goals of the Honor Society is to promote Leap Day awareness.  During our first four Leap Years, we put a lot of effort into connecting journalists with Leapers, and stories about our members have appeared in newspapers around the world.  Now, in the age of social media, it's so much easier for newspapers to find their Leap Day sources, that we no longer offer this service, though we may still make connections with individual members.

If you have a story to tell, please consider joining our Facebook group, and posting it there.  You may also post on our Facebook Page.

Contribute to the Honor Society

We aim to have the largest collection of Leap Day knowledge on the internet here on the leapyearday.com website.  Please don't hesitate to contribute anything Leap related.  Use the Contact Us form to send us a message, you can use the form to attach a file.  You can also drop stuff in the mail.

What we're looking for:

  • Stories: any story related to a Leap Day experience, or something that happened to you because you are a Leaper.
  • Stuff: any piece of Leap Day memorabilia... cards, signs, objects, anything... send a photo.
  • Help: Feel  like volunteering to a great cause? The Honor Society is looking for art, design and web page editors. We are always recruiting!
Our Postal Address:
4405 Panther CT NE
Keizer, OR 97303-2424

Premium Membership has it's benefits

The Honor Society is a volunteer effort... please consider supporting us to defray the cost of web hosting, domain names, office supplies, and web design. 

Subscribing Membership

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Welcome Leapers

The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies, is a  free membership  birthday club for people born on February 29th. We offer membership in the society via our Facebook group. Membership is open to people born on February 29th, and interested family members of people born on February 29th.  We also keep a Facebook page, which is more focused on Leap Day related news.

The Honor Society offers a  birth family search service. If you know somebody born on February 29th, but are not sure of their name, we will publish the facts that you have on our site. 

Our Legacy Members: The society got it's start in 1997, and we maintained a membership system on this website. Over 10,000 people from all over the world joined over the years, and their profiles are still available to browse on our legacy members page.  

Leapified Books

We've compiled a list of books that are either entirely Leap themed, or have somehow incorporated Leap Day into the story.  Some of these books you can buy at amazon.com, so consider buying from the amazon carousel below, or ask your local book store or do a search online. If you can, get an extra copy to give to a school or library. They really need these books!

Thank you for helping us spread Leap Year Day Awareness.

Leap Year Books for Children:

Leopold’s Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday by Dawn Desjardins  

It’s My Birthday…Fianlly! by Michelle Whitaker-Winfrey

Leaps Day by Stephanie Bee Simmons

The Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Stop by Robert Cox

The Leap Year Book by Barbara Sutton-Smith 

The Pirates of Penzance, a musical by William S. Gilbert and Arthur S. Sullivan

The Pirates of Penzance (film version). With Kevin Kline, Rex Smith and Linda Ronstadt William S. Gilbert and Arthur S. Sullivan

It’s Not Leap Year This Year by Michelle Whitaker-Winfrey

Mommy, Where’s My Birthday! by Lakisha Cornel

Leap Year Young Adult Books:

Leap Day by Wendy Mass




The Teachers Page!


(If you find any errors in this chart please let us know by clicking here)

Birth Year

Leap Years

Actual Age


Birth Year

Leap Years

Actual Age



















































































A Leapling
is born!


The Leap Year Rhyme
By Raenell Dawn

Leap Year, Leap Year
When will you be?
Every four years
Then you'll see.
You want more?
We do too!
How many more
can you
Leap to?











Turning 13 is a big deal!
You're now a teenager. But this special birthday can not be celebrated on the date that
Leap Day babies were born on because when we turn 13, it's not a Leap Year. So...

The Leap Day Birthday Rhyme
by Raenell Dawn

There is a girl named Raenell,
who didn't like her birthday very well.
When she turned 13,
she thought it quite mean,
It was her birthday but no one could tell!

F U N  C H A R T S
Even Decades
have three Leap Years
Odd decades
have two Leap Years
1960     1964     1968 1972     1976
1980     1984     1988 1992     1996
2000     2004     2008 2012     2016







Another way to tell if it's a Leap Year or not is by what day of the week the year starts and ends on. Every year January 1 and December 31 (the first and last day of the year) fall on the same day of the week. Unless it's a Leap Year.

Leap Years only occur in years that show January 1st landing on one day of the week and December 31 on the following day of the week. See the example below.


Thursday January 1 - Thursday December 31

Not a Leap Year


Friday January 1 - Saturday December 31

Leap Year!


Sunday January 1 - Sunday December 31

Not a Leap Year


Monday January 1 - Monday December 31

Not a Leap Year


Tuesday January 1 - Tuesday December 31

Not a Leap Year


Wednesday January 1 -  Thursday December 31

Leap Year!


Friday January 1 – Friday December 31

Not a Leap Year













Eleven times in 100 years February 28 lands on Saturday and March 1 lands on Sunday.
We consider that our Birthday Week-end!

Here are the eleven years between 1981 and 2081 that provide(d) such a week-end for us.

1981 1987 1998 2009 2015 2026 2037 2043 2054 2065 2071



Think About These

Leap Year Day Babies born in 1884 had no birthday during their entire teen-age years. Why?
Because 1900 was not a Leap Year. In 1888 they were [email protected] In 1892 they were[email protected]. In 1896 they were [email protected].

However, since 1900 was not a Leap Year, they had to wait 8 years before they could celebrate again on February 29.
Making that the only time a Leap Day baby turned [email protected] instead of [email protected] And [email protected] instead of [email protected].

Because of that, not one single teenage year was celebrated ON their birth date.

Another way to pose the question is:
Leap Year Day Babies celebrate their birthday on their birth date every four years. But those born in 1884 couldn't celebrate on their 4th birthday when they turned 16. Why?

Leap Day babies born in 1984 were able to celebrate turning [email protected] in Leap Year 2000 because it is divisible by 400 and therefore a Leap Year.

Leap Year Day Babies will never have a "Golden Birthday"
A Golden Birthday is when your age matches the number you were born on. Leap Year Day Babies will have to be 116 before they turn 29 on the 29th

International Date Line Dilemma
The Long and Short of it all! We thought this could be used as a learning tool about the International Date Line.

The L O N G of it... Longest Reported Leap Day: 
Jon Hayanga Leap Year Day Baby 1960, had his birthday in Taipei one day then crossed the international date line going east and had his birthday again the next day in Spokane, WA, USA.

...and The SHORT of it... Shortest Reported Leap Day:
Ed Chatfield Leap Year Day Baby 1940, crossed the date line in a ship (going west) the night of  February 28 woke up on March 1.

James Collins of Texas, USA, born Leap Day 1968 says:
In a non Leap Year, on February 28th, when they ask, "When's your birthday?" you can tell people this:
"It's the day after today but it's not tomorrow. And it's the day before tomorrow but it's not today."


A math book from 1758 uses Leap Year in one of the math lessons. NOTE: Leap Year has a capital L and Y. 

Leaping Math Issues
1) If Tina was born in 1960, but has only had 13 birthdays, on her birth day, how could she be turning 56 next Leap Year 2016?
Answer: Because 1960 was a Leap Year so Tina must have been born on February 29.
Note: See how it is worded? "on her birth day" - we can only celebrate our birthday ON our birth day, in Leap Years. In annual years we celebrate on different days.

2) If Edwardo was born on February 29, 1956 and in 2012 turned 14 Leap Years on his birthday, how many years old is Edwardo?
(Answer: 56. The key is 14 Leap Years vs. how many "years" without the Leap, literally!)  

3) If Chinedu was born February 29, 2000, how many birthdays dill he celebrate, on his birthday, in 2016?
(Answer: 4)

4) If Alitza was born February 29, 1976, how many times did she celebrate her birthday ON her birthday, by 2012?
(Answer: 9 because 9x4=36. In 2012 Alitza turned 36.)










 Which Day Leap Day? What Leap Day were you born on?

Every 28 years Leap Day lands on the same day of the week. Check it out...

Monday If you were born in...






Saturday if you were born in...






Thursday if you were born in...






Tuesday if you were born in...






Sunday if you were born in...






Friday if you were born in...






Wednesday if you were born in...







Parents Page

Congratulations!  You have a Leap Day Baby!

     WHAT NOW?

  • What do I do about my baby's birthday?

  • What do I say when asked why their
    birthday isn't on the calendar?

  • When am I supposed to celebrate
    their birthday?

  • How old are they... really?

  • Will they get teased in school?



Your child was born on Leap Day, or Leap Year Day. They were NOT born *ON Leap Year*.

*Leap Year* is the whole year. Leap Year lasts all year long. We were born ON Leap Day.


We are Leap Day babies, not Leap Year babies. Anyone can be born IN a Leap Year. We were
born ON Leap Day. There's a big difference there! 
So, for example; your child is a Leap Day baby,
who was born on Leap Year Day. 


Your child is the same age as any other child born in the same year as your child.

The difference is that those of us born on February 29 have this special *thing* about our birthday
that can be a bit confusing at first, to adults and children. But it's super cool once they get it.

It is NOT correct to say your 8 year old child is "Two years old" as it is obvious they are not. There are
a few ways to say it correctly. Here are some to think about:

1. My child is two Leap Years old.
2. My child is two at 8.
3. My child is 8 at two.
4. My child is 2.

You get a better response when it is said correctly, and it is important to be correct.

When people ask how old I am I tell them "I am 13". Period. They usually don't understand so I explain my Leapness and tell them to figure out my *annual* age. With kids, I help them with the math. But I like to let the person asking figure it out. It helps them to grasp the concept that Leap Years happen every four years.

Please let them be the ages they are going to be if that's what they want at that age. You know, "4" and "8" or "12".

Please try not to make such a big deal over them being "1" or "2" when they don't want to be. They've already been 1 and 2 and want to enjoy being 8 or 12.

Something like "You're turning 8 on your second birthday!" or "You'll be 3 again on your twelfth
birthday" might be good alternatives to use. Some little Leapers grow up to really like 
the whole
concept. Others rather celebrate the annual age they are turning.

Until they reach an age they can understand what is going on, it is important to allow them to age
like everyone else does. It's only right, really, because we do age just like every 
one else does.

When it is your baby's First Birthday (one year old) they are only 1/4 in Leap Years. First Birthday's
are sometimes made a big deal out of. The baby probably wont 
remember that event. It's usually
for the adults anyway.

Sooo, it might be a good idea to go ahead and have the First Birthday party that you want while
they are too young to have an opinion. You can do it again, depending on the child, when they are
four years old, at 1.

And please remember... they still *get* a birthday, and they still turn each age. Leap Day Babies
simply get to celebrate the actual day we were born on differently 
than others do.

Yes, simple as that.


In Leap Years, celebrate their birthday ON February 29th. We only get to do that every 4 years.
In off years, we can celebrate on February 28th because we were born in February. However,
we were born the day after the 28th so we can celebrate on March 1st if we want to.

Or both because we can! And some of us do!

Some Leap Day Babies pick a day out of the year not in February or March. They choose what
day will be their birthday that year. When it comes to celebrating at a birthday party, the frog is
the big deal.

So are leaping lizards. Getting the child items that reflect their Leapness is always fun. You can
find some fun items in 
the LEAP THIS shop.


Depending on where you live will determine when your child may drive or be considered an adult.

Regardless of when we celebrate, we will not be our next age until after midnight of February 28.
No matter what the next day is; February 29, or March 1, depending on the year.

When it comes to getting a free meal at a restaurant, or something like that, it is the managers
decision. I have heard of many Leap Day babies who got the free meal, or they got to get in free,
or they received the discount. It's usually up to the manager.

The argument? The 29th is not there, and we're just talking about a meal, or a one-time freebie.
It's simply 
fun. And some people can actually see the fun in this. Which is cool.

When I was [email protected] I asked the manager of the movie theater, a group of us went to, if I could get
the "12 and under" price because I had just recently turned 11. He thought that was so cool he let
me, and my friends, in for free! I'll admit it, THAT was fun!



I have heard stories about parents or grandparents who have teased their little Leapling. Not cool.

Please do not tease your little Leap Day baby about their birthday. They will get enough of that
outside the 
home from people who don't understand the coolness of Leap Day.

Please don't say things like, "If you don't do your chores your birthday wont be on the calendar
year and you wont get a birthday!" That is just mean.

This is your child, who believes you, trusts you and takes what you say as truth. Please don't use
their birth date against them.

They need you on their side as someone who 'gets it' while others don't.

Please continue to explain to them why their birth date is not there, until they are of an age they
understand it.

Learn all you can about Leap Day to make it easier on you, and your little Leapling.

When it makes sense to you, it will be easier to explain it to them. And, it's your extra day too,
why not know what it's all about, right? Hey, Bonus to you! ;0)

Please don't make a big deal over them being "1" or "2" when they do not want to be. They've
already been 1 and 2. 
If they are really excited about turning 4, 8, or 12, please rejoice with them,
and celebrate that.

Something like "You're turning 8 on your second birthday!" or "You'll be 3 again on your twelfth
birthday" are good alternatives to use. You'll find a comfortable way to say it to your child.

Do you see what I mean here? Allow them to be 4 and 8 while you celebrate their Leapness.
When they get older, and have a clearer understanding of this day they were born on, they just
may appreciate it 
And they'll appreciate it more if you made it a positive thing for them when they were young.

I Thank You for getting Leapified for your Leapling! 


Parents love to over use "It's because your special!" Well, for me, that only worked for so long.

I wanted to know why I was special, and, I still wanted to know why my birthday wasn't on the
calendar every year. 

The technical reasons don't really work on kids that are very young. "Because you're special"
will last the first few years.  However, we STILL want concrete answers to our "why" question.

My suggestion is to tell your little Leap Day baby the truth from the beginning. Here's what the
truth is... 

Your child was born on February 29, Leap Year Day. Or Leap Day as some call it. Either is fine.

Leap Day represents balance between the universe and the planet earth itself. OK, maybe that's
to much to understand. It represents balance between the way humans keep track of time and
how the planet rotates around the sun. That's a little easier to understand.

Leap Day represents balance between the seasons and the calendar. Pretty basic. Depending
on their age they'll understand. But they probably wont really "get it" until their 2nd and 3rd
birthday (when they are 8 and 12).

Prepare yourself, and, especially, your Leapling, for the questions you'll get from others. Maybe
you already get them. If so, then you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't heard the
questions, you will in due time. You will here these questions over and over. And that's OK.
People are curious.

1. When do you celebrate?
2. How old are you really?
3. What does it feel like to not get a birthday?

The questions may sound ridiculous, with obvious answers. I think it's the way the question is
asked. Of course we get a birthday. We age, we celebrate that age every year, and we "get" a

The question people are really asking, and may not know how, is: What is it like to have a
birthday on a date that's not on the calendar every year?

Some may even blurt out "Oh my gosh! You poor thing!"  Just calmly explain to them what you
do, and that it's nothing to seek therapy over.


The generations alive today do not know life without clocks and calendars. We have always
able to tell what time it is, what day it is, what month it is, what year it is.

There wasn't an 8th day where God said 'Let there be clocks and calendars in abundance'.
Someone had to figure it out. Several people did. And then it took thousands of generations
to perfect it. 

The calendar has been through many changes. It is now at its' most perfect, so they say. Some
may disagree, and that's OK. The point is, the calendar we use today; the device we use to keep
track of days, weeks, months and years, has been the way it is now for hundreds and hundreds
of years. There's a reason for that. We experience the seasons the same time every year. The
seasons are in the same set of months, every year. THAT is a big deal.

Think about this for a minute... If we didn't have an extra day to keep the calendar in sync with
the seasons, we would eventually have to celebrate holidays that happen in one season, in a
totally different season. In the parts of the world where Christmas is celebrated in the winter, it
will eventually end up being celebrated in the summer.

To plant, grow and harvest, we need dependable time frames we can count on. If we didn't have
that extra day to keep the season's lined up with the calendar, we would have a horrible time
trying to maintain our crops.

Leap Year Day was added to the calendar when February was the last month of the year. When
February was promoted to the second position of the calendar, it retained the responsibility of
keeping the calendar in line with the seasons.

It's because of that extra day, February 29, Leap Year Day, that the calendar is as perfect as it is.

How wonderful that is. How cool that we were born on such a great day in history. Not everyone
will agree with me, I know. And that's OK.

From the research I've done in the last 5 Leap Years (come on, how many years is that?) I've
learned that I was born on a day that represents something really cool. And that I have something
unique about me that not too many people have. That feels good. I'll admit 
it. It's neat. It's fun.
It's cool even.

OK - it didn't feel good when I got teased in elementary school. My second grade teacher asked if
we knew someone born on February 29. I rose my hand and told her I was born on that day. She
said, right there in front of the class... "Oh you poor child" - Can you believe that?

Teachers today have so much more information about Leap Year than teachers in the past. But
there still might be an UnLeapified teacher lurking somewhere in a school district we might have
missed. If 
you know of one, give them our web address www.leapyearday.com.

So be aware, be Leap Year Day Aware, and make sure your child's teacher is too!

Oh there are kids who will sing "You don't get a birthday" in that sing-song style kids do so well.
Or, say things like, 
"You can't play with us, you're only a baby." But at least now, more than ever
maybe, teachers, 
students and parents will have a clearer understanding of what Leap Year is,
and what Leap Day is, 
and why. And from that I hope they will all think of it as I do. That it's a
very cool day to recognize 
in general, and it's a very cool day to be born on.

So be patient with your Leap Day baby. Teach them what it is, why it is, and how special they are
for being born on a day in history that represents balance and harmony.

There is no competition like other "holiday babies" experience. We are certainly a unique bunch
of people and you can learn 
more about Leap Year and Leap Day on this site.

Check out the TEACHERS page for fun facts and Leapified learning tools. My prayer is that you
will educate yourself on the subject, so you are able to help your child understand what it means
to be ... a Leap Day Baby.

WHO AM I? Raenell is the name, and Leaping is my game!

I am not a child psychologist, or a doctor, or even a parent!
However ~

I have been a child. And I am a Leap Day baby.

I simply want to give you a Leap Day baby's perspective
to help you understand your child's Leapness.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions
or comments regarding this subject. My email is 



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