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Headlight-Sun Order of 29-ers

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The order of 29'ers was operated by the Pittsburg, Kansas, Headlight-Sun newspaper, from the 1920's through the 1960's. Their motto was "semel quatuor annis," and they sent out certificates to people born on February 29th. The certificate was yellow and has an image of a baby, bracketed by a stork on one side and father time on the other. About 2000 members signed up. If you're one of them, please let us know, we are trying to find all of them!

Members of the Headlight-Sun order of 29'ers received a letter like the one shown.

The newspaper is now called the Morning Sun, and they don't operate the Order of 29'ers anymore.


Honor Society members also in the Order of 29'ers include:

Kevin Kennelly

Linda Myers

Bruce Beard

David R. Larach

Cathy Blanscet

Rhonda Jensen (Boisseau)

Shirley Stueven

Carol Koerber Greife

Theresa (Terry) Ritchal Wilson
Sharon Rickabaugh Geske
Mary (Liz) Keller

John M Richards

Order of 29'ers
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