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British Film Producer and Leap Day baby Chris Lane is attending the Leap Year Day Cruise and will be making a documentary about Leap Year Day babies whilst onboard the cruise.

Chris, a Leapling himself, will produce the film but is currently keen to hear from other Leaplings around the world who would like to be involved.


Ideally, he'd like to bring onboard a film crew that is entirely made up by people who were born on the 29th February! This will be a difficult feat, but you can help raise awareness of the project by sharing this post on social media and with your friends and family.

The priority at this early development stage is to recruit crew, investors and sponsors.

If interested in getting involved, please contact Chris by email via chris@leaplingfilms.com.

Chris says, 'This project is very personal to me and I think it could make for a lovely film with plenty of anecdotes about being born on a day which only occurs every four years. I personally believe that a ten-minute short film would work best on this occasion, but it could potentially be expanded to a feature length project, depending on the interest and level of investment raised'.

Chris will be producing the film via his aptly named production company 'Leapling Films'. 'A Father's Day', the last short film that he produced, played at 140 film festivals including BAFTA and OSCAR eligible festivals, won 30 awards and was distributed via leading distributor Shorts International.