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Over the years, people have asked us to post birth information about people born on February 29th that they are looking for. So far, all the searches are by birth family members, searching for somebody that was given up in adoption.  Two of these have resulted in successful searches.  If you are looking for somebody born on Leap Year Day -- chances are they might visit this website one day, and see this information. Below is a table of searches we're supporting, and below that, some comments about how this works:

Search is by:  Leap Year girl searching for birth family.

Birth information:  1968: Alabama, female born at St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama in 1968.
Contact:  Contact us below if you might have information

Search is by:  Birth sister and brother

Birth information:  1960: Vancouver, Canada, female born Feb 29 in Vancouver. Birth mother is Faye Adelaide Cumber from Grand Prairie, Alberta. Father is unknown. Baby was taken by Adoption Services shortly after Birth.

Contact:  Contact us here if you might have information.

Search is by:  Birth mother

Birth information:  1984: Casper, Wyoming, USA, female born on Feb 29, at Natrona County Memorial Hospital in Casper Wyoming and adopted after a week through Catholic Charities. Her hair was reddish and she had big blue eyes.  Named Crystal by birth mother, and possibly Emily by adoptive parents.

Contact:  Contact us here if you might have information.

Search is by:  Birth family

Birth information:  1956: Montreal, Canada, male born Feb 29 in Montreal. Named Joseph Vincent Suave by birth mother. Adopted through Catholic Charities at age of 3 months.

Contact:  Contact us here if you might have information.

Search is by:  Birth family

Birth information:  1972: Denver, CO, USA, male born Feb 29 at Denver General hospital. Named Brian by birthmother Barbara Ann Zeiler. Adoption believed to be processed through Social Services. 

Contact:  Contact us here if you'd like to message her.

Search is by:  Birth brother

Birth information:  1964: Chicago, USA, male, born Feb 29 at Cook County Hospital. Named Kevin by birth mother Amy Onstott and birth father Rodolfo Gonzalez. The adoption was processed through Cook County hospital.

Contact:  Contact us here if you might have information.

Search is by:  Birth family

search completed

Birth information:  1964: Calgary, Canada, female, born Feb 29 at Grace Hospital. Named Mandy by birth mother. Given up for adoption 1 week later. 

Search is by:  Birth mother

search completed

Birth information:  1976: Salt Lake City, USA, male, born Feb 29 at Holy Cross Hospital to birth mother. Son given up for adoption. 

How This Works

If you are searching for someone born on Leap Day, or if you are born on Leap Day, and are searching for people that know something about your birth, then we will place a record here for you. 

Registry Records

Each record has three parts, birth information which consist of some known facts about the birth, the person (or group) conducting the search, and a contact.

Currently we do not support direct contact.  If you are interested in a particular search, you must contact us, and use us as intermediaries.  We may take up to a week to respond to a query.

Role of Intermediary

The role of the intermediary is to communicate between parties, and to respect the privacy of all involved. Parties can remain anonymous if they want. Usually, it is best to work with an intermediary in initial contact, if nothing else than to provide support for the unexpected  information that may be revealed. There is always a chance that you won't like what you find -- and that's hard to deal with alone. 

More Info

You can find resources for searches related to adoption on the internet. You can try a search on "adoption search resources", these resources vary from country to country. 

Contact us 

If you would like to post something in this registry, or if you have any questions about this registry and how it works please let us know below.


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