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Rookie Card - The band wants Leap Day babies!


Internationally recognized as Leap Day babies' favorite anthem writers, San Diego rock outfit Rookie Card is making a special "2/29" video for this year's birthday celebration starring....."leapers". Besides playing a show at the infamous Kensington Club on February 29th with local legends John Meeks and Marie Haddad, the band is asking 2/29ers worldwide to send them a little something for a new video for their 2004 Leap Year classic.


Anyone born on February 29th anywhere in the world is welcome to be a part. We can't accurately check your ID but this is officially endorsed by the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies and they know these things.

Film yourself singing, lipsyncing, dancing, playing an instrument or just grinning to the Rookie Card song "2/29". You can watch it at , hear it on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. The lyrics are below. You can do anything fun you want but we'd love to see what part of the world you're in more than your bathroom. If you want us to actually hear you sing, play an instrument or say something clever, wear headphones but DO NOT HAVE THE SONG PLAYING loud enough for us to hear it. We'll mute any other video so we'll just see you and hear our song playing. Film the whole song or just a short bit. Shoot horizontally in landscape mode, not vertically.

Email your movie file (mov or mp4 preferred) to or message via Rookie Card's Facebook page at . Please put your name, location and "age" in the subject and let us know if it's ok to put that on the screen when you're on. Being anonymous is fine too. By sending us a video, you are allowing us to use any part of it for this video and nothing else. This is for fun, non-profit use. Sending in a video does not guarantee being included. We hope we can fit everyone in but it's likely no one will be on screen for more than a few seconds. We look forward to seeing folks of all ages from all over the world!

DEADLINE: February 11, 2024.

We'll post the video to Facebook and Youtube sometime before the week of the 29th.


“I could walk and talk on my first birthday and by the next I was reading at the 4th grade level and by number 3, I felt so pre-teen and that’s a tender early age to get so disenchanted but all the other kids seemed to take theirs for granted. It’s “Time To Change” forever. Peter Pan would be better. I hang my head and sigh and calendars pass me by. Ahead of my time on 2/29. 2/29. Sorry ’bout your belated valentine. 2/29. It’s never too late to say that you’ll be mine. So you think it’s rough being born near Christmas? Try coming out on a day that doesn’t exist in 3 years out of 4. I’ll have faith no more in my god given right to closing eyes and making wishes. The combo of the hats and those stupid paper dishes. Call me on March 1st, if you’ve got the nerve. I could stand the test of time if they graded on a curve. And don’t go counting candles. That’s more than I can handle. I might live long but won’t get to see 29. Privileges of youth have been revoked sooner than I hoped. I’m aging faster at a quarter of the speed. My will to live don’t have a lifetime guarantee. I wanna leap off the deep end. I hope I fall on a weekend…”


Our fifth/20th anniversary Leap Year Show is straight outta 2004 with John Meeks and Marie Haddad at our old haunt, the Kensington Club. Lotsa special "2/29" surprises and guests from the band that wrote THE song on the subject. A bargain at ONLY $10 (that's barely more than $2.29 per act). FREE for Leap Day Babies with valid ID. RSVP/Info at

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