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British Filmmaker and Leap Day baby Chris Lane is attending the Leap Year Day Cruise and will be making a documentary about Leap Year Day babies whilst onboard the cruise.


In return for supporting the project the filmmakers are offering a range of rewards including access to a secret behind the scenes group, your name or company logo in the credits, signed posters and even an Executive Producer credit on IMDb!


The team can be followed on Twitter @foreveryoungdoc and you can help raise awareness of the project by sharing the crowdfunding campaign on social media and with your friends and family.

Chris says, 'This project is very personal to me and I think it could make for a lovely film with plenty of anecdotes about being born on a day which only occurs every four years. We’re looking to shoot a short film on this occasion, but there may be an opportunity to make a feature length Leap Year baby project in the future should the short film prove a success on the film festival circuit’.

Chris will be producing the film via his aptly named production company Leapling Films. The last short film that he produced played at 150 film festivals including multiple BAFTA and OSCAR eligible festivals, won 30 awards and received 3.6 million views across all platforms.


If you have any questions about the film Chris and his team can be contacted via email here.

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