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Anthony is on the border of Texas and New Mexico. It's between El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico, on your map.

Because Mary Ann Brown thought this a good idea and asked, the governor of each state agreed and proclaimed Anthony the Leap Year Capital of the World.

Because Mary Ann Brown thought it a good idea and asked, the Anthony, Texas/New Mexico Chamber of Commerce said yes and sponsored the World Wide Leap Year Festival until 2011.

The World Wide Leap Year Festival is for everyone. Everyone in the world using the Gregorian calendar has an EXTRA DAY and, after all, it only comes around once every four years, so let's have a 4-day festival and celebrate life!


Right now we don't know who will be sponsoring the World Wide Leap Year Festival in Leap Year 2020. We will post all updates regarding the event here on this site, as well as on our social media pages. 

And if you are a Leap Year Day baby, have we got a birthday party for you on February 29, Leap Year Day! Let's see how many Leap Day babies we can gather up for that party!


So use your extra day and/or your Leap Day birthday wisely and spend it in two beautiful states in the Southwest part of the USA. The area is breathtaking!