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The Calendar - Leap Year Day

Peter and Raenell were interviewed by hundreds of newspapers and radio stations around the world just prior to Leap Day 2000. One of the goals was to get the attention of calendar companies to help them understand the importance of putting the words "LEAP YEAR DAY" on every calendar with a February 29.


The Wall Street Journal was the only paper we found that included an interview with someone from the calendar industry responding to the importance of putting "LEAP YEAR DAY" on the calendar.

Quoting from the last paragraph of the article:

Given the rising interest, Hallmark Cards, Inc. has decided to mark Leap Day on many of its calendars, starting 2004. Says Jeff Morgan, who edits them, "It's an occasion of note."

Yes, it is an occasion of note, and the words "LEAP YEAR DAY" deserve to be in print on every calendar that has the words New Year's Day on them, in a Leap Year. If a calendar has the words Groundhog Day on February 2, then "LEAP YEAR DAY", especially, deserves to be there. It is because of Leap Year Day we know when to expect that groundhog!

If you are interested in helping us get Leap Year Day on the calendar, please write to as many calendar companies as you can to remind them that 2012 is a Leap Year. Just do an internet search for calendars then email them. Please capitalize Leap Year and Leap Day. Just like New Year's Day is... OK? It's important we give due respect to Leap Year Day. It's an extra day for everyone.

You can help us by writing to your senator about recognizing February 29 as Leap Year Day.

Leap Year Day Not Listed on the List of Special Days in the Year

On lists of important information about days and months of the year, Leap Year Day doesn't seem to make the list in Leap Years.

Leap Year Day is not recognized as a holiday. People will argue that Leap Year Day is not a holy day. It is not a holy day, it is simply Leap Year day.

July 4th is not a holy day. Election Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day are not holy days. They are important days that we the people feel recognition is deserved.

Date books and any calendar that lists "important" days in the year and/or holidays leave Leap Year Day off the list in Leap Years. Leap Year Day keeps the calendar in line with the universe. That's pretty important and special.

The next Leap Year is 2012. I am not going to give up on calendar printers. I'm counting on the words LEAP DAY written on February 29, 2012. It's not a holiday. And it doesn't need to be. It is Leap Day. February 29 exists for one reason only and that day has a name. It is only right to spell the 'name' of that day with a capital L, Y and D. If it were not for this extra day every four years, we would eventually celebrate our holidays in a different season.

February 29 has a lot of responsibility maintaining balance in the calendar. Isn't it wonderful that people have discovered that. It sure makes our lives easier!

Why don't we celebrate the spin of the earth by putting the words Leap Year Day on every February 29? Because people forgot. So I'm here here with a friendly reminder.

If you have an image you'd like to donate to the LeapZeum, please email it to Raenell.

One day, every February 29 will have the words Leap Year Day printed on all calendars.

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