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Leap Year Calculator


Is it a leap year? What about in 1900? Or 2100?
Get your Leap Year facts straight with this Leap Year calculator.
Just enter the year you are interested in and the script reports whether it is a Leap Year or not.


Or, enter a range of years and JavaScript will display all the Leap Years in that range. It's Leaparific!

Check For Leap Year:
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Enter the year then click the button below.

Leap Years Within A Range:

Start Year: 
End Year: 


There's 7 days a week, a Leap Year every 4 years, so every 28 years,
Leap Day falls on the same day, and that day occurs 5 times that month.
It happens every 28 years. This is a cycle that began in 1904 and ends in 2096.

This pattern works so long as there is a Leap Year every 4 years...
In 2100, the pattern will be broken, and a new 28 year cycle starts in 2104.

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