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Let us clarify... Sadie Hawkins day is in November, Leap Year Day is on February 29th.

Leap Year Day Headquarters

Welcome to leapyearday.com

2016 was a big Leap Year for us. For the first time, we had more people checking us out from mobile, and on our Facebook feed, than on the website. So we've made some changes to the website to make it easier to navigate on mobile, and we've shifted our membership to a Facebook group.

You will still find all the fun Leap Day stuff here, and we will continue to operate the website, and add new info when we see another Leap Day on the calendar. That will be in the year 2020.

We have lots of pages of fun information about Leap Year Day.  Scroll through the carousel links above to access all of our pages.

Enjoy the website... learn something new about Leap Day... and don't forget... Anyone can be born in a Leap Year. We were born on Leap Year Day!

The Leap Day Lady,

Raenell Dawn

It takes kids a few years to realize how special they are, but then come the questions. What day should I celebrate? And since I won't have a birthday when I turn 18, or 21, or whatever the drinking age is, when can I have my first drink. Find all your answers here.

We've compiled a list of books that are either entirely Leap themed, or have somehow incorporated Leap Day into the story.  Some of these books you can buy at amazon.com, so consider buying from the amazon carousel below, or ask your local book store or do a search online. If you can, get an extra copy to give to a school or library. They really need these books!

It doesn't have to be Leap Year to present a lesson on Leap Day. We've compiled an assortment of facts and figures, and tables, to make learning about Leap Day fun.

Congratulations!  You have a Leap Day Baby!
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