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Leap year 2016: Wolverhampton triplets' joy on their real birthday

Published: Feb 29, 2016

Twinkle-toed leap year triplets were jumping for joy as they celebrated the rare treat of a real birthday today.


It gave India, Savannah and Alicia Bullock special reason to cheer since it was also their 16th birthday.

Born on February 29, 2000, Alicia explained: "It is only the fourth time in our lives that we have been able to enjoy our birthday on the date we were born.

"So the fact that it is our real birthday makes it special for all of us and it becomes even more important because it is the landmark occasion of our 16th.

"Other people take it for granted that they will celebrate their birthday on the day of the birth but it is anything but normal for us to do it. It is a nicer feeling that having it on February 28. That is what happens on three years out of four. We prefer to have it on that day rather than March 1 because at least it is in the right month."

The girls are keen and talented dancers which is unsurprising since their parents Warren and Jane were the British Latin American and ballroom dancing champions before their birth and run the Zigzag Dance Factory from the family home in Showell Lane, Lower Penn.

They have followed in the footsteps of mother and father with India and Alicia being in the top six under 21 English dancers in ballroom and Latin American respectively.

Savannah prefers to provide the beat with guitar and drums. She goes to Queen Mary's High School in Walsall and her sisters attend Ounsdale High in Wombourne.

Their mother Jane said: "We were determined to make their birthday an extra special occasion this year since it was on the real date and their16th. But it fell on a school day so we had most of the celebrations over the weekend." India remarked: "The one thing I could not stand was people saying I was just four today. That gets very irritating." The triplets went out with family and friends for a celebration meal on Saturday evening at a restaurant with a dancefloor. "It was small so it was more of a bop than a trot!" joked Mrs Bullock.


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