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The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies 
Was a free membership birthday club, from 1988 to 2016, for people born on February 29th
The Honor Society offers a birth family search service. If you know somebody born on February 29th but are not sure of their name, we will publish the facts and information that you have on our site to aid in your search. 


Our Legacy Members: The Society got its start in 1997 when two Leap Day birthday clubs merged to become the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.  The Leap Year Honor Society was started in 1997 by Peter Brouwer, and-the Leap Year Babies Limited club was started in 1988 by Raenell Dawn. Since then, we maintained a membership system on this website until 2016.


Over 11,000 people from all over the world joined over the years.  The internet turned into a dangerous place for membership systems, so at the moment we have this membership system on a memory stick safely stored off the internet.

One of the main goals of the Honor Society was to promote Leap Year Day Awareness (LYDA). During our first eight Leap Years, counting 1988, we put a lot of effort in that and into connecting journalists with Leapers. Stories about our members have appeared in newspapers, on radio, and on television all around the world. 


In the current age of social media, it's become so much easier for newspapers to find their own Leap Day sources so we no longer offer this service (although we may still make connections with individual members)

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